Here’s how to install Filelinked on Firestick and Android devices, as well as the best Filelinked codes and how to use Filelinked.

UPDATE:  I created a new FileLinked code with several Live TV apps, Movie apps, Firestick emulators & games, Tools and more.  The FileLinked code is 66575558.  Enjoy :)

What is Filelinked?  Filelinked is like an app store for Firestick and Android devices that lets you input a code to install third-party apps on your device.  It’s like an “underground” or “black market” version of the Google Play Store.

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BONUS:  If you like Filelinked, then you’ll love APKTime and Aptoide TV (scroll to the bottom of this page for more info on these Alternative app stores).

Download FileLinked APK

To download Filelinked APK, just click here or enter into your device

Download Filelinked

Quickly download Filelinked using the button above

For Amazon Firestick, use the Downloader app to get Filelinked, which I explain below.

How to Install FileLinked on Firestick

To install Filelinked on Firestick, follow the steps below to use the Downloader app to download the address

Here’s exactly how to install Filelinked on Firestick, step-by-step with screenshots:

Step 1:  Install Downloader on Firestick

  1. Go to the Homescreen of your Firestick by pressing the Home button on the Firestick remote

    Go to Firestick home screen

    Go to the Firestick / Fire TV home screen

  2. Press the Search icon and then Search for “Downloader”

    Search for Downloader

    Just enter the word “Downloader” into the Firestick search area

  3. In the search results, select Downloader.  Then press “Get” (or press “Download”)

    Select the "Download" button to get Downloader

    Press “Download” to begin downloading the Downloader app

  4. After Downloader finishes downloading / installing, press “Open” to launch Downloader for Firestick

    Open the Downloader app

    Just press “Open” to launch Downloader

Now that Downloader is installed on your Firestick, use Step 2 below to install Filelinked.

Step 2:  Use Downloader to Install FileLinked

  1. After you launch Downloader, enter the following address into the “http://” box:

    Download Filelinked (URL address)

    Enter the address above into Downloader

  2. Then press the button on your screen to proceed with the download
  3. After Downloader finishes downloading Filelinked, press “Install” to install Filelinked

    Press "Install"

    Just press Install

  4. Then press “Open” to launch Filelinked

    Press "Open" to launch Filelinked

    Select “Open” to launch Filelinked

Now that Filelinked is installed, scroll down to the “Filelinked Codes” section below to enter a Filelinked code.

How to Install FileLinked on Android

It’s super easy to install Filelinked on Android.  Follow the steps below to quickly get Filelinked (aka “DroidAdmin”):

  1. Open your Android device’s web browser

    How to Install Filelinked on Android

    Web browser

  2. Then enter the address into your Android’s web browser

    Download Filelinked (URL address)

    Enter the address above into your web browser

  3. When the file download finishes, launch the downloaded file
  4. Then press Install

    Press "Install"

    Just press Install

  5. Now press Open to launch Filelinked

    Press "Open" to launch Filelinked

    Select “Open” to launch Filelinked

You’re done installing Filelinked on Android TV / phone / tablet!  Now just scroll down to enter a code into Filelinked.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

How to Use FileLinked

Filelinked (formerly called Droid Admin) is easy to use:

  1. Just find a Filelinked code (like the ones below) and then enter the code into Filelinked.

    Enter Filelinked Code

    Enter a FileLinked code

  2. Press “Continue

    Press Continue

    Press the Continue button to load the FileLinked code.

  3. Then select an app (press the “Download icon”) from the list to install after you entered a code.

    Choose app in Filelinked

    Just select an app from the Filelinked code you entered

  4. After you select an app to install, you just wait for it to download (by watching the green bar below the title of the app you chose).  Then proceed to Install the app you chose.

That’s it! You’re now free to install and use any and all apps that can be installed using Filelinked.

Best FileLinked Codes

See the Filelinked codes list and YouTube video below:

List of Filelinked Codes

Here’s a list of the best Filelinked codes available:

Best Filelinked codes

These are some of the best Filelinked codes!

Filelinked Codes YouTube Video

I also made this video that shows you the best Filelinked codes.  Here’s the video:

In addition, here are some of the best Filelinked codes available on the Internet:

Alternatives to Filelinked

If you want some third party app stores for Firestick / Android other than Filelinked, then check out the amazing app stores below.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.


The APKTime app is a third party app store for Firestick and Android which already has over 100 of the best third-party Apps loaded into it.

APKTime Screenshot

Trending apps in APKTime

APKTime is my personal favorite app store for Firestick and Android because it has a huge selection of current, awesome apps.

Check out my APKTime guide!  In my guide, I give you the APKTime download link to the latest version of the APKTime APK.

Aptoide TV

The Aptoide TV app store for Firestick and Android is my 2nd favorite app store.

Menu for Aptoide on Windows PC

Aptoide Main Menu

Aptoide gives you a really smooth, easy to use interface that is simple to use.  But it doesn’t contain nearly as many apps as APKTime.

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