If you want to utilize the WiFi speed of a Firestick 5GHz wireless network connection, then use this tutorial to connect your Firestick.

TIP:  You can also connect your Firestick to an Ethernet adapter!

Use a Different WiFi Network Name (SSID) For Your 2.4GHz and 5GHz Networks

Most WiFi routers let you choose the name of your WiFi networks.  If this is the case, then go into your WiFi router’s admin panel and choose a name for your 2.4GHz network and choose a DIFFERENT name for your Firestick 5GHz WiFi network.

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Why?  Sometimes Firestick can have trouble connecting to the Firestick 5GHz network if the 2.4GHz network has the same name (since Firestick may “by default” try connecting to the 2.4GHz network).

For example, if you have the Apple base station as your WiFi router, then use this guide to switch the network names.

If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry! We’ll give you detailed steps in the sections below.

Change Firestick 5GHz network name

This is an example of how to change 5GHz network name (“SSID”) on an Apple Base Station

How to Change Firestick 5GHz Channel

If your Firestick has trouble connecting to the 5 GHz WiFi network, then change the 5GHz network to utilize a different WiFi channel.

TIP:  At least one Firestick user we spoke with said their 1st Gen Firestick 5GHz works great on WiFi channel 149.

If your WiFi Network is using 2.4GHz, then change the WiFi channel of your network to a channel between 1 to 11.

Or if your wireless network uses 5GHz, then change the WiFi channel to a channel between 36 to 48 or 149 to 165.

We’ll show you how to do this in the next section. Keep reading!

Netgear Nighthawk AX8 WiFi 6 Router

Check out this WiFi 6 router! See below to access the Admin area

Important: Firestick Security Note

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How to Access Your WiFi Router’s Admin Area

It’s really not very difficult (for most Firestick users) to access their router’s admin area to change the WiFi channel or network name. In most cases, just follow these steps:

  1. Start by opening a web browser window (like Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) on a device that you know is connected to your WiFi network (such as your WiFi-connected smartphone or laptop)

    How to Access Router admin area

    Web browser

  2. Then in your web browser, enter the address If this doesn’t work, then on your Firestick / Fire TV go to Settings, then select Device, then choose About, then select Network and write down the IP address for the Gateway.  Try typing this Gateway IP address into your browser’s address bar.
  3. You should now see a box for Username and a box for PasswordHINT: Your router’s username and password are usually on a sticker that is stuck onto your WiFi router somewhere (sometimes on the bottom side of the router).  If you can’t find your router’s username and password, then call your Internet Service Provider and they’ll help you find it.
  4. Now that you’re logged into your WiFi router’s admin area, look for a button or a tab that says something like Change Wireless Settings.  On some routers, this area is labelled Wireless Settings and after you click on that you may need to click on Change Settings or Change Basic Settings.
  5. Your router should now show your settings for the Firestick 5GHz channel.  In most situations, this settings is automatic.  Change the channel setting to channel 36.
  6. Now save the changes (usually there’s a Save button somewhere on the screen)
  7. Your 5GHz WiFi router should now reset the Firestick 5GHz network (by restarting the network).  Just wait a few minutes and your device(s) should reconnect to the WiFi automatically once the Firestick 5GHz network comes back online.
  8. Finally, check your Firestick / Fire TV’s WiFi connections that are available.  You should now see your 5GHz network name (aka SSID).

If the steps above didn’t work for you, then continue reading to try the other wireless solutions below.

What Is a WiFi Channel?

A WiFi channel is like the channel on a TV or a radio station.  WiFi networks can use a variety of channels (from about 1 to 20).

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.

So like in the solution at the top of this page, to change your WiFi channel you’ll need to go into your WiFi router’s admin area (see the steps in the previous section) and switch the channel to a lower channel (like 3 or 5).

WiFi channel selection

How to choose the best WiFi channels

Lower WiFi Channels All Occupied?

If the lower WiFi channels are occupied for you, then you may be stuck using 2.4GHz Wifi for Firestick.  Then just put all your other devices on the 5GHz WiFi network to minimize network congestion & signal confusion.

