Firestick Ethernet Adapter: Everything You Need to Know

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Here are the 2 brands of Firestick Ethernet Adapter which allows you to connect your Fire Stick to an Ethernet cable. 

As a bonus, we also show you how to add a USB port to your Firestick so you can plug a thumb drive into it.

What Is A Firestick Ethernet Adapter?

We all like to kick back with a snack and enjoy our favorite show before going to bed each night. However, this isn’t the case for Firestick users. If you are one to use the Firestick streaming device, you’ll be well aware of the lags and buffering it often does. 

Moreover, you might put the blame on your internet, but that isn’t causing this issue.

So, what’s the solution to resolve this Firestick discrepancy. 

The solution lies in an ethernet cable. If you connect an ethernet adapter to your Firestick device, you can overcome the lag in your stream.

This device aids in enhancing the connection for your devices. For example, if your wireless router signal doesn’t reach all corners of the house.

How to Choose the Right Adapter?

You must look into particular features of an adapter before you buy it. Some of these include:

Adapter Performance and Speed

When purchasing a FireStick Ethernet adapter, one of the most crucial considerations is speed. Because the device is responsible for supplying internet connectivity, it must be capable of supporting high internet speeds.

The adapter must transport your internet connection via the micro-USB port. Thus, a micro-USB with a poor data transmission rate limits the bandwidth available to your FireStick.

Your System’s Speed

Depending on your intrinsic internet speed and Ethernet cable, you may not obtain the speed suggested by the adapter.

Many Ethernet adapters, for example, advertise data transmission rates of 480 Mb/s. However, if your internet company only provides 100 Mb/s, you will obtain just that.

Similarly, an outdated Cat5 cable (100 Mb/s) will limit you even if your other device enables more incredible speeds.

Adapter Dimensions

You don’t want a huge, formless piece of hardware, do you?

You should also verify the length of its power line to ensure that it can access an outlet with your current system.

Can you connect Firestick to Ethernet?


Just get an Ethernet adapter that works with your Firestick (both kinds are shown below in detail). 

P.S. – These adapters also work to add Ethernet to Chromecast if you have a Chromecast device.

Why connect Firestick to Ethernet?

Ethernet is much faster than WiFi.  So you can expect much faster performance, quicker loading, and less buffering. Furthermore, you will also get less lag while using your Firestick after you connect Firestick to Ethernet.

WiFi vs Ethernet speed graph
Ethernet is faster than WiFi! Just look at this graph.

Do you need an ethernet adapter for Firestick?

No, most people do not need the Ethernet adapter for Firestick.  Most people’s WiFi signal reaches the Firestick just fine.  But then again, some people have one of the following scenarios which make it necessary to get an adapter:

  • You do not have WiFi in the same room as your Firestick / Chromecast
  • The WiFi signal in your home is very weak
  • You prefer to have the fastest loading, least amount of buffering, and best experience with your Firestick
  • You want the best experience with your Firestick
Weak wifi signal
Go from zero bars / few bars to full bars with wired Internet (aka Ethernet)!

If any of the situations above apply to you, then you should get one of these (below).

Amazon Firestick Ethernet Adapter (Official)

The official Ethernet Adapter for Firestick is compatible with all versions except for 1st Gen Firestick.

Amazon Ethernet adapter
This is the official Amazon Ethernet adapter for Firestick
view on amazon button

So if you have a 2nd Gen Firestick, 3rd Gen Firestick, Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, or the new Fire TV (3rd Generation “pendant design”), then this adapter will work on your device.

How does the Fire TV Ethernet adapter work?

The Amazon Ethernet Adapter works as an “in-between”, where you basically use it in between your Firestick power cord and the Firestick itself.

What does the Ethernet adapter do?

If you have a weak WiFi signal or your Firestick is loading things up slowly, then use this adapter to make everything faster.

This device is easy to install (takes just a second or two to plug it in).  Once it’s installed, it’s installed for good and requires no additional setup.

After this installation, you have a full-speed 10/100mbps wired connection going to your Amazon Fire TV (stick).  Once the adapter is installed, expect to wait for less for Apps like Netflix to load up TV shows and movies.  Also expect generally better performance from your Firestick since the network connection will no longer be an Internet bottleneck for your device.

Ugreen Ethernet Adapter for Firestick (Unofficial)

The Ugreen USB Ethernet adapter is essentially the same device as the Amazon adapter.  They look very similar and perform in a similar way.

Ugreen Ethernet adapter for Firestick
This is the Ugreen adapter for connecting Firestick to Ethernet
view on amazon button

Difference Between Amazon Ethernet Adapter and Ugreen Adapter

Basically, these two devices are the same.

The differences are very very small.

Is there a difference in the ratings which customers gave the Ugreen adapter and the Amazon adapter?

The Official Amazon Ethernet Adapter gets 4.1 stars out of 5 stars (as far as ratings/reviews go)

Reviews for Amazon Ethernet adapter
Amazon’s Ethernet adapter gets 4.1 stars out of 5

Similarly, the unofficial (“Ugreen”) Ethernet Adapter for Firestick gets 4.1 stars as well!

