Learn about the (latest) Fire TV 2022 model in this in-depth product review.  We dive into the details behind the Amazon Firestick 2022 (aka Fire TV 2022), which has significantly better specs than its predecessor.

All You Need To Know About the Latest Amazon Fire TV 2022

Have you heard of the Fire TV 2017 Model? Amazon is planning to release a new model Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick from their Fire TV series.

Firestick 2022 vs Firestick 2021 vs Fire TV Box

This model is unlike the rest as it falls between two of their already existent Fire TV models, which are the second generation Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick 2021 Model. Additionally, Firestick 3 is the first streaming device by Amazon that has high dynamic range video (HDR).

New Fire TV Stick Boasts 4k Support

Fire TV 3 is a debut model for the 4k HDR streaming TV sets. This will help people who do not own or have not heard about these streaming sets, to be onboard. Below are some of the features that make the Fire TV 2022 Model stand out from the rest of the Amazon Fire TV products.




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Fire TV 2017: What Kodi 17.1 Build would look like

Kodi 17.1 NO LIMITS Magic Build would look pretty great in 4K on the Fire TV 2022 version

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Features of the Fire TV 2022 Model

Fire TV 3 is superior in comparison to the other Fire TV models for technical (hardware) reasons. Amazon Fire TV Stick 2022 has a playback of 4K UHD at 60fps. In addition to this, the Fire TV 2022 model has a high dynamic range video (HDR). However, it is very likely that this model will be sold alongside the other models due to its subsequent inadequacies, as seen below.

Operating System Upgrade to Android 7 Nougat

The operating system of the device is more advanced in its feature set. The past Fire TV versions took up operating systems such as Android 5.1 Lollipop. The basis of this system lays with the latest Google Android operating system- the Android 7 Nougat operating system.

Install Android Apps on FireTV

Android OS Version Upgrade to Nougat for Firestick 2022 

“Build Model” Value for Fire TV 2022, aka Technical Device Name

The build model value of the 2022 model will be “AFTN”. This shows that the name of its code begins with an “N”. It is very likely that the name stands for the operating system- Nougat.

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU)

It has a GPU of Mali-450MP. This resembles that of the latest Fire TV stick model.

Fire TV 2022 HDMI Connection

The HDMI plug will directly connect to the back of the TV. This is unlike previous versions that require a set-top box. This raises the quality of this TV version as it is in competition with products such as the HDR capable Chrome cast Ultra and the Google 4K.

Fire TV 3 System Memory (RAM)

The Fire TV 2017 model has a system memory of 1.5 GB and a RAM memory of 2GB.

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Fire TV 2022 Internal Storage Capacity

The size of its internal storage is 8GB just like the rest of the Fire TV models.

Number of CPU Cores & Frequency

The CPU is quad-core. This shows that the product can run at two GHz. However, this model has a restriction of up to 1.5 GHz. This could be the solution to the regulation of heat issues.

Fire TV 2022 Chip Architecture

It has a system-on-a-chip (SoC). This SoC resembles that of the Amlogic’s S905 chips, which are present in streaming devices like the Xiaomi Mi Box.

Fire TV 2021 vs Fire TV 2022

Further tests on the 2017 model show that it runs significantly better in comparison to the Fire TV stick. In fact, the exact results show that this latest product has at least 280% more graphics processing potential.

Fire TV 2022: Ready for Gaming?

The results also indicate that this product falls short of modern console gaming standards. The release date and price terms of this product are still unknown. Nevertheless, through tracking the previous sales and marketing strategies of Amazon, he or she can be able to determine these two issues. The release of subsequent Fire TV models to the public is rumored to be around the month of October.

How to get SNES HDMI hooked up

Fire TV 2022 will surely still support great gaming consoles (retro games)

Disadvantages of the Latest Fire TV 2022 Model

It is evident that this model is slightly superior to those in existence due to its advanced features and capabilities. However, just as any other product in the market, it exudes some negative technicalities. They are:

Its superiority to the other Fire TV products increases its chances of having an expensive price tag. This, in, turn, has a significant impact on the demand and supply of other models. For example, the second-generation Fire TV stick is very budget friendly.

Not-so-Smooth 4K Video Playback

The SoC Amlogic’s S905 chips struggle with providing smooth 4K playbacks. This might restrict it to solely providing for 1080p. However, there are various variants of the S905 chips, and it is the hope of the consumers that Amazon will incorporate the use of useful variants. This is in addition to the improvement of software and drivers in this latest Fire TV 2017 model, which might come in handy in relation to increasing the chances of the S905 being productive with 4K playbacks.

This latest model does not have gaming capabilities because it eliminates the chances of having a set-top box. It will not get appreciation from consumers who are

Fire TV 2022: Worth Every Penny?

A television is among the first electronic appliances that a person buys when they move into their own personal space. Most people have no idea of the television sets that will fit their needs, as they purchase one. The television set market is flooded with numerous brands and versions that may or may not perform all the functions you might require of them. It is advisable that you research about the product before you proceed to make a purchase. It will help you save a lot of time, energy, and resources.

Fire TV 3 Anticipation

Many Amazon fans are eagerly waiting for the creation and emergence of third-generation Fire TV set-top box (“stick”). This is the same instance for consumers who want a product that has both amazing HDR and gaming abilities. In addition to this, the second-generation Fire TV set-top box has more gaming abilities and selection of port in comparison to this new Fire TV 2017 model. This means that the demand for the aforementioned product might remain constant to most of the Fire TV consumers.

Speculation of Fire Stick 2022 Popularity?

The disadvantages mentioned above show that there is a high possibility that the latest Fire TV 2022 model might not replace any of the existing Fire TV models.

However, it still works for people who do not seek to have a set-top box for the HDMI plug.

It is also a reasonable product for persons who seek to stream HDR and 4k at a cheaper price. For more information on this product, check out Amazon.com.