Easy Firestick Streaming with Showbox APK – 5 Minute Install

Who doesn’t like watching movies, TV shows, occasionally news channels, and other educational/entertainment content?  In recent years modern cinema – not just Hollywood – has given us a treasure trove of great content. As time changes, the necessities of life also change. Today, people like to watch movies on their mobile devices, on the go, and everywhere. In addition, they want to pay as little as they can for entertainment. That is why online streaming apps are becoming so popular. Showbox APK is one such online streaming app that gives users access to movies and videos free of cost. It offers great content and keeps updating the library on a regular basis. 

The entire library of content comes packed in a single app. You don’t have to install any additional software to get it working. Everything is present in the Showbox App for Firestick. What’s more, they keep updating it with additional features every now and then. So if you spot a bug during your watch, simply drop them a message, and they will get it fixed. How cool is that?

Free Content? Is it Even Legal?

As soon as the words “free content” are uttered, the very first question that pops into the mind is: Is it even legal? Streaming services cost money, and creating content costs money, so how can content consumption be free? Most companies offer streaming services to their paid subscribers because distributing pirated copies is liable for a criminal offense in many countries around the globe. Therefore the question of the legality of Showbox APK streaming free content is a valid one. 

The answer to this question is: Somewhat. Although it has been banned in several countries, the company is treading very carefully on the thin line of legality. To keep its business within the confines of the laws, Showbox does not store any data whatsoever on its private servers. Instead, it provides access to torrent links, free broadcasts, and other data storage options. In a way, Showbox APK is just a search engine like Google – but exclusively for links. Sharing links is totally within the law, and no one can challenge it.  

Keep in mind that your views and other statistics data can be accessed by the company. And they can forward it to the legal owners of the content if they ask for it. Therefore you should worry about your data. For keeping your data secure, we recommend using the services of a trusted VPN provider like IpVanish. It is fast, secure, and reliable. There are no complicated settings involved in the process. Simply download it and start using its amazing services. You can sign up right now and try this risk-free VPN with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you’re worried that installing a VPN is complicated, don’t let that hold you back. We have guides to help you download and install a VPN on any device, and we break it down so it’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

With that said, you should also remember that downloading someone else’s content without prior permission – whether through torrent or any other way – is illegal. Users download such content at their own risk. This article is purely for information purposes only. 

showbox apk

What is Showbox APK

ShowBox APK is a multiplatform app that allows you to access video content free of cost. Multiplatform means you can use a PC, Android, or even a FireStick App for uninterrupted access to the streaming content – all in great video and audio quality. 

However, ShowBox APK stands out from the competition because it allows you to share your content with other users. You can upload your files to the app and share it with everyone. You don’t have to spend money on several different platforms for different purposes like watching movies, uploading your files, or sharing your videos with friends. In this regard, ShowBox APK has brought a digital revolution in the world of streaming. 

There’s absolutely no need to fill up a form to register or sign up. You don’t even have to put in your email address. You just need to download the latest version from any website and start searching for your favorite content. Its user-friendly interface is very easy on the eyes. Although it is simple yet appealing. You can simplify it even further in the settings by selecting what you need. View the latest movies, and classics, or keep track of the currently airing tv shows.  

Its greatest strength lies in providing absolute granular controls over the downloads. You can download video content in any resolution you want. For example, 360p, 480p, 720p as well as HD 1080p resolution if it is available. Besides, it also conveniently shows you download insights for various torrent files. This gives you an idea about which file to download and when.  

Recently, the app has come under the strict scrutiny of legal authorities in various parts of the world. It has been removed from Google Playstore and Microsoft App store. It is expected that Apple’s iOS app store will follow suit in the coming months. Nevertheless, you can download the latest version from any trusted website.   

Though the application does contain some ads, after decompiling it for safety reasons, we found no malicious code with the APK itself. Therefore, you can rest assured, the ShowBox APK app is completely safe to download and use on your phone.  


The functionality and working of the application can be compared to the leading streaming service providers. Below is a list of its significant features that we have come to admire:

  1. Allows access to both paid and free content (Yes! If you want to pay for premium services, ShowBox APK has you covered).
  2. Allows access to an extensive library of popular TV shows, movies, news channels, documentaries, and much more. 
  3. The ShowBox APK content library is easy to access and search for. Just type a keyword, and the results will be displayed in an instant.  
  4. Allows broadcast access in incognito mode with absolutely no registration required. 
  5. You can change the video quality of a stream as per your whims.
  6. All the content available on the platform can be downloaded to any device you are using in any resolution you need. 
  7. You can form lists of your previously watched content. It allows better organization of content you have already liked to watch later (if you want to).  
  8. Excellent user-friendly interface and easy navigation.