Ugreen's Ethernet adapter for Fire TV stick
Ugreen’s adapter gets 4.1 stars as well but has fewer reviews

Differences in Cables and Ports

The only real difference between the two devices is the ends of the cables for each device.  Amazon’s adapter has a female Micro USB power port which you plug your Firestick power cord into.  In contrast, the Ugreen device has a standard USB male cable coming out of it which you plug directly into your Firestick (or Chromecast) power adapter.

Here’s a picture of the ports/cables on the Amazon Ethernet adapter:

Amazon Firestick Ethernet adapter ports
See how there are 2 ports and 1 cable coming out of the device? 1 port is for Ethernet, 1 port is for receiving power, and 1 cable to put power out to the Firestick

..and here’s a picture of the ports/cables on the Ugreen Ethernet adapter.

Ugreen Chromecast Ethernet Adapter
See how the USB power cable is “hard-wired” into the adapter? This is different than the Amazon adapter

So basically, people are equally as happy with the Amazon Ethernet Adapter as they are with the Ugreen adapter.

It’s really just a matter of…

  • A) Do you want to use an Amazon-brand device?
  • B) or Do you want to use a non-Amazon brand device (the Ugreen adapter)?

How to connect the Amazon Ethernet Adapter to Firestick?

Setting up the Ethernet Adapter for Firestick is super simple:

  • Locate the HDMI port in your TV 
  • Now, attach your Firestick to this port and the micro USB to the Fire Stick
  • Next, attach the ethernet cable to the adapter for Amazon Firestick
  • Then attach the USB to the power outlet
  • Next, you must set up the Firestick ethernet adapter on your TV
  • After the hardware is arranged, you must switch on your TV for the software setup
  • Navigate to the fire settings on your TV and select the “Network” option
  • Next, you must click on the “Wired” option and allow it to connect

Now enjoy fast wired Internet.

The Firestick ethernet adapter might seem like an intimidating setup. This is thanks to the excessive wires and connections you have to make for the setup. However, the device is not complex and doesn’t take too long to be up and running.

What’s Good About the Firestick Ethernet Adapter?

As soon as your stream starts lagging, you might want to go up to the TV screen and scream at it. On the other hand, you might resort to battle with your wifi device. Nevertheless, these aren’t permanent or even effective solutions.

On the contrary, a Firestick ethernet adapter can be an appropriate solution to your buffering issue.

Therefore, here are a few reasons to go for this ethernet connection instead of huffing over your Firestick.

Minimum to Zero Signal Disturbances

Depending on the configuration of your residence, your router may be in an inconvenient location. For example, this indicates that a substantial wall might disrupt the Wi-Fi signal. On the other hand, a microwave oven might be the source of the problem.

You may be paying for high-speed internet yet still have many network troubles at home. For example, a constant lag might keep coming in the way of your favourite TV show.

However, this is where the Ethernet Adapter comes in. It is intended to eliminate any worries about bothersome signal interference.

Thus, you will get the exact speed you are paying for. Furthermore, no more waiting around for the buffering to end. The ethernet connection will overcome all such discrepancies.

Your Connection Remains Stable 

If the Fire TV Stick is your cordless answer, you don’t want a weak connection. This is because it will only result in poor visual quality. Thus, you won’t get your money’s worth in the graphic department.

Moreover, it isn’t even necessarily about the speed of the internet. If you test your Wi-Fi and Ethernet port connections, you may find that they have equal speeds.

However, the Ethernet connection will undoubtedly give a more robust and constant connection for streaming. Hence, this may be more vital than how fast your connection is.

A Secure System

Most individuals are aware that wireless connections are not the most secure. So, you can blindly trust them. On the contrary, a wired connection is significantly more dependable and confined. Even though this may not be your primary issue, it is worth considering.

What’s Bad About the Adapter?

If you are not up for emptying your pockets further, then this adapter might not be an ideal choice. One of the most noticeable downsides of an Ethernet interface is the added expense. 

Though it may not be a large sum, it is still an expense.

And if it isn’t going to make a huge difference, it may not be worth the extra cost. 

However, the additional investment isn’t the only disadvantage of the connection. Another disadvantage is that troubleshooting might be difficult, if not impossible.


Does Firestick come with ethernet adapter?

No, Amazon does not provide its Firestick customers with an Ethernet adapter. This is a separate purchase you must make if you think it is worth your money.

Can Firestick 1st gen work on ethernet with an adapter?

No, the ethernet adapter is not compatible with 1st gen Firesticks. Other than this adapter will work on your device if you have a

  • 2nd Gen Firestick 
  • 3rd Gen Firestick
  • Fire Stick 4K 
  • Fire TV Cube
  • the new Fire TV (3rd Generation “pendant design.”

Is the Firestick ethernet adapter worth it?

If you are still hesitant about purchasing an Ethernet Adapter, consider one crucial thing. 

How awful is the visual quality and buffering?

It could be the correct solution if you anticipate HD performance but only receive substandard image quality. Moreover, it also has to do with your priorities. If you think the adapter’s improvement is worth what you spend on it, you can go for it.

Similarly, speed and lag also play key deciding roles in your purchase. For example, if viewing a movie is stopped every five minutes by buffering, consider it as an alternative. 

However, if you just have minor problems and interruptions, chances are you’ll continue to experience them with the adaptor.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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