Check out these Fire TV Remote shortcuts!  Ever wondered if there were special functions you can press on the FireStick / Fire TV remote?  There definitely are:  You can cycle through screen display setups, reboot the Fire TV, and you can do a factory reset with the remote.

Fire TV Remote Shortcuts

1.  Cycle through Fire TV screen displays: SELECT + RIGHT + BACK + REVERSE

2.  Reboot FireTV: SELECT + PLAY




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3.  Reset FireStick / Fire TV to Factory Defaults: SELECT + RIGHT + BACK + REVERSE

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Fire TV Screen Displays

Your Fire TV can display itself using at least a few different screen display settings.  This means that you can change the aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the screen width to the screen height.  Change Fire TV screen display using SELECT + RIGHT + BACK + REVERSE.  Then use your TV’s settings to change how your TV displays your Fire Stick’s picture.

Reboot Fire TV

To reboot the Fire TV, you have two options: a soft reset and a hard reset.  A soft reset is short for “software” reset, which is when you tell the device to attempt to shut itself down and turn itself back on again.  On the other hand, a “hard” reset is short for “hardware” reset, which is when you actually pull the power plug from the unit to shut it down – then put the plug back in to turn it back on.  A Fire TV soft reset can be done by pressing SELECT + PLAY.  If a soft reset doesn’t work for you, try a hard reset (just unplug the power cable and plug it back in).  This can come in handy in the all-too-common “Kodi frozen” scenario.

Reset Fire TV to Factory Defaults

If your FireTV is acting “all funny like”, you can reset that beast to the factory default settings by pressing SELECT + RIGHT + BACK + REVERSE.  This will completely erase everything on your Fire TV and restore it to like new (well, new software anyway).  Keep in mind that even though you reset your Fire TV to like-new software settings, the hardware itself will still be aged (and possibly damaged if your Fire TV overheated too many times).  Be safe and point a little fan at the Fire TV so it doesn’t burn out.

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Wrap Up

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