There is no question that Amazon’s Fire TV has become a progressively popular entertainment system for your TV, and there are now plenty of good choices available for anyone who is looking to incorporate gaming into their Fire TV library. In this article, we are going to give you a list of some of the best Fire Stick games that are currently available.

We recommend that you get a Fire TV game controller in order to get the best results from your gaming experience from these titles.

Pro Tip:  If you want to sideload some non-Amazon-approved Android games onto your Fire Stick (like SNES ROMs & other Fire Stick Emulators), you can play pretty much any game found in the Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire Stick.

Here are 8 fun Fire TV games that you actually can find and download for free or cheap from the site or Amazon Fire TV App Store that are built-in to your Fire Stick’s home screen:




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8 Fire Stick Games to Max Out Your Fire TV’s Graphics Potential

1.  The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

This is probably the game that showcases the graphic capacity of the Fire TV the most. It’s a conversion of the highly acclaimed game series that came out on gaming consoles and it offers very scary and original gameplay mechanics with a point and click approach to most of the scenes.  

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Walking Dead: #1 in our List of Fire Stick Games
Walking Dead game for Fire Stick & Fire TV (ZOMBIES)
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2.  Dead Trigger 2

This one is also a looker and it offers great first person shooter experience for those who like this gaming genre combined with the horror theme of zombies. A highly enjoyable game that is ideal for anyone who is looking to play some great Fire Stick games that are action / horror-based.  You can download Dead Trigger 2 here or in the Fire TV App Store.

Dead Trigger 2 for Fire Stick & Fire TV
Dead Trigger 2: FPS for Fire Stick
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3.  Terraria

This is an incredibly inventive and unique game that offers platforming gameplay with the same principles of games such as Minecraft.  Get Terraria in the Fire TV app store!

Terraria for Fire Stick
Terraria Game for Fire Stick
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4.  Sonic CD

This is known as the best Sonic game ever made. Originally release for the Sega CD in 90’s, this 2D retro side scroller is fast paced and it brings the best action that the sonic series has ever seen. No other side scrolling platformer has the same fast paced action that Sonic offers.  Download Sonic CD here or in the Amazon FireTV AppStore.

Sonic CD: #4 in our list of Fire Stick Games
Sonic CD for Fire TV & Fire Stick
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5.  League of Evil

There are some platformers that can be extremely entertaining in the sense that they combine puzzle and action in a way that feels just perfect. League of Evil for Fire Stick is one of those games!  There are many secrets to discover and plenty of hours of fun in this game.  You can find League of Evil in the Amazon Fire TV app store.

6.  Badland

Out of all the platformers that you could get for the Fire TV right now, Badland is definitely the most unique and atmospheric of the bunch. It provides a truly unique style and it features a system that allows you to create your own levels and publish them for other players to download. It’s without a doubt one of the titles with the highest replay value.

BADLAND by Frogmind
BADLAND by Frogmind
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7.  Minecraft Pocket Edition

This might not be as robust as the standard version of the game, but it has the same gameplay and it allows for a huge number of possibilities. Definitely a must buy for Minecraft fans that want the game on their TV for convenient play.  Download & install Minecraft Pocket Edition from the Amazon App Store using your Fire TV Remote.

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft by Mojang
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8.  Deux Ex: The Fall

This game is also a great looking title for the Fire TV and it offers excellent stealth action in a very smooth FPS experience that is ideal for gamers that are looking for a different approach to first person shooters.  Install and download Deus Ex using the Amazon Fire TV App Store.

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Fire Stick Games Wrap-Up

While the Fire TV is not really a gaming console like the PS4 or Xbox One, it does offer a very decent library of Fire Stick games that range from retro sprite based games to full 3D titles that offer an excellent option for gamers.