Downloader App for Firestick: How to Install [Updated 2024]

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This article shows you everything you need to know about the Downloader app.  In this tutorial, I start off by showing you how to install Downloader for Firestick.

Then I show you what Downloader is, how to use it, how to use the browser, how to install APKTime app store and Aptoide app store, and more.

What is Downloader App?

Downloader is one of many apps that allow you to sideload Android executables (apks) onto your FireTV or FireTV Stick.

What makes this a bit different from utilities that require you to use a code (such as FireDL) or CetusPlay (which has a physical list of apps from which to choose) is that Downloader allows you to download an apk directly from a website.

As long as the website has been updated, it will install the most up-to-date version of the apk.  This is something that neither FireDL nor CetusPlay can guarantee.

Downloader App Fire TV Firestick Screenshot APK Download
This is a screenshot of an APK file the Downloader app just downloaded to Fire TV or Firestick.

Finally, it also has the ability to delete the APK once you have finished installing, which is important for storage starved FireSticks.
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Downloader App Key Features

The ability to download any files from the internet is sure a big draw. But the downloader app has a few other unique features that make it so popular. Let’s take a look at them: 

Easy navigation – The Downloader allows easy navigation. While you can navigate to any website with the help of the browser tab, you don’t need a keyboard at all. The Downloader comes with a pre-built mouse. You can use it to scroll the menus and select any option with ease. It works like a charm, especially when you have to scroll a webpage to find a link to an APK. 

Favorites Tab – The Favorites tab is another excellent feature of the Downloader app. Favorites are just like Bookmarks. With the favorites tab, you can bookmark any URL you often visit. Once a URL has been added to favorites, you can access it with just a single click of a button. Simply press the menu button to add or import your favorite URLs. Files Tab – The Files tab compiles all the APK files you install on your device. We recommend cleaning this out when you are done with installing the APK files. To delete any APK from the Files tab, simply highlight the file by pressing the select (*) button and pressing the menu button (three bars) to delete the file.

How to Install Downloader App on Firestick

Follow the quick-and-easy steps below to install the Downloader app on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.

  1. Press the Home button on the Fire TV remote
Firestick remote Home button
Press the Home button on the Firestick remote
  • Then press the Search icon (in the top left corner) and search for “downloader”
Search for AllCast from the Firestick home screen.
Select the “Search” icon from the Firestick home screen
  • In the search results, select the Downloader icon (under “Apps”)
Use Downloader to get APKTime on Firestick
The Downloader app is shown in the Firestick search screen
  • Then press “Get” (or the button may instead say “Download”)Press "Download"
  • Now press “Open” after Downloader is finished installing
Open button to launch Downloader
Press the Open button
  • Then use the Downloader app by following the steps in the section below labeled “How do I use the Downloader app?”

Using the Downloader app is simple: just input the URL of any file you want to download (for example, enter to download APKTime – the best app store for Firestick).

Where to Get Downloader App

Use the steps at the top of this page to install the Downloader app.

Or get it from the Amazon (“Firestick”) app store, or you can install it directly on the FireTV from Apps / Categories / Utility.

Downloader App Fire TV Firestick
download button

Input Devices to Control Downloader App

While it will certainly work with the FireTV remote, it is a lot easier to use with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  • If you have a Firestick, then you’ll need a Bluetooth mouse/keyboard, since Firestick has no USB ports to plug a wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver into.
  • TIP:  Using a Bluetooth mouse with Firestick also gives you the added benefit of being able to use “touchscreen-only” apps such as ShowBox!

Alternately you can make the FireTV Remote work more like a mouse. See this YouTube video on the subject (one of several such videos, I might add).  Or see our install CetusPlay tutorial and use CetusPlay as a virtual mouse for your Firestick / Fire TV.

How Do I Use the Downloader App?

Using Downloader is easy; once it’s installed, launch the Downloader app.  Then..

  1. Insert the URL of the webpage you want to use (HINT: enter for APKTime or for Aptoide).
Enter the address into Downloader
Enter a file address into the Downloader app
  • Press “Go
  • Then scroll down to the apk download link, click on it, and the Downloader will handle it.
  • Answer the various questions, and it will be installed.

TIP:  If you want to manage files and folders on your Firestick, then use ES File Explorer.

Install APKTime

To get APKTime on Firestick (my #1 favorite Firestick app store), just enter the address

APKTime Screenshot

Install Aptoide

Or to install my second-favorite app store for Firestick, just enter for Aptoide.

Firestick App Store Setup
Use Aptoide to quickly install some of the best apps for Fire TV Stick.

How to Use the Built-In Web Browser

The Downloader app also has a built-in browser, and it even has the option to turn on Javascript (it’s off by default) to address those that are concerned with malware issues.

To use the Downloader app’s built-in browser:

  1. Navigate to the menu area of Downloader (on the left side of the app)
    Downloader app main menu
  2. Select “Browser
    Browser button
  3. Enter the address of the site you want to browse
Downloader app browser address bar
Simply enter a web address
  • Now use the Fire TV remote to navigate around and click links/buttons in the site you chose to visit
    Downloader app built-in browser


See the list of apps below that the Downloader handles really well.

