How to Install Film Emporium Kodi Addon

This tutorial shows you how to install the Film Emporium Kodi add-on for streaming popular video files.

If you have Kodi installed, then you get access to its amazing features.  Some of Kodi’s best features are centered around live streaming of online content.   Once you have Kodi installed, we use the Kodi media player.  Kodi is practically limitless.  Some of the popular TV addons available on the Kodi media player include Exodus and Covenant.  

But then there’s Film Emporium – yet another great Kodi addon.

One of the other not so popular but very useful kodi addons include the Film Emporium Kodi addon. Let’s quickly go through the essential benefits of this great addon.  We will also show you the installation of the film emporium addon.

Advantages of installing Film Emporium Kodi addon

You can browse the latest TV shows as well as movies on the film emporium Kodi addon. Furthermore, this addon also features a browsing option.  The browsing option is used to search for a particular movie fast and easily. Some of the options that you see on the interface of the film emporium Kodi addon include,

  • Most Watched,
  • Movies,
  • TV Shows.

You can also find the options that segregate the available movies by the year of release, you favorites, genres, etc.

Film Emporium Pre-Install

You can install the film emporium Kodi add-on using several methods. We shall discuss the easiest process to install the add-on so that you can do it quickly.  This way you can enjoy its benefits as soon as possible.

Installing Film Emporium Kodi addon

Follow these steps (below) to install the Kodi Film Emporium add-on.

This process is carried out by using the Kodi v17 Krypton Repository.

Before you install the Film Emporium Kodi TVaddon, make sure to set up a VPN app on your Firestick or on your Router to protect your Internet data.

  1. Turn on the Kodi application and select the Settings option (gear shaped symbol) from the homepage. You will see this gear symbol located on the top left side of the screen.
  2. Go to the File manager option from the navigation menu on the left of the interface.
  3. Then click on the Add-source option from the File manager menu. Here, we need to add the address from which we will download the repository.
  4. Select “<None>”.
  5. Then enter the following address:
  1. Select OK to finish adding the the new source’s Address.
  2. Now select the box that says “Enter a name..”.
  3. Then give the new source a name, such as Xunity.  We use a simple name because we will need to access the same later.
  4. Press OK to finish adding the Source.
  5. Move back to the homepage of the Kodi application interface.  Select the add-on options seen on the left navigation menu.
  6. To add any add-on to the application, you must select the package symbol.  This is a small icon of an open box shaped symbol located on the left.
  7. Now you will see a pop-up menu in front of you. Scroll down or up in the menu to select the Install from Zip
  8. Now you need to access the Xunity file that you named in step 5Xunity.
  9. It will open up another menu in which you will see the necessary zip file. Select it and click OK to start the installing the addon.
  10. Now move back to the Install from Zip Here you will see another option called Install from Repository.
  11. Locate the file name, Dandymedia Repository and open it.
  12. You will now see another pop-up menu. Select the video add-ons option from this pop-up menu.
  13. Then you finally see the installation package for the Film Emporium add-on.
  14. Now select the install option to complete installing the emporium Kodi addon.
  15. Install a Kodi VPN or the Firestick VPN app to secure your Kodi streams

Now you are done with the installing Film Emporium Kodi addon! At this point, access the application from its option in the home interface.

Advantages of Film Emporium for Kodi:

  • This add-on is current and fully online
  • Film Emporium has a Variety of video files from which to choose
  • The addon is similar in operation to Exodus and Covenant

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  1. How to Install Film Emporium Kodi Addon | KFire TV - […] How to Install Film Emporium Kodi Addon […]
  2. How to Install Film Emporium Kodi Addon | KFire TV - […] to Install Film Emporium Kodi Addon […]
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