Check out this list of WiFi channels on Wikipedia.

Amazon Firestick Only Supports 5GHz Channels 36 Through 48?

One user reports that the Firestick supports only channels 36 through 48 when attempting to connect to 5GHz networks.  It’s possible that if you try the fix above, then you may still have trouble connecting Firestick 5GHz WiFi.

Explanation:  The other channels are ‘DFS’ WiFi channels.  These channels are sometimes used by “radars” in some places, which would require the router to instantly change WiFi channels and then let the devices connected to it know about the change.

Does the Amazon Firestick Use 5GHz WiFi?

Yes, the Amazon Firestick has the ability to connect to Firestick 5GHz WiFi networks.  But it’s not always super-easy to make this happen.  Read the rest of this article to see the limitations when attempting to connect Firestick 5GHz WiFi.

Firestick Sees 5GHz WiFi But Won’t Connect

It’s possible that another device (such as a Bluetooth Soundbar) is interfering with the Firestick 5GHz WiFi connection.

Another possibility is that the Firestick is too far away from your 5GHz WiFi router. Firestick 5GHz has actually a shorter range than 2.4GHz WiFi.

One more thing that could cause your Firestick to not connect to 5GHz is password issues.  Make sure your WiFi password is correct!

Try to reboot all of your devices, change your WiFi network to use a channel in the range of 36 through 48, and try again.

5GHz Wifi not connecting on Firestick

Fix your Firestick WiFi

Does 1st Gen Firestick Connect to 5GHz WiFi?

Yes, the 1st Generation Firestick does support 5 gigahertz WiFi!

However, the first generation Fire stick only works with WiFi routers that use 802.11 a/b/g/n (dual bands).

The 1st Gen Firestick does not work with the newer WiFi version known as 802.11 ac.

In contrast, the 2nd Gen Firestick does work with 802.11 ac.


Amazon Firestick & Fire TV

Router Issues

The sections below show you how to deal with Firestick 5GHz router issues:

Update WiFi Router Firmware

If you have access to your router’s admin panel, then make sure your WiFi router has the latest firmware.  Updating the firmware can fix many issues.

A certain Firestick user we saw on a message board reported that their Firestick 5GHz works just fine with an ARRIS modem and an ASUS router.

Change Verizon Wireless Router to Disable DFS

There’s a known issue with routers like WiFi routers from Verizon FiOS:

If you can get into your Verizon Wireless router’s admin area, do these steps:

  1. Go into the settings of your router
  2. Turn the DFS settings from Auto to Fixed bands
  3. Switch the channel range from 36 to 48 or from 149-165.

Or check out the actual Verizon router manual which shows how to change the WiFi channel to 36Verizon router manual PDF.

Verizon Fios Router

There’s a known issue with Verizon FiOS routers

Change Network Security Mode to “Open”

Go into your WiFi router’s admin area and change the security mode to “open” instead of requiring a password.  In other words, (temporarily) make it so no password is required to log in to your WiFi.

If Firestick connects to the 5GHz network after changing this, then the issue you have is most likely a password issue.

Change WiFi Network Radio Mode to g/n Only

Go into your wireless router’s admin area and change the Radio Mode to g/n only.  It’s possible this could fix the issue.

Connect Firestick To a Different Network

Try connecting your Amazon Firestick to a different network, like a smartphone hotspot or a different network nearby.

Firestick Wifi networks

Connect to a different WiFi network

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

If none of the solutions above work for you, then contact your ISP and ask them to help you solve the issue.

Firestick Wireless not connecting

Firestick WiFi not connecting? Contact your ISP!

“Unable to Connect to Amazon Services, Check Your Network Connection”

If you receive this error, restart your Firestick remote by taking the batteries out and putting them back in.  Some users reported that this solution worked for them.

If you press the Home button on the Firestick remote and your screen says “Home is unavailable, check network connection“, then try the solution above.

Firestick remote Home button

Press the Home button on the Firestick remote

Sometimes the Firestick remote sends a faulty signal to the Firestick if it has low batteries!