Expedite TV for Firestick – How to Install Easily in 8 Steps [Updated for 2024]

Expedite TV has been gaining popularity, on and off, for the last couple of years. But what is it, and how can you use it?

This article introduces you to Expedite TV for Firestick, as well as some of its most useful features and pricing details.

We’ll also provide you with a walkthrough of the installation process for the Amazon Firestick.

Sound good?

We’re excited too! Without wasting any time, let’s get to it!

What is Expedite TV

Let’s start at the beginning!

Founded in 2018, Expedite TV is a popular IPTV streaming service that gives you access to 1000+ channels on freemium subscription packages. You can stream news, sports, movies, kids-specific, or entertainment channels on up to five different streaming devices such as iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick, etc. simultaneously. 

Moreover, the IPTV service also provides Live TV service, Video On Demand, and local and international channels. So your Sundays are never getting boring again thanks to this On-demand content from IPTV apps!

But that’s just the beginning. Keep reading for more.

Expedite Home Screen

Feature of Expedite TV

The major highlights of this fantastic streaming platform are: 

  • Access to 1000+ channels from all over the world
  • As it is an IPTV service, you can watch whenever you want
  • HD streams
  • Access to local news and sports coverage
  • An extensive collection of on-demand content
  • Compatible with many devices such as Android, Android TV boxes, iOS, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc
  • Simultaneous streams of up to five compatible devices
  • You can also stream on windows or MAC
  • The 24 hours trial period gives you full access to the content
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface

Pricing Details

As of writing this article, you can access Expedite TV through three different price packages. The free trial version gives you limited access to streaming channels 24 hours without bothering you with entering credit card details. The premium packages include a $24 per month version and a second one that costs $59 for three months of uninterrupted streaming access. There is no difference in access to the content in both premium packages. So you can select whichever one suits your needs. 

Before purchasing any premium packages, I recommend checking out the features that are available through the free trial option. It asks for no credit card information and is generally an excellent way to test out the waters. As far as the premium packages are concerned, my advice would be to go for the month-to-month package even if you can save a few bucks by signing up for a  longer duration. This is because services such as Expedite TV go out of business all the time, which could potentially lead to you losing money. We’d rather you be safe than sorry. Follow your gut, though!

expedite iptv pricing

Get More Channels on Expedite TV

Almost all “legit” IPTV channels have region-blocked content. Meaning that they will limit the content you can watch based on where you’re streaming from. Fortunately, there’s a way around this!

Using a VPN will hide your location, allowing you to access content from anywhere in the world. This doesn’t just work on Expedite TV, but also allows you to unblock content on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and tons of other streaming services. We generally recommend using a VPN as a measure to protect your personal data and browsing history from being harvested by hackers or litigious corporations, but free extra content is a great bonus!

If you’re looking to open up hidden content and protect your online identity while streaming free content, then you’re definitely going to want a VPN. We’ve done some of the legwork for you and found our favorite VPN service to recommend to you, as a bonus, they’ve let us offer a steep discount to KFire TV readers if you use our link. Give it a shot! We love it.

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If you want some extra help with the techie end of things, it couldn’t be easier. Check out our guide on how to install a VPN on any device.

VPN IPVanish

How to Install Expedite TV on Amazon Firestick

Before you install Expedite TV IPTV on any device, you will need to sign up for the Expedite TV services through a browser. 

Courtesy of IPTV Pro Youtube

Signing Up for Expedite TV Services

Signing up creates your login credentials to use Expedite TV. This will help you in installing Expedite TV. Below is the step-by-step process to sign up:

  1. Open a browser on your PC, Mac, or mobile device and visit the official website of Expedite TV at www.expeditetv.com

    If the site is down, maybe your ISP has blocked the service. Use a trusted VPN provider like IPVanish to safely surf the internet and unblock any website. 
  2. Select the payment plan that suits you and click on BUY NOW.
  3. Next, you will see the checkout page. If you are a new customer, fill in the requisite information in the payment address section of the page. Click Next to continue.

    Alternatively, in the case that you are already registered on the platform, click Returning Customer. A returning customer needs to enter the login details to continue. You can pay using your credit or debit card credentials.

    Click Next when it appears on the screen to continue. 
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your login process. 

    New customers will be required to create a password for their accounts. This password is used for an online account, and it’s not the streaming password.
  5. Once the transaction has been successfully completed, you will receive an email with user credentials. It includes your username, password, PIN code, and service ID. Make sure you don’t delete this email! If you don’t see it, check your spam filters to see if it got caught up.

This is how you sign-up for the Expedite TV services. Now, let’s take a look at the Expedite TV installation process for Amazon devices. 

Installing Expedite TV on Amazon Firestick

Expedite TV does not have its own built-in media player or official app. Instead, it works with Lenox. Lenox Media Player helps streaming service providers like Expedite TV offer their content to the end-users. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Firestick, and other streaming devices. 

Below are the steps involved to get Lenox on your Amazon Firestick: 

  1. Power on your Firestick device. Navigate to the top of the screen. Choose the menu bar and select the option for Settings.
  2. Go to the option for My Fire TV and open it. In the next set of options, tap on Developer Options.
  3. Lenox is a third-party app and, by default, Firestick won’t allow installing such apps. Therefore you need to turn Apps from Unknown Sources on. In the developer options, if it is turned off, click it to allow third-party apps. 

    Firestick will give you a pop-up warning message. Don’t worry! Lenox is a secure app. It is available on all app stores. So click the option for Turn On.
  4. Go back to your Home Screen by pressing the Home key on your remote control or the Back button a few times. Choose the menu bar on top again, and this time select the Search icon in the far left corner of the screen. 
  5. Now, we will download and install Downloader. It’s an app that allows Amazon Firestick users to easily download files from the internet. It is used to sideload third-party apps on Firestick. 

    In the search bar, type Downloader. A list of app suggestions will show up. Select and open Downloader. Typically, it’s first on the list.

    Under the Apps & Games section, you should see the Downloader App appear. Tap on it and then click the Get button to start the download and install process. It shouldn’t take much time.
  6. You can now open the Downloader app. Ignore the prompts, if any. Type lenoxmp.com/app.apk in the URL box using the on-screen keypad. Tap Go. Wait a moment for the Lenox APK to download. 
  7. As soon as the Lenox APK has been downloaded, the Downloader will automatically run the application. A prompt message will ask you to confirm the installation. Click Install to start the installation process. It should take less than a minute this time around.
  8. Finally, the App Installed promptly will show up on your screen, confirming the successful installation of the Lenox app. 

You can click Open to launch the application or choose Done to launch it later. If you see an option to delete the install file, select yes. You won’t need this anymore. Have fun!

lenox expedite tv firestick

Playing Expedite TV on Firestick

Playing this app on Firestick is a little more complicated than most other apps. Don’t worry, though, just follow this process to set things up:

  • When you launch the Expedite TV app for the first time, it asks you to select the language. Choose English (or the language you prefer). 
  • Next, enter your Service ID. Remember, a service ID for Expedite TV is different from your Username. You can find this ID in the received email from the Expedite TV team. The email also includes your Username, password, and PIN. 
  • Enter the Service ID and tap Next.
  • On the next screen, provide the 7-digit Username and click Next yet again.
  • The following screen will prompt you to enter the password. Enter the password with the help of the on-screen keypad and click Next. (Again, you can find the password in the same email you received from the Expedite TV team that included Service ID)
  • If you are not logged in automatically, tap the submit button to sign in.
Expedite TV Language

That’s just about it. You have successfully signed into the Lenox media player. The home page of the app on any Amazon Fire device shows all the channels you can access. On the top is the menu bar showing several categories like All Channels, Favorites, USA, etc. You can also sort the channels in ascending or descending order alphabetically. Below the icons of the channels, you can select the type of content you want to stream, for instance, movies, series, recordings, YouTube, etc. The TV Guide option provides access to the program guide while the search option lets you search for whatever content interests you. 

Bonus: Top Expedite TV Alternatives

Let’s look at some other suitable IPTV apps on Firestick

  1. Prime IPTV

Prime IPTV has built a reputation with rising TV channels, tournament coverage, PPV, movies, VOD, and more.

The service is compatible with a wide range of devices. In addition, Prime IPTV guarantees full HD resolution in the Sports area, which is uncommon among IPTV providers. Moreover, the one-month package is $25, and you can enjoy 99.9% uptime when using it.

What We Love:

  • Android, iOS, Mac, and Fire TV, Windows are all supported devices
  • 5000 live channels are available
  • Monthly fee of $25
  • VPN support: Works well with VPN
  • Yes, M3U URL
  • Free Trial: A free trial of 24 hours is available.
  • Optional payment methods include credit/debit cards and PayPal
  1. Bad Boy Media

Bad Boy Media is one of the most dependable IPTV providers around. As a result, it’s an excellent option for sports fans seeking an IPTV provider.

All of the bundles include sports channels from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other nations. The standard monthly bundle is £17. 

Thus, you can watch over 7000 channels, have up to four connections, and watch movies and TV series.

What We Love:

  • Android, Fire TV, and iOS are all supported devices
  • Approximately 7000 live channels are available
  • Monthly fee of £17
  • VPN support: Yes, compatible with VPN
  • M3U URL: Yes
  • Trial period: 24 hours
  • Payment options include debit/credit cards and Google Pay
  1. Necro TV

Necro makes it onto our list of the most acceptable alternatives available. Necro IPTV features a comprehensive collection of TV channels and films. Thus, it has everything whether you enjoy sports, entertainment, or binge-watching the hottest TV episodes.

Moreover, the program enables you to watch series and movies in high HD 1080p resolution and an EPG view. 

Furthermore, a Catch-Up comes with the IPTV Subscription. Thus, rewind your favorite TV shows for up to seven days

What We Love:

  • Android, FireStick, and iOS are all supported devices.
  • 2000 channels available
  • €11.99 for a month with two connections
  • VPN support: Compatible with VPN
  • M3U URL: Yes
  • Trial period: 72 hours
  • Credit/debit card payment

Final Thoughts

Expedite TV is an exciting streaming option among a host of similar services. Its subscription charges of 24 bucks a month are a bit steep, especially if you are a solo user. However, for 5 users, the cost comes down to $5, which is peanuts for the sheer amount of content you can access.

The setup process is rather complicated as you have to install the Lenox Media Player, but if you followed our step-by-step guide, I’m sure it will be a piece of cake. I suggest bookmarking this page so you can always come back if you run into some problem. Overall, Expedite TV is a very good option to try on your idle Sunday!

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