Failed to Install a dependency: How to Fix Kodi Error

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If you are facing the Kodi error “Failed to install a dependency” then you shouldn’t worry ; Here is the easy step by step solution.

First of all we should be aware about :What is the meaning of what’s a “dependency” (wikipedia)? “Failed to install a dependency”

What is a Dependency? Click the image above to see on Wikipedia

TIP:  If you get the “dependency”-related error, then it’s likely you’re just trying to install some broken Kodi addon.  One simple fix is to just install a known, working Kodi Build like No Limits Build or Xenon Build.

Kodi Addons Depending on Other Kodi Addons?  What’s the Deal?

It is very simple that some addons may rely on other addons that is plugins which aren’t part of core Kodi software, in order to execute their own functionalities. These addons, which are required and used by other addons are called dependencies.

Dependencies Missing error or Failed to install dependency is one of the most common Kodi errors that users face while installing a particular Addon on Kodi. There are two main reasons :

In order to display the listings in a clean and simple way, the TV guide addon is using the time converting addon to convert sentences that include time references into digits and thus displaying a clean and simple list to the users who use it.

STOP!  I recommend you simply just install a Kodi Build using the video below (instead of fixing your Kodi addon Dependency error):

How to Fix Kodi Failed to install a dependency Error

This guide using the example of the “Beautifulsoup” Kodi addon.  But the steps below work for any Kodi addon.

I recommend that you bypass the guide below and just install Kodi No Limits Magic Build or Xenon Build.

1. Go to the folder and wipe all the dependencies (aka “delete” the dependencies)
Main Screen > System > Settings > Add-ons > System > Dependencies > Beautifulsoup

2. Restart Kodi and try reinstalling the addon again if it fails again

3. Go back to Kodi’s main menu, then manually download the zip file and use “Install from zip file” method.

Select “Install From Zip File”

4. Download the file

5. Do not unzip it. Use “Install from zip file” method to install it.

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