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The fastest, easiest way to max out the potential of your Firestick is to install Firestick APKs.

First, I show you a list of APKs for Firestick (directly below).  Then I show you how to install Firestick APKs and how to install third-party app stores for Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick.

List of Firestick APKs

I made this list of great APKs for Firestick that you all may enjoy!

Simply put one of the Download links from below into the Downloader app for Firestick or the ES File Explorer app for Firestick.  Then press INSTALL and enjoy!

Firestick APKs
APK NameCategoryDownload Link
APKTimeApp Storehttp://bit.ly/apktime22
APKTime Link 2App Storehttps://split.to/apktime
Aptoide TVApp Storehttp://bit.ly/a323kftv
Aptoide TV Link 2App Storehttps://split.to/aptoidetv
Kodi 18.2 FirestickKodihttps://split.to/kodi182fs
Kodi One Nation Fork (Krypton)Kodihttp://bit.ly/onmck176
Kodi One Nation Fork (Leia)Kodihttp://bit.ly/onmck183
Kodi Slamious BuildKodihttp://bit.ly/slamkodi18
Kodi Xanax BuildKodihttp://bit.ly/xanaxapk
Pocket TVLive TVhttp://bit.ly/ptv7works
Sports TVLive TVhttps://split.to/sportstvaf
Player AcestreamMedia Playerhttps://split.to/acestream
Wuffy PlayerMedia Playerhttps://split.to/wuffy
Apollo TVMovies & TV Showshttp://bit.ly/aptv145
Apollo TV Link 2Movies & TV Showshttps://split.to/apollotv
BeeTV for FirestickMovies & TV Showshttp://bit.ly/beetvfs
CyberflixMovies & TV Showshttps://split.to/cyberflix
TeaTVMovies & TV Showshttp://bit.ly/tea81r
TeaTV Link 2Movies & TV Showshttp://bit.ly/teatv97apk

What are APKs for Firestick?

APKs are individual apps that add an ability to your Firestick, such as (but not limited to) streaming TV, movies, and Live TV (“aka IPTV”).

Star7 Live APK

APK files install apps on your device like Live TV apps

When you want to install APKs on Firestick, you basically have the following options:

  • Install APKTime (best, fastest, most foolproof method), which is a third-party app store (explained below).  This opens a treasure trove of apps you can install on Firestick.
  • Or install Aptoide TV, which is another third-party app store (also explained below).  Like APKTime, Aptoide also allows you to quickly and easily install many great apps on Firestick.
  • Install FileLinked, which is an app that lets you access custom-made “app stores” designed by Firestick users like you.  With FileLinked, you enter a code into the app which opens up any given user-made “app store”.  I explain this in detail below.
  • Use the Downloader app to download individual APK files one-at-a-time.

How to Install Firestick APKs

In the sections below, I show you the fastest, easiest methods to install APKs on Firestick.

Method 1:  Install Third Party App Stores on Firestick

The easiest, smartest way to install apps on Firestick is to install a third-party app store.

What is a third-party app store?

3rd Party App Stores are alternatives to the Google Play Store or the Amazon app store.

These alternative app stores give you access to “underground” or “restricted” apps that Amazon and Google don’t want you to access (because they’re simply “too good” for Google and Amazon to list in their own app stores).

It’s pretty easy to install these magical app stores on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Just follow the links below to install APKTime and Aptoide TV!

Install APKTime on Firestick

APKTime Screenshot

Use APKTime to install great streaming apps on Firestick & Android devices!

I made a super-simple guide that shows you how to install APKTime on Firestick.  Just follow my guide to install APKTime on your Fire Stick in just a few minutes.

APKTime is my personal favorite app store for Firestick, so I strongly recommend you install it first (do it right now!).

Install Aptoide TV on Firestick

Menu for Aptoide on Windows PC

Aptoide Main Menu

My second-favorite alternative app store is Aptoide TV.  Aptoide TV is very similar to APKTime.  It’s better than APKTime in the fact that the interface is smoother and a bit more “professional”-looking.  It’s worse than APKTime in the fact that it’s not updated as often as APKTime and it doesn’t offer as wide of a selection of apps as APKTime.

Install FileLinked on Firestick

Filelinked app store

Use Filelinked to install great Firestick apps!

The FileLinked app is a unique app that allows users like you to create their own “app stores”.  Basically, the Filelinked app requires you to enter a code.  That code corresponds to an “app store” which a user has created.  So the FileLinked app (formerly known as DroidAdmin) functions as a “doorway to many app stores”.

For example, you can install FileLinked on Firestick – then enter the code 11111111 to access a custom-made app store.

Method 2:  Install Firestick APKs Downloader on Firestick

Enter the address into Downloader

Enter a file address into the Downloader app

The Downloader method of installing individual APK files is not as slick or as smooth as the other Methods above.  But it’s good if you can find the URL of an APK file you want to install.

How to Install Firestick APKs Downloader on Firestick

Use my simple how to install Downloader on Firestick guide.  Then use Downloader to download one of the addresses below (in the “APK Addresses for Downloader app” section).

Conveniently, here’s a list of APK files you can install quickly using Downloader:

APK Addresses for Downloader App



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