Download Kodi for FireStick & FireTV (“ARM Kodi”)

Download Kodi for FireTV Stream On.

On your FireTV/FireStick, use the ES File Explorer app to navigate to the page you’re looking at now ( ).

Click the Kodi download link below with your FireTV remote, or click the download button below to download Kodi for FireStick / FireTV (aka “ARM” Kodi).  This will download the Kodi installer (aka “APK file”):

Download Kodi Installer (v16.1 “Jarvis”)


* The link above will direct download the Kodi 16.1 ARM installer.



How to Install Kodi (Quick Install):

  1.  Use your FireTV remote to click the download button or the download link above.
  2. Once the download finishes, click Open File from within ES File Explorer.  20160530_140211
  3. Your FireTV will say “Please wait while loading file..”.  Then the screen will turn black, show the Kodi logo in the upper left corner, and ask if you want to install (or update) your Kodi.  Choose INSTALL!
  4. Wait for Kodi to install.  You can then launch Kodi by pressing Home on your FireTV remote, then going to System > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Kodi > Launch Application.
  5. Once you’ve launched Kodi, install some great TV Addons!  Stream on.
Emulators for Fire TV

KFireTV:  Stream On, Yoshi lovers.


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