YouTube is not just the online repository for entertaining videos but you will also get to watch educational content, updated news information, game guides, DIY guides and more. There are billions of content streamed from YouTube every day and you will be able to do this when you install Fire Stick YouTube app. Here is how you do it:

How to Install Fire Stick YouTube App

Before anything else, make sure that your Fire device or Fire TV is connected to your computer so you can easily manage files downloaded from your PC or computer to your Fire TV. Power on your Fire TV and start your computer.

  1. Download and extract Fire GAPPS zip (direct download here) to your computer. Fire GAPPS is short for Fire Google APPS and all the most popular and well-loved apps are here including Gmail, Play Store, YouTube and more.

    Download and Install Fire Stick YouTube App

    GApps Zip File Download

  2. After you have downloaded the Fire GAPPS zip file, extract it and then copy and paste it to your Fire TV file system using ES File Explorer (via Dropbox). You have now successfully transferred Google Apps files to your Fire TV, but these will not work yet.  To install the Fire Stick YouTube app, you must continue on to complete the process.
  3. From your Fire device or TV, download and install a file manager app like ES File Explorer.
  4. After you are done installing ES File Explorer, open it and choose the Fire GAPPS folder where you will find all the Google Apps APK.
  5. Install Google Accounts Manager by clicking one of the APKs; this will allow you to log in to your Google account and begin using the apps. Reboot your TV or Fire device after you install this. If for some reasons your device or TV is blocking your installation, change settings in your device and then do it again.
  6. Go back to ES File Explorer and find Fire GAPPS folder and install Google Services Framework so your apps can work seamlessly with each other; you will need to reboot after this again.
  7. Go back to ES File Explorer to install Google Play Services and then reboot your device after you install. Most Google apps need to be constantly connected to Google Play Store so this is the next that you need to install. No need to reboot your device afterwards.
  8. You should be able to use YouTube after step 7 as well as other Google apps. Just click the appropriate icon from your Fire GAPPS folder or from the menu screen of your Fire TV or device.

Unsupported Google Apps

If successfully done, you will be able to use almost all Google Apps, especially the Fire Stick YouTube app. However there are a few apps that won’t work with this setup. Google Search, Google Play Store and Hangouts are not available. For viewers with 4k TV such as the latest Amazon Fire TV version, these apps will be able to work since this TV already has Google Apps installed.

YouTube Fire TV 4K app

If you have one of the latest Fire TV versions like the Amazon Fire TV 4k then you will have YouTube ready to work for you. This is actually one of the updates that were available since last year. But if you don’t have 4k TV then you could use an Amazon Fire TV stick.




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Accessing YouTube Library section and watch later videos

Videos that you want to watch later or have started watching from your PC or device can be played from your Fire TV from the Library section. Once you are in the app, click the left circular dial from the Fire remote and this will show the Library. Use the remote like a mouse to scroll down the list by clicking the center of the dial. Choose any of the video by clicking it.

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