Firestick remote is such an important thing, and the last thing you want to happen is losing it. We have come up with 3 solutions if you have lost your fire stick remote or it has stopped working. If your Fire stick remote stopped working, then use the solutions below!  Or if you lost Firestick remote, then use this guide to take control of your Amazon Fire Stick.  These are very easy steps, just read them carefully and follow step by step.

TIP:  After you solve your Fire stick remote issue, install a Firestick app store so you can download the best apps for Firestick!

Or if you prefer to watch my YouTube tutorial version of this guide, then see the video below:

1. The fire TV app for iOS/ Android:

This step is the easiest one of them all. The fact that it is an official app by Amazon makes it even reliable and easy to follow. Here are the steps.




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• On your device, open the app store (for IOS users), or play store (for Android users.
• In the app store, search “Fire TV remote” and press okay.
• On top of the list, you will find an app named “Amazon Fire TV”. Install this app on your device.
• Open the app, click on “select a device to connect” and select your device from the list and enter the code that appears on your TV screen to connect.

That’s all! You should now be able to control your Fire TV device using your mobile or tablet. You can use touch controls to navigate through the Fire TV, as easy as it sounds! It has all the buttons just like an actual Fire TV remote.

2. The CetusPlay app:

CetusPlay app is pretty much like the Fire TV app with one exception that it is not an official app. It has different features and a different setup than the Fire TV app. Here are the steps to set it up on your device.

(Here’s CetusPlay on the Amazon app store)

Steps to install Cetus Play for Firestick:

• Just like the Fire TV app. Search “CetusPlay” on the app store of your device and install it.
• One in the app, you would see the “Smart TV” option on the top. Click this option and select your Smart TV from the list.
• Upon selecting your TV, you will see an “Allow USB Debugging?” message on your TV screen. Press “Ok” (also check “always allow from this computer”).

Boom! Now you can use the CetusPlay app to control your Fire Stick from the mobile.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

3. A TV remote with HDMI-CEC feature:

A TV remote can also be used to control your Fire Stick which most people are not aware of. All smart TVs have this HDMI-CEC technology built in. Although, this has a different name for each brand of TV. We will leave a list of TV brands and what this technology is named in their TVs. Let’s proceed to the steps.


• Press the “Menu” button on your TV remote.
• Go into the settings and look for this HDMI-CEC. Use the list given below to find the name of this option used by your brand.
• Turn this option “On.” You may even be shown a lots of different devices, just select your TV model and press okay.
• You should now be able to control your Fire Stick with the TV remote. The Up, down, left and right buttons act same as the buttons on your Fire TV remote.
• If your Fire Stick goes to sleep, use the “Home button” on your TV remote to reactivate it.

Brand Option name

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