Latest Update

The last up-to-date version of the application is 5.36, which came out back on September 08, 2019. Sized, 37.85 MB is supported for all platforms, including windows, FireStick, or Android. While the previous version had latency issues, developers claim they have fixed it in the latest update. Plus, they have also improved their overall performance. Because it redirects to third-party services and contains no internal links, they have been able to keep the app’s size to a bare minimum, which is a great achievement.

  • Latest version: 5.36 (stable)
  • Size: 37.85 Mb
  • License: Free
  • Developer: Ivan Nichiporuk
  • OS: Android/FireStick/Windows
  • Language: English
  • Last modified on 2020-03-11 

How To Install ShowBox APK

As discussed earlier, installing Showbox on your device is a straightforward process with just a few clicks involved. We will be discussing the process for various platforms in the following sections. 

showbox android

Installing Showbox on Android device:

Showbox APK is an android application package, so installing it is very simple. Here’s its step-by-step process for your ease:

Step 1: Download the application from any trusted website

Remember, the application is not available on the play store, so you need to download it from a trusted website. Don’t download it from just any website you find on the internet as it can be backdoored or tempered with malicious code that can prove harmful to your phone. Here’s a pro tip, one way to tell whether the app has been tampered with or not is to look at the size of the package. If it’s the same as mentioned above, it’s probably not tempered. Second, before installing the file, make sure you have enabled “allow downloads from unknown sources” (or a similar setting) in your phone’s security settings.

Step 2: Once the file has been downloaded, install it

If you have downloaded the file correctly, you shouldn’t run into any snags installing it. The installation process barely takes a minute, depending on the device you are using.

Step 3: Run the App

Once the application has been properly installed. Locate its icon on your device and run it. That’s it. You have successfully installed Showbox APK. Enjoy hundreds of movies and tv shows at your leisure. 

showbox on firestick fire tv

Installing Showbox in Firestick and Fire TV

Step 1: Adjust Settings

You’ll need to quickly adjust some settings on your Firestick (if you haven’t already). Under Settings > Device > Developer Options: Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources, and under Developer Options turn on ADB Debugging.

Step 2: Get Downloader App

Search for the Downloader app in the Amazon Firestick app store. This app will allow you to search for and download third-party apps that you wouldn’t be able to get through the normal app store. This is a handy app, that you’ll want to have around!

Step 3: Download Showbox APK

Enter the URL below in the field that appears when you open the Downloader App. Follow the series of prompts that appear on your screen until the download and installation are complete. Here’s that URL:


Step 4: Stream Free TV Shows and Movies

Congrats! Now open up your brand new Showbox APK app and start getting high-quality content straight to your Firestick for free!

showbox for pc

Installing ShowBox APK on PC

Showbox isn’t just for Android, you can also use Windows to stream your favorites. For this purpose, however, you will need to install a Windows emulator on your windows. Below are the steps involved: 

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a powerful android emulator for windows that allows you to install .apk files. It emulates the Android OS on your PC to use it just like any other android device.  Therefore, first of all, you need to download and install the BlueStacks package. You can get it from the official BlueStacks website here

Step 2: Sign in to BlueStacks

Once BlueStacks has been installed, you have to complete the sign-in process. You can use your Gmail account, in the same way, you do on Android devices. 

Step 3: Download Showbox APK

Now you have to download the ShowBox APK from the link mentioned above. Once it has been downloaded, right-click on the Showbox.APK file and select the option for “Open with BlueStacks APK Installer.” It will install the application on your PC, and you are ready to stream directly on your PC with Showbox!

Showbox for Mac

Installing ShowBox APK on MAC

While many websites are claiming to provide Showbox for iOS, unfortunately, there is no official installation package. But don’t worry, you can still install it on your MAC device. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download GenyMotion

Unlike BlueStacks, GenyMotion is an Android Emulator Farm that allows you to install android applications on your MAC device. It is so powerful that it can simulate over a thousand emulators (like BlueStacks). So the first step is: to download GenyMotion. You can do so by visiting here. Downloading it is a bit of a hassle as you have to create an account. But hey! It’s totally worth it.

Step 2: Download VirtualBox

The second step is to download VirtualBox. It aids in the smooth function of Genymotion on your MAC. To download, visit the official Virtualbox website. 

Step 3: Log in to Genymotion and add a virtual device 

Once VirtualBox is ready, open Genymotion and log in. Click on the add button located at the top. Next, you need to install a virtual device. Think of a virtual device as your android phone. You can select anything above 720p along with Android version 4.4.4 or above for this purpose. Here you are just setting up the device. 

Step 4: Run your Virtual Android Device

After setting up your virtual device, click on “Start” to initialize it. You should be able to see the device’s home screen in a new pop-up window. Ready for use!

Step 5: Download and Run ShowBox APK

The last step is to download and run the Showbox APK. After downloading the APK file, simply drag and drop it into the already-running virtual android device. From there on, use it just like you install it on your android device. 

That’s about it – everything you need to know about Showbox APK and how to install it. We hope the information provided here proved useful to you. Did we miss any critical information? Let us know your thoughts below.

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