The Amazon FireTV Stick is an amazing little device, so let’s see how to get the most out of it.

A reviewer from compiled this list of the Top 10 (or more) Fire TV Hacks. Thus, you can explore various features thanks to technologies like APK files and all new android apps. Accordingly, you’ll be surprised at the capabilities of this little $40 Android-based streaming stick. So, check out the list to learn tricks like jailbreaking a firestick!

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Top 10 Fire TV Hacks & Alternative Uses

Stream TV & movies all day long with Kodi

Some of those “cooler” Fire TV Hacks we can do with Kodi are:

– Have Kodi all set up for you using the Ares Wizard (the “Ultimate” setup method) to auto-install the best TV Addons.  Perform this method by installing Kodi “Builds” using the Ares Wizard. Kodi “Builds” is easy to install, and you can do it quickly.
Installing Kodi is quite simple, thanks to the best TV Addons using the Config Wizard (this is the “I want all the TV Addons without tons of extra clutter” setup method) all at once using the TV Addons Config Wizard
– Install the top TV Addons individually using the AddOnInstaller.  This is the “barebones” or minimalistic TV Addons setup method.  The Addon Installer can also be used to re-install single addons that are misbehaving.
– Play streaming apps for music such as iTunes podcasts, SoundCloud, and others.




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Play Android games on your Fire TV

  1. Giving Your Devices New Names

When you purchase an Amazon product such as a Kindle, or Fire TV, Amazon gives it a name. Furthermore, this also occurs across devices for E-readers and Audible accounts.

Thus, if you have a number of the same gadgets and accounts, this can confuse you. In addition, you might have purchased applications or media and would want to make sure they’re sent to the correct device.

However, changing the identification of all your Amazon gadgets is simple. First, select the “Devices” tab on the “Customize Your Content and Devices” page in the browser. Next, select the Edit link from your device. 

Finally, change the name in the pop-up box to whatever you choose.

  1. Deleting Voice Commands on Your Gadget

Amazon retains audio records of everything you ask for using voice search on your Fire TV. However, you can remove the recordings, despite Amazon’s warning that doing so “may harm your experience utilizing the voice functions.”

Thus, select your device on the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page and hit Delete Voice Recordings > Delete. Next, using the Amazon Alexa mobile app, navigate to Settings > Account Settings > History, tap on an entry for whatever you said, and select “Delete recording.”

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

  1. Cleaning Your Data

Amazon is aware of many of your shopping habits. Additionally, it is also aware of what you have been viewing and listening to if you have a Fire TV. Thus, open the Fire TV interface and go to Settings > Applications > Managed Installed Applications to clean up that data now and then. 

Further, go to Amazon Music or Prime Video and click Clear data or Clear cache to start over.

  1. Inhibiting Advertisements

You simply can not inhibit the Fire TV from advertising, but you can stop it from following you around for promotion. Therefore, by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Privacy Settings > Internet-Based Ads and turning it off, you can disable targeting. Furthermore, you can also disable the Amazon Appstore’s ability to collect data on the regularity and duration of app downloads from this page.

  1. Conversing with Your TV

And why is the Alexa app able to perform voice searches? Because Amazon’s digital speech assistant works with Fire TV. Hence, you can communicate with it using the app, the controller, and the Fire TV Cube with Alexa built-in. 

Moreover, an adjacent Alexa-compatible speaker can also be an excellent way to operate the Fire TV. Therefore, say something like “Alexa, open Netflix” or “Alexa, play The Boys” to get your command across. 

  1. Using the Remote Controller App on Your Fire TV

There was no voice search option on the initial Fire TV Stick. However, you can download the Fire TV TV remote app or iOS to fix this or make your other Fire TV devices easier to control.

Moreover, your phone and Amazon Fire TV must be on the same Wi-Fi network to function. This is if you own dual-band connectivity. 

In this case, ensure your phone and Fire are on the same bandwidth, either 2.4 or 5GHz. The title of your Fire TV should show on the smartphone screen when you first open the app.

 It will give you absolute control if you tap it and then enter the multiple-digit code that appears on the TV screen. Further, the app offers the same level of control as the bundled remote and a complete on-screen phone keypad. 

Additionally, this is useful for entering information such as user credentials. Plus, a microphone is also present for Fire TV voice features. In short, the app makes you question why Amazon made a hardware remote in the first place.

  1. Check Out Your Current Watch List

Because Amazon owns IMDb, you get some benefits. Using the X-Ray tool while viewing Prime Video, you can rapidly access the information you might otherwise Google. While viewing, use the up and down keys on the remote. 

This allows you to navigate through information about the actors, discover what plays in the background, and get trivia.

  1. Movie Nights for Free

You’re used to going to Amazon’s IMDb to check out what you’re viewing, but what about seeing something? Many movies and TV shows on IMDb TV, and some original programs. 

To watch old and new favorites, simply add the station to any Fire TV. You may also use your browser to add movies and programs. It’s free, but there are advertisements like most free video-streaming services.

  1. Catching Local Shows

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are great, but what if you want to view something you already own? Plex is the simplest option. First, install the Plex media server component on a PC operating Windows, Linux, or macOS. 

Next, connect your video, picture, and audio files; then install the Plex app on the Fire TV. Finally, you’ll be watching your favorite show on the big screen. It’s complimentary for a few showings, but full streaming requires an in-app purchase.

Kodi is also accessible software that manages your local movie, TV show, music, and photo collection.

+1 Non-Hack “Honorable Mention”

Use the Fire TV’s Built-In Apps for “Standard” Content

Of course, you could just use the FireTV’s built-in apps like YouTubeNetflix, and Amazon Prime Video. But let’s be honest – the way Amazon executed the Fire TV’s home screen layout and content selection could use some work. Otherwise, people wouldn’t have spent hundreds of hours developing better solutions (like Kodi).

So, you can use YouTube without modifying your Firestick. And you can use Amazon Prime Video if you have an Amazon Prime account. Netflix is always an option too! To see the latest movies on Netflix, Kodi, and Amazon Prime go to

Hope this helps!  Any suggestions?  Let us and everyone else know in the comments so we can all enjoy it ;)  Cheers, mates!

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