5 Ways To Use Facebook To Promote Business


Once social networks were considered just entertainment, a way to make new friends and chat, those times are gone. Now, along with the usual entertainment features, social networks offer a set of tools for advertising goods, services, and a personal blog.

Facebook started as a medium to connect with friends. Nobody could have thought it would be a top platform today to promote business. No business can survive or miss out on being on Facebook in today’s times. The social network platform helps millions of businesses in growing their business. 

There are three ways to promote on Facebook: promote a profile, a group, or a business page. The third option is most suitable for promoting the company.

There are several reasons for this:

  • In your profile, you will not be able to use the name of the company or store – only the first and last name. And if you manage to “cheat the system” by indicating a brand instead of a name, then Facebook can detect a violation at any time.
  • The functionality of the group is geared towards communication, not sales and branding. The logo in the group can only be put on the avatar, geotags and contact information cannot be set, and targeting in the group cannot be done.
  • Promoting a group on Facebook is problematic because it has no statistics and it is impossible to track performance.
  • Posts in the group have low coverage and are poorly displayed in the feed.

Here Are 5 Ways To Promote Your Business:

1. Connect With Customers

As the first step, you must list your contact information with which the customers will contact you. You must also provide information for customer service so that you can address their grievances.

Facebook is also a great platform to keep your customers engaged. You can post pictures of your office or store, the life of your staff at work, new products, discounts, etc. It will give the consumers a glimpse of your work activity and keep them hooked.

On business pages, you need to constantly work with the audience to be interesting for them to remain subscribers. Try to respond promptly to questions and respond to comments.

Do not delete negative comments. Try to bring the user to a constructive dialogue and understand why he left a negative review.

2. Meet Your Marketing Budget

Facebook tools to promote businesses are generally reasonable and suited for small businesses. Facebook ads are a great tool to promote your business, and it allows you to be creative with advertisements. 

Try to use videos instead of images, as videos connect better with the customers. Promoted ads are also encouraged as it helps you reach the target audience faster and better.

Another tool is to use A/B Testing to boost your marketing performance. A/B Testing also called split testing or bucket testing is a Facebook tool. It allows you to test your ad campaigns with multiple variables and analyze which one works better.

For example, you may design an email or social media post or a pay-per-click campaign. Along with these tools, you may insert a Call-To-Auction button.

As the user presses a click on any of these, the split testing in Facebook will analyze the results. In a nutshell, A/B Testing helps optimize your marketing. 

3. Know Audience Persona And Use Ad Features

Facebook allows you to know the customers, and you get to see the customer’s geographies, demographics, preferences, etc. You can promote your business better by tailoring your content according to the customers’ requirements.

Ads can help you if you’re not pulling off the organic growth yourself. There are two features which you can use here. One is boosted posts – the posts that you put on Facebook or Instagram, you can increase by paying a nominal fee. The boosted posts will reach out to your target audience. 

The other one has featured ads that will serve the same purpose, but they’re a bit more direct in their messaging. And you will get more functionalities, features, and placement options for your ads.

4. Content Marketing

Facebook is a great platform to feed the right content to your customers. As you understand your customer better on Facebook, content becomes better. And that helps as customers feel more connected as they see content relevant to them.

Content marketing eventually can help in lead generation and eventual sales. If you need an expert opinion under the post, mention such a specialist in the comments. But only work with people you know personally. 

The first step is to create a content plan. Its matrix may look different for everyone, but, as a rule, it consists of imposing different types of textual materials on portraits of the target audience or products.

Content is also a consistent and cost-effective way of marketing your product. Moreover, Facebook is a free platform, unlike paid media and advertising platforms, to provide content to consumers.

Photos draw attention to the publication and motivate the user to read it. Remember that the picture must match the content of the text or show the products that the post is about.

Choose key hashtags for your business. They help emphasize the thematic focus of the page. But remember that a popular tag is not a guarantee of attracting traffic, because there is a lot of competition for it.

Alternate in the publication of several high-frequency and low-frequency “keywords”. Mandatory in accordance with the content of the post.

5. Improve SEO And Boost Web Traffic

You can link your website page with your Facebook Page. When people click on the web link, they will come to your website. It will lead to increased traffic to your website. The higher the number of customers coming to your website, the higher the impact.

Customers will end up surfing the website and your services in detail. This process may eventually boost your sales. Facebook Page also helps you move up the ranks in search engines and improve your visibility.

The Bottom Line

With approximately 3 billion active users, Facebook is the ideal platform for businesses. It is more impactful, especially for small businesses, as it is a reasonable marketing tool. 

You can use your Facebook Business Page to engage with customers. First create and design, and then maintain a page on Facebook. At first glance, the task will seem complicated, but with a detailed guide, it will be much easier.

You can provide information about your business, including products and services, to your customers on your Facebook Business Page. You can advertise your products via Facebook and messenger ads to promote your business. 

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