Download Movies on Firestick with a Hard Drive / Thumb Drive

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This tutorial shows you how to DOWNLOAD movies on Firestick or Fire TV and a Thumb Drive / External Hard Drive.

Yes – we know the Firestick doesn’t have an extra USB port.  But you can easily transfer files from your Firestick to your PC or other media storage device (such as a hard drive or network attached storage).  Or you can utilize a handful of other methods to transfer files from the Firestick after you’ve downloaded them.

Why is it so important to add a storage device to your Firestick?  

Firestick only has a few Gigabytes of extra storage space, which is only enough room for a few movies.  So, to build a proper movie library, we just use our Firestick as our “downloader” device.

Select "Storage" to see Fire TV Disk Space

Amazon Firestick only has a few gigabytes of storage. So add a storage device!

Then we use a thumb drive, external hard drive, or even your computer’s hard drive to store your media files (and potentially even act as your own personal media server).  This way we avoid issues related to the fact that the Firestick doesn’t have a ton of storage space, while utilizing its powerful apps to download movies for us!  Let the movie-library creating begin..

How to Download Movies on Firestick with Firestick Apps

Use the sections below to Download movies on Firestick.

Part A:  Install Firestick Apps

The first thing we need to do is install some Apps for Firestick which let you stream / download movies.

One example of an app for Firestick that lets you download movies / shows is called BeeTV.

How to Install BeeTV Firestick app (APK) to Download Movies on Firestick

This is BeeTV for Firestick

BeeTV is a simple app that gives you the option to stream or download content.

When used in conjunction with the app “Advanced Download Manager”, this is a powerful combination.

Download manager for Firestick

ADM for Firestick (Advanced Download Manager)

To install BeeTV, use APKtime for Firestick.  You can also use APKTime or Aptoide to install Advanced Download Manager (“ADM”).

Part A.2:  Strongly advised but not required (if you skip this step, then acknowledge the risk involved!)

Install the Firestick VPN app made just for this kind of thing.

Firestick VPN app

This VPN app for Firestick lets you protect yourself while streaming

Part B:  Download a movie using Firestick Apps

After you install and launch BeeTV, just find a movie / show to watch.

Then after you select the movie / show, you should get a popup menu with a list of options like “Play” or “Download using Advanced Download Manager

Part C:  Transfer the downloaded movie to your storage location

I made the YouTube tutorial below which shows how to add USB port to Firestick:

After you follow the video above to add a USB port to Fire stick, just plug a thumb drive into your Amazon Firestick.

Need help choosing / finding / creating a “storage location”?  Don’t worry – it’s pretty simple.  The best, easiest solution is to get a nice External Hard Drive made by Western Digital or Seagate (2 of the most experienced hard drive manufacturers in the world).  External Hard Drives cost anywhere between $50 to $500, where $100 is about the average amount a person pays for an external hard drive.

How do I transfer files to the hard drive if the Firestick has no extra USB port, you say?

We have a few options to transfer files from Firestick to external hard drive:

  1. Use a PC as a “middleman” device wirelessly by attaching your storage device to your PC.  Then set up a wireless file transfer (using your WiFi network) between your Firestick and your PC using an app on your Firestick like ES File Explorer (which has a super-easy “remote manager” feature that’s a 1-click solution).

    ES File Explorer Installs Kodi on Firestick

    Simply use ES File Explorer to transfer files Wirelessly

  2. Or use an Android / iOS smartphone or tablet as a middleman device, since it’s possible to attach a thumb drive / hard drive to a mobile device using a USB OTG cable.  Simply get a USB OTG adapter or cable from Amazon for $5 or less.  Then plug the USB OTG adapter / cable into your Android phone, and the other end into your USB storage device (thumb drive or external hard drive).
    OTG cable

    Use an OTG cable like this one to transfer files from an Android phone to a thumb drive

    Once your phone recognizes the storage device, you can use an Android FTP app to copy movies from your Firestick onto the storage device you plugged into your Android via USB OTG.  An example of a good free Android FTP app is called “AndFTP“, which you can find in the Google Play Store.

    This is AndFTP for Android devices

  3. Unplug the Firestick from power.  Then plug the Firestick directly into your PC’s USB port with jocala’s ADBLink software running.  Now just use the ADBLink software to transfer files directly from your Firestick to the

Another option is to use a Thumb Drive as more of a “temporary” storage location.  Why?  Because Thumb Drives generally aren’t big enough to keep tons of movies.  Although keep in mind – an “okay” quality movie file (known ax XViD, a type of video compression) ends up being just under 1 Gigabyte in file size.  So if you have an 8GB Thumb Drive, you can store roughly 8 “okay” quality (XViD) movie files on it.

Part D:  Test-play the movie with VLC and/or MX Player Pro

After you transfer the movie to your storage location, test the movie file with a video-playback app.  Use VLC or MX Player (or MX Player Pro – available in the CetusPlay app center).

VLC is available for free download in the Amazon Fire TV App Store.

VLC Fire TV media player

VLC Fire TV media player

Part D:  Rinse, lather, repeat.

After you’ve downloaded and transferred several movies to your storage location, you now have a movie library!  Since most Thumb Drives are around 128GB (or less), you’ll probably need an external hard drive



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