Mastering Exodus: Detailed Kodi Add-on Installation Guide

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Are you a fan of Kodi? Well, you are not alone as millions of media streamers around the globe get down with the app on a daily basis. One of the big reasons for that are Kodi addons, and our Exodus Kodi installation guide will show you how to use one of the more popular options.

Before we get into the fun stuff, you will want to know that the Exodus Kodi addon is not of the official variety. Like all third-party applications, it is not supported by the developers. That’s something to keep in mind if you happen to hit a snag or just prefer to keep your add-ons official.

What is the Exodus Kodi Add-on?

If you’re new to the streaming world, add-ons are a great way to extend the capabilities of Kodi. They also tend to end up in the news for the wrong reasons at times due the grey area surrounding certain projects. Well, the Exodus add-on is one of those as it gives you access to new release movies and TV shows.

If you are familiar with streaming apps like Terrarium TV or have scooped up the MegaBox HD apk download more than a few times, you will be right at home with Exodus. It’s easy to navigate, and apps or add-ons of this kind are loaded with content.

The State of Exodus

While Exodus was an extremely popular option, it has seen a rapid decline over the past year. At this time, there are better add-ons we would recommend due to various reasons. One of those would be MetalKettle, a former member of the Kodi add-on team, who specifically told users not to download the latest Exodus update.

We won’t go in depth on why you should proceed with caution as there are too many reasons to count. If you still want to install Exodus on Kodi, and we can’t convince you to go for the Covenant Exodus fork (which we recommend) keep reading and follow the steps below…

kodi add-on exodus

Downloading Exodus for Kodi

Assuming you already have Kodi installed on the device of your choice, the first thing you will need to do is download the Exodus add-on. You are also going to have to head down the rabbit hole to secure Exodus. It isn’t nearly as easy to find as it used to be, so normal places like the Kodil repository may come up dry. You won’t likely fine it on the Tknorris release repository either.

If you are new to the scene and have a freshly installed version of Kodi v18 Leia on your device, you will want to do one thing first.

  • From the main screen click the gear icon
  • Select System Settings
  • Select Add-ons
  • Click the tab to install from “Unknown Sources”

kodi unknown sources

Due to the nature of this particular add-on, it’s pointless to link you directly to a source. The developer could drop support on a whim, and most Kodi users have moved on to other alternatives. That said, Coldfire Exodus was still active at the time, but you can turn to the ADDONS4KODI subreddit for additional sources.

Install from Repository

If you don’t already have a repository on your handset or streaming box, here are the basic steps on how you need to set that up. The same process applies to any Kodi repository, and it’s a step you will master rather quickly.

When you find the source that includes Exodus, you need to head back to your settings screen and then select file manager. This will open up a double-pane screen which is where we will go about adding the repository.

kodi exodus file manager

From this screen, you will want to choose “Select Add Source” from the left pane which opens up a menu. This allows you to select the repository you want and means we are halfway home as well. Once you pick your poison and select “Install from Zip File,” you will want to rename it. It’s not a necessary step, but something you will want to do to avoid confusion down the line.

Now we’re going to head back to the main menu of Kodi Krypton where we want to click on the Add-ons tab on the right side of the screen. Click the “open box” or install icon, and you will be taken to the Kodi Add-On Browser which is where the magic happens.

Now you simply need to select the source you chose. After that, an “Add on Installed” icon will appear in the top right when installation is complete. Keep an eye out for that message as it is very easy to miss depending on the speed of your machine.

Now you have officially installed a repository, which has the Exodus Kodi add-on.  Unfortunately, we are going to have to rinse and repeat to get where you want to go. That means you need to go back to the add-on browser we just left, and then click “Install from Repository” which will pull up the one you picked.

When you click on that, it opens the repository and your Exodus Kodi add-on “should” be in the video addons section if it’s still active and available. Again, that varies as some of the developers that took over squashing bugs have moved on to their own projects. If that’s the case, have no fear as we have you covered.

Exodus Kodi Alternatives

If you’re still hanging around and not streaming movies and TV shows, you may have found yourself in a pickle. It happens, but there is no shortage of streaming add-ons that can suit your needs. Before we get to our top options, think about the content you like to consume the most.

As mentioned, we think the Covenant is a solid option even if they are not quite as popular as they once were. They are still at the top although Neptune Rising isn’t far behind. If you prefer other types of content, Kodi add-ons like Sports Devil and Eyasses are amazing choices as well.


When you enter the world of streaming media for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Kodi alone is a lot to take in, and download repositories really open up the floodgates.  There will be hundreds of shows you’ve never heard of alongside fan favorites and films that are still playing right down the street.

That’s just for “media” – there are other types of add-ons as well. We won’t delve into those today but want to remind you to be safe. No matter which road you choose to travel, it pays to be smart and keep a VPN active at all times.



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