How to Get Fireanime on Firestick, its Features, and More!

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Anime fans, rejoice! There’s a new Anime app for Firestick in town. Aptly titled Anime Fire, this latest Android app brings you all the genre-specific content, free of charge. You read that right. There’s no need to adjust your monthly budget anymore. 

Why Fire Anime on Firestick?

What’s great about this new app is that it serves all the content in HD resolution and works like a charm on all Android-based devices such as Amazon’s Fire lineup of streamers, Android TV, NVIDIA Shield, and other Android TV Boxes. Besides, there are no ads whatsoever on its platform. 

However, as this app is totally free and streams content from third-party web resources, be sure to use a reliable VPN connection to protect your privacy. We recommend IPVanish to stay safe on the internet. It’s the most reliable option out there. 

With that out of the way, let’s look at our step-by-step guide to install Fire Anime on Firestick, Firestick 4K, FireTV Cube, Fire TV, and any other Amazon Fire streaming device

Step by Step Guide to Install Fire Anime on Firestick

Follow the steps below to proceed: 

Step 1: First of all, go to your Home page by pressing the Home button on your Fire TV remote and then go to the “Settings” option. 


Step 2: Using the remote, find and click on the “My Fire TV” option, as you can see below. 


Step 3: Locate the “Developer Options”. 


Step 4: Go to “Apps from Unknown Source” and turn it ON. By default, Firestick keeps this setting OFF to protect you from accidentally downloading a harmful app. Fire Anime is a completely safe application as long as you are downloading it from a trusted website.


Step 5: Now, return to the main page. Go to the search option by clicking on the lens icon on top and type in Downloader.

Search Downloader

Step 6: Select, download, and install the Downloader app. We will use the Downloader app to download Fire Anime APK as you cannot download it using Amazon’s official internet explorer. 

Download and Install Downloader

Step 7: Launch Downloader

Step 8: On the right-hand side of the Downloader app, type in: “” in the URL field and click on “Go”. 

Downloader Enter URL

Step 9: It will open a URL. Scroll down unless you see the “Download” option. Click on Download and then wait for your download to finish. 

Step 10: Click Install. When the install finishes, click done. You can then go on to delete the APK file to save some space on your device.

Step 11: Go back to your Home page and look up Anime Fire. Launch the app and enjoy unlimited hours of free anime content. Happy streaming!

If you are new to Firestick and its various apps, follow the below process to make the most out of your new app. 

How to Use Fire Anime on Firestick – An Introduction to the App Interface & Features

1. When you launch the Fire Anime application, you will see the main screen, as you can see below. Choose a server as per your liking

2. You can also choose the settings as per your preferences

3. In this section, you can watch trailers of different Anime series. 

4. You can also choose different Add ON’s if you want

5. You can integrate Real Debrid to enhance its functionality if you want. 

6. With the Search bar, you can go to different sections like Seasons, Episodes, Genres, etc. 

7. You can also view all the anime content on a single page. This makes browsing easy peasy, lemon squeazy. 

8. You can also integrate external media players if you don’t like the Default Player and the MX Player, which are built into the interface. 

Fire Anime Alternatives

If, for whatever reason, Fire Anime goes down or stop functioning, you can switch to one of the following alternatives: 


What’s the best free Anime streaming app for Firestick? 

There are several good anime streaming apps for Firestick. But you can use Fire Anime. It’s one of the best out there as it has a vast library of anime content suitable for kids of all ages. However, don’t forget to use a reliable VPN connection to protect your identity and privacy online. 

What are some of the apps to watch anime in English? 

Among other apps, you can use Fire Anime, Cinema APK, Crunchy Roll, and Viewster, among others. 

Can I watch subtitled Anime on Fire Anime?

Yes, you can watch subtitled anime on the Fire Anime application. 

Do I need to export subtitles from external sources on Fire Anime? 

No, all the subtitles are already available with every release. You do not need to export subtitles from external sources. 

What is the viewing quality/resolution of the available content on Fire Anime? 

Fire Anime gives its users different streaming resolutions to suit the internet speeds of a wider population. If your connection is slow, you can watch the content in 480p resolution. Users with a faster connection can watch either in 720p or 1080p (HD resolution). 

Does Fire Anime support Real Debrid?

Yes, Fire Anime supports Real Debrid. If you already have a Real Debrid account, you can easily integrate it with Fire Anime to enhance its functionality and get more content. 

Final Thoughts

Although Fire Anime is a fairly recent app, its gaining traction among the anime community due to the extensive content available on its platform. In a very short time, it has become one of the best free anime apps. You can easily install it on your Firestick device or any other Android-based streaming device to stream content free of cost and free of annoying advertisements. That’s rare because there are very few such apps available today. So, install Fire Anime and enjoy unlimited hours of free content. Good luck!

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