How to Disable Dropbox Notifications in Windows 10

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This quick tutorial shows you how to disable Dropbox notifications Windows 10-style.  If you’re tired of the “Your dropbox is almost full – Upgrade now for 1TB (1,000 GB) of space” notification message, get rid of that beast with this super-easy fix:

Not Enough Storage Space Dropbox Notification

Annoying Dropbox Notification in Windows 10 (Fix below)

How to Disable Dropbox Notifications Windows 10

  1. Click on the “Notifications” (or “Action center”) button in the FAR bottom right corner of the screen – just to the right of the clock.  You will see the “Action Center” pop out from the right hand side of the screen (like in the screenshot below):

    Disable Dropbox Notifications Windows 10 Fix

    Windows 10 Action Center (to Disable Dropbox Notifications in Windows 10)

  2. Now Right-Click on the Dropbox Notification(s).  You will see two buttons appear: one that says “Go to notification settings” and one that says “Turn off notifications for this group”, like in the next screenshot:

    How to Disable Dropbox Notifications Windows 10

    Windows 10 Dropbox Notifications in Actions Center

  3. Now left-click on “Turn off notifications for this group”.
  4. You’re done!  No more annoying Dropbox Notifications in Windows 10.

Alternate Uses for Dropbox

Many people use Dropbox as their every-day storage, but they’re unaware that Dropbox can be used for many, many purposes.  One example of a creative use for Dropbox is to use Dropbox to install Kodi on FireStick.  Using this method, you basically use Dropbox as the “middle-man” between your FireStick or Fire TV and the Kodi installer file.  This is how the Install Kodi on FireStick using Dropbox process would go:

Install Kodi on Fire Stick with DropBox

  1. Enable ADB Debugging on your Fire Stick
  2. Download the Kodi 16.1 ARM installer file
  3. Put the Kodi installer file (“apk file”) onto your Dropbox
  4. Now on your Fire Stick or Fire TV, install ES File Explorer (use the Search function in your Fire TV home screen to find ES File Explorer app)
  5. Launch ES File Explorer
  6. Log in to Dropbox using the ES File Explorer app
  7. Download the Kodi APK file from your Dropbox
  8. Launch the Kodi installer file
  9. If your Fire TV asks if you’d like to install Kodi, select INSTALL.
  10. Then install TV Addons using our tutorial video.

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