The Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa allows users to search for movies with their voices.  You can also lookup other useful info like the Weather!

Amazon’s voice control system is called Alexa, which is an advanced remote control featuring extensive vocal command options. The ability to control your remote with vocal commands might seem a little bit like a gimmick, but if you thought it was just a very superficial luxury or a rather silly add-on…think again!

Is Fire Stick with Alexa Useful?

Alexa is very useful – especially when you install Kodi on Fire Stick.  Alexa saves you from having to manually search for the app you need to download Kodi!  Here’s how to install Kodi on Fire Stick with Alexa in about 5 easy steps:

How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick with Alexa

  1. Hold down the VOICE button on your Alexa voice remote, then say “Downloader” into the voice remote
  2. In the search results that appear on your Fire Stick / Fire TV, select the option to Download / Install the “Downloader” app.  Then Open the Downloader app.
  3. Use the Downloader app to download the Kodi installer file, which is located at this address: .
    1. The address in the link above is for Kodi 2016 (more stable & “familiar”).  You can also enter to install Kodi 2017 (17.1 – newer, not as familiar).
  4. Launch the Kodi installer file, then Launch Kodi and install TVAddons using one of our many easy video guides
  5. Protect your streaming data and set up a Kodi VPN

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Voice Control Means Easier Searching

If you are familiar with similar streaming HDMI-stick devices, you are probably already familiar of the stress of having to search for movies with the remote.  This presents hassle and nonsense when searching for movies.  This is unnecessary!  We shouldn’t have to tediously look for movies & TV shows one character at a time, for example.  Avoid this by using the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote that comes with newer FireSticks.

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Note:  Alexa voice remote cannot search for movies in Kodi.  Voice search for Kodi is still manual.

It is so frustrating to waste all of your time on things like that.  But even worse, it is even more awful when you actually press something wrong by chance and have to start all over again from the beginning.  Then you type the title again, one character after the other. With Amazon Fire Stick equipped with the Alexa remote, you seamlessly select titles by simply dictating them to the device.

Save Time Searching with Fire Stick with Alexa

This will help you gain a significant amount of time, and make the process a lot more pleasant overall. The upgrade to the Alexa remote controller will set you back about 10 bucks, although the investment is extremely useful, and it can definitely change your entire experience of the content.

One of the most important things to notice is that voice control is becoming an increasingly popular trend within the consumer electronic industry. Not only remote controls, but also stereos, kitchen appliances and other devices are starting to include voice control as an add-on.

Alexa Works Surprisingly Well!

This technology has grown to the point that it is finally as reliable and flexible to allow people to comfortably speak to their devices, and actually be understood, saving a lot of time in the process. When it comes to HDMI sticks, most of the devices on the market also offer this possibility.

Roku, Apple TV and others have their own version of a vocal remote control.  Or, when no remote is available, they release apps that allow users to use vocal control functions directly with their phones.  This is done by connecting them via Bluetooth with their chosen device.

Wrap Up

The Amazon Fire Stick certainly earns more points with this feature, allowing for more flexibility.  We also gain further user-friendliness that can radically change your experience for the better.

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