Install Cydia after jailbreaking your iPhone with this Cydia Installer tutorial!

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Why? Jailbreaking is one of the best ways to add more features and more personality to your iPhone or iPad device.

Jailbreak your iPhone for Cydia Installer!

Get your iPhone out of Jail!

By jailbreaking your mobile device, you break the usual pattern and download apps and other amazing features that are not normally found on Apple’s own App Store! Say goodbye to app restrictions; say “hello” to third-party apps on iPhone.




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One of the best ways to download these “hidden” or “secret” third-party apps is to install Cydia!  So read below to see how to jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia.

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What is Cydia?

The unique “Cydia” app store is especially for those users who already have a jailbroken Apple device, and are looking to download more unique content.

In this particular case, Cydia can easily be installed on any iPhone and it is compatible with various version of iOS, including 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and even iOS 10.

How to Install Cydia Installer

Cydia Installer

What Do I Need to Install Cydia Installer?

  • Jailbroken iPhone

Remember that Cydia does require Jailbroken devices in order for it to work! Also, one of the most amazing things about Cydia is that the website offers a lot of community-driven content.

Therefore, independent developers can host and post their own material through this quirky and innovative app store.  The result is that users receive tons of new options and possibilities for their iPhones.

How to Jailbreak iPhone + Install Cydia Installer

  • Use the Pangu iPhone jailbreak app (download here), which not only will jailbreak iPhone but also install Cydia Installer app store
  • Or use the alternate Taig jailbreak app (download here) for iPhone, which also jailbreaks your iOS device and installs the Cydia app store

So check out the 2 most popular iPhone jailbreak options, which are Pangu and Taig.  These jailbreak apps help you install Cydia, without necessarily being a techy:

  1. Simply download the Cydia installer from HERE (for Pangu) or here (for Taig) and let it run through these jailbreakers.  If you’ve heard of “rooting” an Android phone, this is basically the same process it’s attempting to do – but the iPhone version.

    Install Cydia Installer with Pangu iPhone Jailbreak app

    Download Pangu iPhone Jailbreaker (click here)

  2. Let Pangu (or Taig) run its course and jailbreak your iPhone
  3. When it’s done, you should be set and ready to download apps with Cydia in a matter of a few minutes.  Keep in mind, you might have to create a Cydia account if you don’t already have one.

Is Installing Cydia and Jailbreaking iPhone Easy?

Yes!  Installing Cydia is easy, but it requires that you use a jailbreaking tool like Pangu.  So this makes the overall process slightly more difficult than just installing a normal app from Apple’s “native” iTunes app store, for example.

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But the most difficult thing about installing Cydia Installer is actually the jailbreaking of the iPhone.

iPhone Jailbreakers

  • Pangu (screenshot above of iPhone jailbreaker Download page)
  • Taig (screenshot here:)

    Cydia Installer - Use Taig Jailbreaker for iPhone

    Download Taig Jailbreaker (click here)