In this tutorial I show you how to download movies on iPad or iPhone – and how to watch those movies after you download them!  We also have guides on how to download movies on Firestick and other devices.

Below are the steps to setup a third-party app store on your iPad (this guide also works for iPhone and other iDevices).  There is no jailbreak required for this process.

Notice:  You should only download public domain movies, due to copyright laws.  We do not condone the downloading of movies which are not in the public domain – and we are not responsible for what you download!

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How to Download and Watch Movies on iPad with No Jailbreak Required

First, we install the “iOSEmus” third-party app store on your iPad.  Then we use the third-party app store to install a torrent downloader on your iPad.  Finally, we use the torrent downloader to download movies on iPad.  Then at the end of this tutorial, we show you how to install the proper (free) media player app to watch your downloaded movies.  Continue below to watch movies on iPad!

Follow the section below (Install iOSEmus on iPad).  Then move on to the next section (Install Torrent Downloader on iPad).

How to Install iOSEmus on iPad

  1. Open Safari on your iPad
  2. Go to in Safari
  3. Press the icon to install on your iPad
  4. Click “Allow” when iPad asks if you’d like to let the website open your Settings profiles
  5. Then press “Verify”
  6. Now press the Home button on your iPad to go back to the iPad home screen

Now that we installed iOSEmus on your iPad, proceed to the section below (Install Torrent Downloader on iPad).

How to Install Torrent Downloader on iPad

  1. Now, launch iOSEmus on your iPad (just press on the iOSEmus icon from the iPad home screen)
  2. Then press Apps
  3. Scroll down to iTransmission and press the icon for iTransmission
  4. Then press “GET”
  5. Press “Allow” when it asks for your permission to open in iTunes

We’re almost done!  Now that you have an app to download torrent, go to the next section to download movie torrents on your iPad.

Alternate Method to Install iTransmission

If you have trouble installing iTransmission on your iPad using iOSEmus, then try this alternate URL to install iTransmission:

How to Download Movie Torrents on iPad

  1. In the Safari browser, go to
  2. Then select “Trending Torrents” or just Search for a torrent
  3. Now choose a movie
  4. Then select “Magnet Download”
  5. When your iPad asks if you should open it in iTransmission, select Yes.
  6. Now watch as iTransmission opens and starts downloading your Movie torrent!
  7. When the movie finishes downloading (the green bar fills up), press the “Pause” button to stop the torrent from downloading / uploading further.

Finally, we watch the movie.  Now that your movie is totally done downloading, we use the final steps (below) to install the correct media player app to handle all types of video files for us:

How to Watch Movies on iPad After Movie Finishes Downloading

  1. Go to the App Store on your iPad
  2. Search for “VLC for Mobile” and press Install to install VLC for Mobile
  3. Now open VLC for Mobile
  4. Wait for your downloaded movie to appear in VLC
  5. Then press on the movie’s icon to start watching the movie!

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