This tutorial shows you the Fire Stick Amazon hack methods to easily add third partys apps to your Fire Stick.  These apps include the likes of Kodi, Mobdro, Show Box, and Terrarium TV.  In other words, this is the Ultimate How to “Hack” Amazon Fire Stick Guide for Fire TV to Install Third-Party Apps Like Kodi.

Fire Stick Amazon Hack:

Use the quick-links below to jump to the Fire Stick Amazon hack (s) of your choice (we recommend all 4!):

At an inexpensive price tag, Amazon Fire TV has taken the industry by storm as folks can install apps to stream free cable movies, television programs, PPC, and live sports. Using fire stick amazon hack does not disrupt your channel but allows you just to enable apps from unknown sources to access tons of free content.

Integrating Kodi, Terrarium TV, Mobdro, and Show Box will open the floodgates for plethora movies and TV free of charge. Ensure you’ve linked to your network to download the most recent software or ensure its running on a television and sync to the wireless network before using the fire stick amazon hack.




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Kodi refers to a free, open source software giving you access to a whole range of media content such as TV, movies, images, and much more. This fire stick amazon hack grants you access to online content with “add-ons” or a personal media library banded together in a single media center. Besides, Kodi recognizes the meta-data transcribing video files and displays relevant content, descriptions, and box covers.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Installation Process

Step 1

Hook up your Fire Stick to the TV and log in your Amazon account.

Step 2

Use your Fire TV remote to explore “Settings” and select Enter. Hit the “Applications” button to turn off “Collect App Usage Data. Go back to the menu bar and browse through for System>Developer Options and switch on ADB debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources.

Now Enable ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources

Enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources

Step 3

Return to the Main Menu and press APPS.  Then select CATEGORIES.  After that, choose PRODUCTIVITY. Look for “Downloader” and install the Downloader app using the Fire TV remote.

Press Open to Launch the Downloader app for Firestick

Press “Open” to launch the Downloader app

Step 4

After opening Downloader, you will see a blank space to key in an address (or “URL”).  Enter this address:

Now select the box that says "http"

Select the Address field in the Downloader app.  Then enter the Kodi download URL (above).

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Step 5

Wait for Kodi Firestick version to download.  When the download is done, select “Install” to begin the install Kodi process.

Downloader App Fire TV Firestick Screenshot APK Download

This is an example of an APK file the Downloader app just downloaded to Fire TV or Firestick

Step 6

After the Kodi installer launches, select “Install” to continue with the install.

Press Install to install Kodi on Fire TV / Fire Stick

Select “Install”

Step 7

Once Kodi is finished installing, select “Open” to start Kodi.

Step 8

Set up a Firestick VPN or a Kodi VPN to protect yourself while you’re streaming

IPVanish Fire TV app

Hidden Fire Stick Amazon hack:  Firestick VPN app protects all your Internet data

Step 9

After you get the VPN discount, simply Install TVAddons in Kodi to stream video files and other great content!  Installing TVAddons completes the Fire Stick Amazon Hack process (for Kodi, at least).  Keep reading to complete the other Fire Stick Amazon hacks!

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Install TVAddons on Firestick

Alternative Method to Install Kodi Using Downloader’s “Browser” Feature:

Instead of entering the Kodi APK URL ( into Downlaoder, use the “Browser” feature.  Then enter the address into the browser’s address bar.  After that, you will land on the KODI website.  Navigate downwards with the Amazon Fire TV remote-control. Use the red circle to navigate to “Choose Your Weapon.” Hover red cursor above the Android to select “Enter” on the Fire TV remote. You will land on another page, move the red cursor below until it hovers directly above ‘ARMV7A (32BIT). Press the “Enter” on the Fire TV remote-control. Kodi starts downloading and once it’s through, install it. Next, install add-ons to access chunks of content.

Then install Mobdro (continue on)..


Mobdro Android streaming app allows you to sift through tons of content which you can also side-upload on these devices. It is an ideal replacement to Kodi as a vast pool of free video streaming online. This fire stick amazon hack has few steps if you have already installed Paradox on Fire Stick TV. The technical hitches characterizing Kodi when streaming content has given rise to fire stick amazon hack apps. Mobdro will cut the mustard when paired together with Kodi by to keep the Fire TV/Stick streaming at full pelt.

Installing Mobdro

If you have an app called Paradox wizard installed (if you do, you would know it), then use the steps immediately below.  If you don’t have that app or you’re unsure, use the directions below that say “if you don’t have Paradox”..

In case Paradox is already integrated on your Fire Stick
1. Navigate the Paradox Wizard and hit “Install Applications.”
2. Browse through to Mobdro to select “Install.”
3. Once finished open the Mobdro app and get started

Alternatively, if you don’t have Paradox follow these steps:

1. Scroll to Fire TV Settings>Device or System>Developer Options and then click Apps from Unknown sources by flitting around the option and hit the select button on the Fire Stick remote control.
2. Move to search button to download and install a free app named Downloader
3. Click Downloader and key in the following Mobdro installer-file location into the field:
4. Once the installed Applications.  Then launch Mobdro!

Show Box

Showbox works with FireStick to allow you to feast your eyes on a stream of unlimited movies, TV shows, and other content. You will need to have a current Showbox APK and turn on Fire Stick TV.

Installing Showbox

Step 1

Click Settings>System>Developer Options and hit the Apps from Unknown Sources option and turn on, select ADB Debugging and turn on. A message reading “unknown sources” will pop up, click OK.

Now Enable ADB Debugging & Apps from Unknown Sources

Enable ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources

Step 2

Select the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the top-left corner of the Fire TV / Firestick home screen.

Install Kodi on Firestick Step 1: Select Search icon

Select the Search icon

Step 3

Enter “Downloader” in the Search area.  Then press the center button on the Fire TV remote to perform the Search.  In the search results, select “Downloader” under “Apps & Games”.  Then proceed to download and install (“get”) the Downloader app.

Step 4

After the Downloader app is added to your Fire TV or Fire stick, launch the Downloader app.  Then enter this URL into the app: .  This is the URL of the Showbox APK installer file.  You can get free versions of Show box by searching Google.

Step 5

Install the app and use the ES File Explorer to pinpoint the specific APK file.

Step 6

Click the app to open to access a whole load of movies and shows.

Installing Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV has quickly emerged as a favorite android streaming app for FireStick as it works seamlessly with the service and VPN. Unlike Kodi, you can access endless entertainment and news without a glitch in streaming. To install Terrarium TV on FireStick/TV, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, go to Settings.  Then select “Device”.  Now select Developer Options.  Then turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.

Step 2

Use our “Install Terrarium TV” step-by-step guide.  This guide shows you how to install CetusPlay.  Why?  Because we use CetusPlay to install Terrarium for Firestick with 1 Click!  CetusPlay is an amazing app store for Android devices, Fire TV stick, and Amazon Fire TV.

MX Player Pro install on Firestick for Terrarium TV streaming movies & TV shows

CetusPlay & MX Player Pro 1-click Install via CetusPlay App center’s “Featured” tab

Step 5

You need to install a video player and a Codec which work in conjunction with Terrarium TV. Go back to the browser to download from the official websites to get an updated version.

Step 6

Click the home button on your remote, select apps and sift through files for the Terrarium TV logo. Launch it; a disclaimer will be portrayed, click the “Accept” button.

Step 7

Get to the settings tab, click the right arrow, hover over the options and click the select button on the remote. Choose default video player for the application using settings. The settings feature has many customization options. You can now access content.

Tip: Always use a VPN to shield your privacy when using fire stick amazon hack applications.

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