All You Need To Know To Factory Reset Amazon Firestick Without Pin or Remote

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Amazon Firestick and other Fire TV devices pack all functionalities for you to use YouTube, Netflix, or any other entertainment app on any HDMI-supported display. Since its release, it’s been the benchmark of streaming devices. But due to its limited storage, you’ll often want to reset the FireStick to factory settings. However, if you have forgotten the pin, you can run into trouble.

And that’s where we come in! We are going to show you how you can factory reset FireStick without pin code. Similarly, this piece will also cover how to reset FireStick without a remote. So, if you have forgotten your pin or lost your remote, there’s nothing to worry about; this piece has got your back.

But before that, let’s see why you should be looking forward to resetting your Amazon Fire TV stick or any other Fire TV model.      

Why Reset Your Amazon Firestick Device?

Users reset their FireStick to factory settings for a couple of reasons. First, and the primary reason is to get the good old out-of-the-box performance when they first plugged in the device on their HDMI-supported display. Commonly, due to limited storage, Amazon Fire TV devices run into problems like lagging, slowing down, stuttering, etc. To fix the issues, users reset their devices to the factory defaults option.

Next up, the second most dominant reason behind resetting Amazon Fire TV devices is forgetting the pin. People set a pin to protect their device from others in the vicinity, but the majority forget the pin themselves. And that’s where one needs to factory reset FireStick without pin.

Lastly, Amazon Fire TV owners reset their entertainment hub when they are selling it out. As resetting FireStick to factory settings deletes everything, including account information, search history, installed apps, etc., the buyer gets to set up the device from scratch without tangling with the previous owner’s personal data and info.      

2 Ways To Factory Reset Firestick Without Pin

Can’t remeber your pin? Or someone changed it to trip you up? Don’t worry!

In this Youtube video by UrTechBuff, he will show you a method to factory reset your Amazon Fire TV stick if you have forgotten the pin or don’t know the pin.

If you have purchase an old firestick from someone and it is locked using a pin or you simply don’t know what is the pin to unlock your Firestick then this video will help you to get rid of it.

As promised, here are the two ways you can use to factory reset FireStick without pin.

Change Your Pin Via Amazon’s Official Website

The first and the foremost method to factory reset FireStick without pin is by changing it. People who have forgotten their pin can easily change it using the official account hub of Amazon. But note that one must be able to log in to the account that’s connected with their Fire TV device.

To change the pin on the Amazon Fire TV device, head towards If you aren’t logged into your account, enter your mobile number/email and the password. Once you have been successfully logged into your account, you’ll automatically be taken to the Parental Control hub.

Locate the Change button on the top side of your screen and click it. Then, enter a new code to reset the FireStick pin / prime video pin number. Once you are done, click on the Save button to confirm the changes. Finally, you can now enter the new Amazon Prime pin on your Fire TV device to reset it.   

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Using The Right & Back Buttons Trick

Don’t want the hassle of logging into your Amazon account and changing your code to factory reset FireStick without pin? There’s a secret trick embedded in the operating system of your Amazon Fire TV device to bypass the PIN number TV screen. Although most people don’t know about it, you can use it to easily get past the PIN screen and reset your Fire TV.

To do that, launch your Fire TV and click on the Settings Gear icon located on the middle right side of your screen. Then, scroll down and select My Fire TV. After that, scroll down and select Reset to Factory Defaults. Then, the PIN screen will pop up as expected. Now, simultaneously press the return and right button on your fire stick remote. The code window will close. Keep repeating the steps from “select Reset to Factory Defaults until you finally bypass the PIN screen.

For some users, it took seven tries, while others mentioned it only took about 3 to 5 knocks. But for the majority, this secret method worked flawlessly. 

2 Methods To Factory Reset Firestick Without Remote

So you lost your Fire TV remote control, and you want to reset your device? Well, no worries. Here are two methods you can use to reset your Fire TV device: 

Use Fire TV App

 Amazon Fire TV App
Amazon Fire TV App
download button

You can control FireStick without a remote using the official Fire TV app available on both Android and iOS. Amazon Fire TV application allows you to use your smartphone as a secondary wireless remote. You can use the app to access your apps, voice control feature, device settings, and pretty much everything.

So, to reset FireStick without a remote, download the Fire TV app from your smartphone’s app store. Once the application is installed, open it and let it search for Fire TV devices on your network. Make sure to connect your smartphone to the network that’s operating on your Fire device. Then, select the name of your device from the list to connect.

After that, you’ll land on a screen that will resemble your Fire TV remote. You can use the pad in the middle to select options and hover around the OS. There are also some one-click buttons like Home, Return, Play, Pause, Next, Back, etc., available in the app. Once you are fluent with the app, use it like a secondary remote and follow the regular steps to reset the device to the factory defaults option.  

Try Another Firestick TV Remote

Although it might be an obvious solution to factory reset FireStick without a remote, most people don’t try it as they think that other Fire TV remotes won’t work with their device. Try contacting people around you to see if anyone owns a Fire TV remote, and they can lend it to you for some period of time. You can also buy a third-party Fire TV remote online or buy a new one on Amazon specifically made for your device. 

Alternatives To Resetting Your Firestick Device

Indeed, sometimes you need to factory reset FireStick without pin, remote, or normally. But there are some alternatives you must try if you are doing it just to fix the device’s performance issues.  

Restart Your Device

Also known as soft reset, you can try restarting your Fire TV as it’s reported by many users as a simple fix to their device’s performance issues. When you restart your device, the OS automatically clears temporary files, unused cache, and allocated memory. This makes your run at its optimal speed.

Before we tell you how to restart your Amazon Fire TV, note that restarting and sleeping are two different things. Mostly, your device is in sleep mode when it’s inactive and connected to a power source.

To restart your Amazon Fire TV, select the Settings Gear icon located on the middle right side of your screen. Next, scroll down and select My Fire TV. Then, scroll down and select Restart. A confirmation prompt will appear; click Restart to confirm the operation. Then, you’ll see a banner in the middle of your TV screen, Your Fire TV [Model] Is Powering Off. Then, your device will shut down and restart.

Before you start using your Amazon Fire TV, wait for a few seconds and let it boot properly, and load system services, your apps, etc.  

Delete Unused Applications

If you are experiencing performance degrading issues with your Amazon Fire TV device, you can try deleting unused applications before taking the big reset step. By deleting unused apps from your device, you can save crucial storage space that will help the device to run more smoothly and swiftly.

To delete apps from your Amazon Fire TV device, click the Settings Gear icon located on the middle right side of your home screen. Then, scroll down and select Applications. Next, click Manage Installed Applications. After that, select any unsued app. Inside its options, click Uninstall. Then, once again, select Uninstall to confirm the process.

Switch Off Data Monitoring

Sometimes, the data monitoring option in your Amazon Fire TV device can also be the culprit behind the slow performance, video lagging, etc. You can turn it off inside your device’s settings menu. To do that, select the Settings Gear icon on your home screen, scroll down and select Preferences. Then, scroll down and select Data Monitoring. Then, click on the option to turn it off.  

Final Words

Amazon Fire TV devices are reliable, but that doesn’t mean they are flawless. And if you have to reset them while you have forgotten your pin or lost your remote, you can use the ways we have listed to get the job done.

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