How to Install Spectrum TV app on FireStick

If you have an Amazon FireStick, you might be looking for a great TV app. After all, you don’t want to miss out on your favorite TV shows, sports games, or anything else you like to watch! 

Luckily, adding the Spectrum TV app to FireStick would grant you over 40,000 different on-demand live TV channels, popular programs, and movies for you to watch at any time. So, can you get Spectrum on FireStick? Yes!

The quality is high, and the service is robust, so we’re going to let you know how to download the Spectrum app on FireStick. 

As long as you have a good internet connection, the methods below should work like a charm. 

The process is easy—here’s how to get Spectrum on FireStick:

  1. Navigate to the settings page on your FireStick’s interface. 
  2. There, you’ll see the option for “My Fire TV” or “Device.” 
  3. Click on the option that pertains to your device settings. 
  4. Find the “Developer Options” button once you complete step 3, and click on it.
  5. You can now choose whether you want to enable apps from unknown origins.
  6. Choose the “Enable” option. Now, go back to your FireStick’s homepage.
  7. Search up the Downloader app and install it using the methods we detail later on.
  8. With the Downloader app, you can use this link to sideload Spectrum TV.

If for some reason the Spectrum TV app is unavailable, you can use the method below to download the Spectrum APK for FireStick instead.

Apps That Downloader Handles Really Well

This list of “apps that Downloader can install/handle” is very far from complete; basically, if a webpage has an apk download link on it, the Downloader may be able to handle it.

Terrarium TV Notes (+ Alternatives, since Terrarium no longer works!)

The Terrarium TV app for Firestick no longer works, so I recommend you install APKTime so you can install some great Terrarium TV alternatives.

Note that Terrarium TV requires one of two media players; MX Player or VLC for Android (below).

  • MX Player can be found here
  • VLC Audio Player for Android can be found on Amazon or on the FireTV at Apps / Categories / Photo and Video

You can choose between either in the Settings menu.

Apps Fully-Tested on Firestick and Fire TV

The apps in the list above (Kodi, Mobdro, ShowBox, Cinema HD) have been fully tested on Firestick and Fire TV.  Although Show Box requires that you install CetusPlay to use as a virtual mouse, all the other apps in the list above work great.

How to sideload apps on Fire TV or FireStick using the Downloader app

Luckily, to download any app you want in the background of your FireStick, you can use the Downloader app. This app will help you install APKs and other apps you usually wouldn’t be able to install directly onto your FireStick.

In this section, we’re here to help you out with the installation. It can be a little tricky, so make sure to read the following methods closely!

Here’s everything you need to know about using Downloader:

Where can I find the app icon?

Sometimes when we download an app for the FireStick, the icon won’t be where we want it to be. Other times, it might not even show up at all—at first. One thing you’ll want to know is how to locate the Downloader app’s icon.

It might appear on the home screen, but if it doesn’t, we have a list of steps you can take to locate it and place it on your home screen for easy access. This is pretty simple, but for newer FireStick users, read the instructions carefully. 

Here’s how to locate and move the Downloader app icon to your FireStick’s home screen:

  1. To open the pop-up menu, long press the FireStick remote’s home button.
  2. Once the menu pops up, click “Apps” within the options.
  3. A list of every installed app will appear. For recently installed apps, use the Down key on the remote to scroll to the bottom.
  4. When you see the Downloader app, select it.
  5. Once you complete step 5, press the “Options” button on your remote. A menu will pop up.
  6. On the menu, select “Move.” Press the Up key on the remote. 
  7. Drag the Downloader app’s icon into the top row of apps. Once there, press “Select” on your remote.

There you go, now you can access the app right from the home screen.

Getting started with Downloader – Enable JavaScript

Downloader is an app that uses many coding platforms, including javascript. Because of this, you’ll have to make sure that you have enabled Javascript on your Downloader app. Else, it will not run properly. So, we will let you know how to do so. 

You’ll know if you need to enable Javascript pretty quickly after you open the app initially. Once you do this, click “OK” on any popup messages until you can access the main part.

Here are the steps to enable Javascript on the Downloader app:

  1. Open the Downloader app. 
  2. Look to the left-hand side. You’ll see a “Settings” option. Select that.
  3. In the settings, you’ll see an option to enable Javascript. Check the box.
  4. Of course, a warning message will pop up. Click “Yes” to confirm.

The warning message is just to let you know that things may not run properly if you do this. It’s normal for most browsers to enable Javascript by default—after all, most web pages you see are running with it! You shouldn’t run into any problems here.

Using Downloader to sideload apps on FireStick – Finally!

So, now you know (roughly) how to use the Downloader app! Now that you know the ropes, you’re going to want to know how to use the rest of its amazing features. One of those, perhaps the main feature, is sideloading apps on your FireStick.

In this section, we’ll detail how to do this the easy way. If you had any questions, I hope they will be answered in the topics below.

