DDoS Protection: How to Protect Yourself from DDoS Attacks

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Distributed Denial of service attacks (DDoS) attacks refer to attempts made to overload any website, server or online service with network traffic from many sources until it is taken offline. Over 30% of all downtime is caused by DDoS attacks and it has since become one of the most popular “services” that online hackers get paid to carry out.  This guide shows you how to set up DDoS Protection.

Protecting Yourself From DDoS Protection: How To Choose A VPN Provider

With more advancement in technology through the use of malware and botnets around the world, a DDoS attack can be devastating to any online business and lead to loss of revenue. This is why you need a virtual personal network (VPN) that can help protect your online service, website or server from DDoS attacks.

We will be looking at what DDoS attacks are, what a VPN does to keep you safe from this type of online attacks and the best VPNs that will help you resist such attacks.

Understanding DDoS Attacks

Just like the name implies, the main aim of a DDoS attack is to deny service to a server, network or service by sending in too much traffic than it can handle, such that when the service is overwhelmed, real requests will end up being “denied”. DDoS attacks have gained prominence such that one in every three downtimes recorded online can be attributed to this type of attack.

There are many different types of DDoS attacks online but here are the key features of a DDoS attack that you should know.

DDoS attacks are done to knock online services offline for as long as possible
Any internet-connected device or website can be used as part of a DDoS attack
Most devices or websites used for DDoS attacks are unwitting participants
If you are an online gamer, you are a high target for DDoS attacks

These are reasons that highlight the risks posed by DDoS attacks and so you should find reliable ways of making sure that you and your business are protected.

How VPNs protect you from DDoS attacks

VPNs are a top choice of protection against DDoS attacks. Different VPNs protect you in different ways. There are some VPNs that provide advanced request flood filtering, then reducing the amount of bad request traffic that hit your online service. Other VPNs make use of anti-DDoS servers that ensure that their users are never victims of maleficent web traffic that could cause downtime.

Ideally, a VPN spoofs your IP and encrypts your internet traffic so that you are anonymous. This also acts as a way of preventing DDoS attacks. This works because once the IP address of the server or website that the hackers want to attack is masked, launching a DDoS attack against it becomes impossible. This is why VPN providers let uses buy or rent dedicated IP addresses that keeps them away from DDoS attacks and tracking.

Additionally, most VPNs have extra features that protect your device or network against malware and bot infestations. Most hackers try to infect your device with malware which is then makes them part of the DDoS attack. By using a VPN that offers malware protection, not only are you protected from being a victim DDoS attacks, you also cannot be used for the problem.

Best VPNs with DDOS Protection

We recommend IPVanish and PureVPN. These VPNs will keep you safe from DDoS attacks without compromising your privacy. DDoS protection is a premium feature that you should be willing to pay for, bearing in mind that free VPNs are not always reliable to use. We will be reviewing these VPNs so that you know what they offer you.


Users are provided with always-on anti-DDoS servers where all their traffic is routed through. As part of IPVanish’s infrastructure, they have DDoS protection servers in the US, Canada, Germany and Italy. Most online gamers depend on these servers to stay safe from DDoS attacks, being one of the most vulnerable class of users. IPVanish offers the following features

  • 2048-bit SSL encryption and 5 VPN protocols
  • Dual VPN feature
  • More than 3000 servers spread across 60 locations globally
  • Adblock and anti-Malware add-ons
  • 30-Day Moneyback policy


One of the pioneers of DDoS protection solutions, PureVPN offers users a dedicated IP address that can be in Canada, USA or Europe that can withstand attacks as high as 400Gbps. With so many countries to choose IP address from, PureVPN allows you to enjoy secure internet connection and maximum uptime. Subscribing for the premium version of PureVPN will avail you to the following features

  • Ozone layer add-on that offers proactive security
  • Web RTC leakage defence
  • Split Tunneling for improved protection
  • Inbuilt Adblocking
  • More than 300,000 IP addresses from 140 countries to choose from
  • 31-Day Refund Policy

How to Install a VPN

Now that you know what VPN to use and how it helps to keep you protected from a DDoS attack, here is a simple guide on how to install a VPN service on your device or computer.

  1. Visit the website of the VPN provider of your choice and register for the service
  2. Go to the Download section to find the VPN app for your device, choose your operating system (whether iOS, Windows, MacOS or
  3. Android) and follow the specific instructions.
  4. Install the app and launch it to access the login page.
  5. Use your account information to sign into the VPN app. Once in, it would show your subscription status and a dashboard
  6. Select the anti-DDoS servers or choose a specific location if the option is available and connect to it.

That’s all you need to do, short and simple!

Best DDoS Protection VPNs – Conclusion

With the increasing occurrence of DDoS attacks today, causing disruptions to different online services, don’t wait until you are a victim before looking for a solution. It is easier to deal with a DDoS attack proactively rather than reacting to it. Get yourself a VPN that offers DDoS protection today and stay safe online.

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