Looking for an app to watch 90 Day Fiance on Firestick?  I show you how to install just the right apps to watch 90DayFiance on your Firestick now.  I made the list of the best Firestick 90 Day Fiance apps to watch now!

Firestick Apps to Watch 90 Day Fiance

These are the fastest, easiest ways to watch 90 Day Fiance on Firestick / Fire TV:

Install a Third-Party App Using APKTime App Store

There are several “third party” apps that let you watch any show you want on Firestick for free.

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  1. Use my guide on How to Install APKTime on Firestick.  Then use APKTime to install an app like Cinema HD or Cyberflix.
  2. After that, simply use one of these apps: Cinema HD or Cyberflix to stream 90 Day Fiance on Firestick!  Boom, done!
Download Cinema HD for Firestick to stream GoT free on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV

Cinema HD app

TIP:  I personally verified that CinemaHD has 90 Day Fiance and streams it without any issues!

Or if you want to go the “legit” route, then keep reading to see the other ways below.

Or Install a Third-Party App Using Aptoide App Store

Rent or Buy 90 Day Fiance Episodes / Seasons with Amazon Video

The Amazon Prime Video service has 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance on Amazon

Stream with Amazon!

You can buy Season 1 for just $3.99.  Then you just watch it using your Firestick’s built-in Amazon video channel.

Is 90 day fiance on Amazon Prime?

Yes.  You can buy individual episodes or entire seasons of 90 Day Fiance on Amazon Prime.


Get the TLC Go app for Firestick and start watching 90 Day Fiance now.

This app is free with a subscription to a major TV provider.  So this option is only available if you already have a TV subscription.

TLCGo app for Firestick

Watch using TLCGo app

YouTube TV has the TLC Now channel

You can subscribe to YouTube TV, which costs $50/month.  YouTubeTV includes TLC, which has 90DayFiance.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

YouTube TV

Watch using YouTube TV

Use Direct TV

Know someone who has Direct TV?  Ask them to share their password and use it to download the TLC app on Amazon Fire TV / Firestick.

Or just sign up for DirecTV Now.  The DirecTV Now service costs $35/month and it includes the TLC channel.

Some users report that if you have AT&T, you can get DirecTV Now for just $10/mo (but this is unverified).

DirecTV 7 Day Free Trial

DirecTV Pricing

SlingTV Has 90 Day Fiance

The streaming TV service called Sling TV has all the episodes you want.

Firestick 90 Day Fiance streaming: Watch using Sling TV

Watch using SlingTV

Buy 90 Day Fiance Episodes on iTunes

Yes, you can watch 90 Day Fiance by buying episodes on iTunes.

iTunes 90 Day Fiance

Watch using iTunes

Watch 90 Day Fiance Using Philo TV App for Roku / Firestick

There’s a streaming TV service called Philo TV that has the TLC channel.

Philo TV costs just $16/month and has apps for both Fire TV and Roku!

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.

Philo TV Free 7 Day Trial

Watch using Philo TV (click the image above to try it out)

Roku Apps to Watch 90 Day Fiance

Use Playstation Vue to Stream 90 Day Fiance through Roku

You can sign up for the Playstation Vue service for $44.99/month and watch 90 Day Fiance on Roku.

Playstation Vue app

Watch using Playstation Vue

Is 90 day fiance before the 90 days on Hulu?

No, but it’s here on Amazon.

Ways to Watch 90 Day Fiance

Is there another season of 90 day fiance?


What channel is 90 day Fiance?

90 Day Fiance is on TLC channel.

TLC Channel

Watch 90 Day Fiance on TLC channel

Live Net TV Firestick App

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