Table of Contents

  • What is Cyberflix TV APK
  • Supported Devices
  • How to install Cyberflix TV on Fire TV Stick
  • Install MX player
  • Signing up for Real-Debrid on Cyberflix TV
  • Install Cyberflix TV on Android
  • How to use Cyberflix TV
  • Cyberflix Not Working
  • Cyberflix Alternatives
  • Cyberflix Versions

Everything you need to know about Cyberflix TV and its usage on Amazon Fire TV Stick

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We have crafted this straightforward and easy to understand guide on how to install the latest version of Cyberflix TV version 3.2.3 on your Fire TV stick device. You will also learn how to integrate MX player, Real-Debrid, and how to navigate the App.

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What is Cyberflix TV?

Cyberflix TV is another promising on-demand streaming platform that offers users access to a large variety of movies and TV shows. Because of its many features, it has gained popularity as one of the top picks of Firestick users in the whole of North America.

If you know or have used Terrarium TV in the past, then using Cyberflix TV would be a snap because it is almost the same replica or clone of Terrarium TV (Terrarium TV has been discontinued).

Another reason why Cyberflix stands out as the best streaming platform is that it’s easy to use, relatively reliable, and allows Real-Debrid integration; which comes with a huge library of high definition 720 and 1080p streams.

Cyberflix TV is a unique app packed with both external video player and subtitle support to give you an engaging streaming experience.

Supported Devices

The steps going to be explained below can be used on a 3rd generation Fire TV. However, these steps aren’t limited to working on other devices. Here is a list of supported devices for Cyberflix TV:

  • Fire TV Stick
  • Android TV
  • Mi Box

How to Install Cyberflix TV on Fire TV Stick?

Nb: it is also very important to know that Cyberflix TV offers you content on both public and unauthorized domains, which can cause copyright infringement issues if you are not very careful as you continue to surf. So using a VPN with this App provides you safety from government and ISPs that may try to spy on your browsing activities.

It’s important to protect your privacy. Check our guide for recommendations on the best VPN you can get, and instructions for how to install it on any streaming device.

When you want to download an app to your Firestick, you will normally go to Amazon Appstore, but in this situation, Cyberflix TV isn’t supported on the app store. So you will need to site-load the application onto your devices.One app that is generally used for this purpose is the Downloader App, and it can be found on the Amazon Appstore. Before that, we need to prepare the device to allow installation from unknown sources.


1. Locate the Settings menu at the top of the home screen.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

2. Click on Fire TV.

3. Select the developer options

4. Turn on to allow installations from unknown sources

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.

5. Navigate to the home screen, locate the search menu and search for Downloader app

6. Click on the Downloader app

7. Click Download. Remember to delete the APK file once the download is complete, and this will help you manage your storage space as you continue to access more content.

8. Click Open.

9. Once the App is opened, it will ask you to grant permission to Cyberflix TV to have access to your files and media on your device. Click Allow.

10. Click Ok to accept and close the prompt message showing on the screen about the updates notes from Downloader app.

11. Type the URL: into the URL search space. wait for Cyberflix TV installation to open.


12. The file will begin to download. Wait till the download is complete.

13. Choose Install.

14. Click Done

15. This will hoover back to Downloader app; a prompt asking you if you will like to delete or keep the APK file. Choose to delete to manage your storage space. Click delete on the second confirmation.

16. After the installation is complete, Cyberflix TV is usually kept at the last roll under your App and Channel menu. So you will need to bring the position to the first view. Go to Home screen and click on See all; Apps and Channels.

17. Hold the App and drag it to the position of your choice.

18. There you go! Installing of Cyberflix TV is finished. Let’s look at how to install an MX player

Install an MX player

Cyberflix works well for streaming with an MX player, as the default player, Cyber player isn’t enabled for streaming videos. Here is how to integrate the MX player.

1. Install an MX Player to your device through the Downloader app with this link; Click here

2. