So there’s this awesome new add-on for Kodi: the Exodus Kodi add-on.  It’s simply the newest version (or “generation”) of the Kodi apps we’ve come to love (Genesis, Phoenix, The Royal We, Velocity, etc).

The Exodus Kodi addon streams TV and movies extremely well.

The Exodus Kodi add-on is not very different from other Kodi add-ons in what kinds of content it serves.  But Exodus is definitely an improvement upon previous Kodi addons like Genesis.

What does Exodus look like?

How do I stream movies & TV shows with the Exodus Kodi app?

1. Go to Exodus from within Kodi:

Exodus in the Kodi dashboard

Exodus in the Kodi dashboard

(Don’t see Exodus?  Install it by installing TVAddons for Kodi!)

2. Choose a category list such as Latest Movies:



3. From there, choose a movie from within the Exodus Kodi addon:

Exodus: Choose movie

Exodus: Choose movie

4.  Choose the movie source.  After choosing the movie, it should process for a few seconds (while it fetches the sources for your movie).  Then it should show you all the sources, like this:

Choose your movie source with Exodus

Choose your movie source with Exodus

5.  Enjoy your streaming movie / TV show!  Go make some popcorn.

Exodus Kodi Add-on Summary

Well, that’s it.  Exodus is a powerhouse of a TVAddon for streaming media. Exodus is great.  Try it out.

  • Update:  People have reported that Exodus’ developer has stopped working on the project :(  So make good use of Exodus while you still can!


Is your Exodus app for Kodi not working?

Re-install TVAddons!


Questions about Exodus?  Ask us in the comments below.