Easy Tweakbox Install – Find Hidden Apps and Jailbreak iPhone with Unc0ver

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Are you an iPhone user looking for an alternative Appstore that provides you unlimited access to thousands of premium, and modified games and apps − all for free? If so, (and how could you not?) then it’s about time you tried Tweakbox!

In this guide, we are going to look at what Tweakbox is, and how to download and use it on iPhone. As a bonus, we’re going to point you towards some of the apps best features, to help you unlock hidden possibilities you never new your iPhone or Apple device was capable of.

What is Tweakbox

Tweakbox is a 3rd party app installer for iOS devices that offers thousands of apps and games that are unavailable in Apple’s official Appstore. Tweakbox enjoys the top spot as the number one third-party app installer, and has entertaining games, premium apps, and a couple of Cydia tweaks too. It’s considered by many people to be the the best alternative to Cydia, some preferring it to Cydia for it’s more interesting set of features.

How to Download and Use Tweakbox

Installing Tweakbox is very easy; all you need to do is follow the steps we’ve laid out for you below. 

1. The first thing we’re going to do is to download the configuration file onto your iPhone device. To do this, navigate to the Tweakbox page.

2. From the Tweakbox page, tap Download for iPhone to begin the download process.

2b. Bonus step! Tweakbox analog “Panda Helper” is now available for Android. Non-Apple users can look for the Download for Android button on the Tweakbox homepage.

3. Select either of the download links on the following page, either 1 or 2.

4. You will see a pop up message on your phone saying that the website link is trying to open Settings and access your configuration files, click Allow > Install in that order.

Tweakbox Install

5. Tap Install Profile.

6. You may be asked to provide your passcode or pin. Enter your pin and wait for Safari Browser to open

7. Click on Install, and the setting will pop up again.

8. In the following sequence, click Install > Next > Done to complete the installation.

9. Once the installation process is complete, you will discover the TweakBox icon on your iPhone home screen. 

10. Click on the icon to access the appstore for unlimited premium content.

Note: if you’re experiencing issues like app not working properly, you might need to consider trying the TweakBox alternative link and repeat the process once more.

How to Use TweakBox App Installer

1. Navigate to the TweakBox icon on your screen and click it.

2. Once it opens, click on the Tweakbox Menu Bar to display the various app categories.

3. Please select the app category of your choice to pick the game or app you want.

Tweakbox Apps Categories

4. After picking the game of your choice, click on Result > Install and follow the instruction on the screen to complete the installation process. 

5. You’ll know that the installation is complete when you see the downloaded app’s icon on the Home screen.

Notable Apps and Features

TweakBox opens the door to thousands of premium and free games and apps. Many of the apps are conveniently arranged by category. To help you decode this a little faster, we’ve broken down the main categories and what you can expect to find in each one:

1. Exclusive Apps – Enjoy having access to iPhone apps not found on iOS App Store, including screen recorders, emulators, and media apps. If you can only find it on Tweakbox, you’ll find it in this category.

2. Tweaked Apps  –  From this category, you’ll be able to access to premium stock apps with the latest features.

Tweaked Apps

3. Modified Games – Have you ever wished you could play top rated, popular games with all of the extra features unlocked for free? Look no further! This is exactly where you’ll find them.

4. App Store  – Enjoy many iOS games and apps, whether premium or free. This is your main page where you’ll find an array of featured apps to choose from. 

Download Tweakbox Apps Safely

Before you start downloading any 3rd party apps, and especially before you jailbreak your iPhone with Unc0ver, we need to talk about protecting both your browser history and your data. Tweakbox, in general, is a safe app and we love to use it, but there are apps (in both the iOS and Tweakbox appstores) that will try to harvest your data in ways you did not agree to.

We strongly recommend you check out our guide on downloading a VPN on your iPhone. We’ll walk you through all the steps to install the best VPN on the market today. This is important to us, so if you access the VPN through our site link, you’ll get a huge discount on a safe, fast, and reliable VPN.

Jailbreak iPhone by Downloading Unc0ver Through Tweakbox

Don’t get this wrong, Tweakbox is not a jailbreak. This app’s functionality begins and ends with allowing you to download and install a third-party app on your iPhone without any hassle. However, you can use it to download apps that will jailbreak your device. The Unc0ver app is the most popular and reliable of these jailbreak apps for iPhone.

The process is smooth, and there’s no need to worry about rooting the app to your device for maximum security.  

Unc0ver iPhone Jailbreak App

To Download Unc0ver Jailbreak App:

1. Open the TweakBox app and search for Unc0ver via the search menu bar.

2. Click on Unc0ver when it appears in the search results.

3. Tap install and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

4. Once the installation is complete, you can use Unc0ver to jailbreak your device.

Special features

  • Reliable functionality
  • Battery efficiency
  • Fast patches
  • Safe and reliable
  • Disabled auto-update
  • Safe from malware and viruses
  • Revokes app certificate at any time through built-in option
  • Loads more features
  • Full support for the recent iOS firmware


TweakBox remains one of the best unofficial app installers. It doesn’t require a jailbreak or app-root to work, which means every user can be assured of a safe experience when using this app. The best part is, it’s completely free right now, and it’s constantly getting updated with new apps and features. 

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