Sideload / Install APKs on FireStick with a direct URL

One popular way to use the Downloader app to sideload on your FireStick is using a direct URL. If you can access the URL of the APK you want to download, you should have a pretty easy time using Downloader to install it!

Sometimes, though, this isn’t super straightforward if you’re a new Downloader user. So, we’re going to show you how to install APKs on FireStick with a direct URL. 

Before you start to make your way through this checklist of sorts, make sure you are currently on your Downloader app’s opening screen. This is where you will start.

So, here are the steps:

  1. On the Downloader app, you’ll see a left-hand menu. Click on “Home.”
  2. Next, you will see a field prompting you to type in the URL of the website or file you want to sideload. Here, either type or paste in the URL you secured of your desired file.
  3. Once you’ve double-checked the URL, select “Go.”
  4. Great! Now, your APK should be downloading. This may take a few seconds.
  5. If your file is an APK, once it completes downloading you’ll want to click “Install” when prompted on the next popup.
  6. You’ll have two options once the APK is finished installing with Downloader: “Done” and “Open.” 
  7. If you want to use the APK later, you can click “Done.” Otherwise, you can click “Open” to boot up the file immediately for use.
  8. There! Your APK should be successfully installed after these steps. 

Once you’re sure the download has been successful, you can delete the APK file from the Downloader app to clear its space. This won’t delete your download! Use the in-app file system to check if it’s successfully deleted.

Now you know how to install APKs onto your FireStick with the Downloader app.

Download files / install APKs from websites

So, what if you want to install an APK from a website? 

Downloader can help. Luckily, there is a web browser feature on Downloader that lets you install APKs if you have an internet connection. In this section, we’re going to give you a quick tutorial on downloading website APKs onto your FireStick.

Here is the full set of steps to follow:

  1. Visit Downloader’s home screen to start. Next, select “Browser” from the left sidebar.
  2. You can now enter the website’s URL that you want to visit in the search bar up top. 
  3. Once you’ve typed in the website URL correctly, click “Go” to the right. 

Note: some websites are known to not display perfectly the first time around. To fix this, next to the “Go” button there is a menu button (three horizontal lines). Click this and select “Fullscreen Mode.” This should fix any display problems!

  1. If you scroll, you’ll find the download button for your APK on the site. Click on this.
  2. Now, your APK should be installed from the website onto your FireStick!
  3. Once it completes, you will get a notification that tells you the app has been installed properly. 
  4. Again, you’ll want to hit “Install” once you get this notification to complete the seamless installation of your new APK.

Can’t find the Downloader app in the FireStick App Store?

Here we have a problem that some FireStick users have reported: not being able to find the Downloader app in the FireStick’s app store! We sometimes get the question of how to troubleshoot this. 

One reason may be that the Downloader app is not offered in your region—some countries don’t support Downloader on the FireStick. This can be super annoying if you’re wanting to download a certain APK!

However, you can combat this by deregistering your Amazon account and logging in with one that lets you access Downloader. Below, we’ll detail the simple process to do this. 

Deregister your Amazon account and register with a new one

So, if the Downloader app is not available in your region, it’s most likely inaccessible because you’re using an Amazon account that takes into account where you live. You’ll need to make a few adjustments to your login information when you make a new account. 

This doesn’t have to be complicated! All you’ll need to start the process is a second email account that is different from the one associated with your original Amazon account.

The steps are the same whether you’re signing in or out of your account. So, here’s how to both register and deregister your Amazon account linked to the FireStick:

  1. Navigate to your FireStick’s home screen. Here, select “Settings.”
  2. Click on “My Account” on the next screen. At this point, there will be two options.
  3. If you’re already signed in, there will be a “Deregister” option. Click this to sign out. 
  4. If you’re not signed in yet or have signed out, you can “Register” your new Amazon account. Make sure you use the new universal one!

There you go!

It’s not too hard but can be an inconvenience. Thank goodness there’s a way around the location block.

Now, you can start downloading whatever APKs you want!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the Downloader App? 

The Downloader app is a special tool that helps users install third-party apps not available within the official app store. 

How can I install Downloader App?

You can easily install the Downloader app by following the instructions in this guide. 

Is Downloader App free?

Yes, the Downloader app is absolutely free of cost. You can install it on any Firestick variant and download third-party apps without charging any penny. 

Is Downloader App available on my Firestick? 

Yes, the Downloader app is available on all Amazon Firestick versions, Fire TV, and Android-based devices. You can easily download it from the official app store. 


So, we hope that this article helped you manage the Downloader app to sideload apps from unknown sources on FireStick. Sideloading can make your life easier and open up a new world of media options.

Without an app like Downloader, you just wouldn’t be able to access the same content on your FireStick that you would on your computer. 

As a bonus, you should also now know how to download the Spectrum app on FireStick!

With Downloader, there are endless possibilities. If you still have any questions about installing or using Downloader or how to get Spectrum on FireStick, leave us a comment below and we’ll try to walk you through it. It can sometimes be a tricky process when downloading apps not directly supported by Amazon!

Thanks so much for reading, and if you have any good suggestions for our methods, we can add them in future updates.

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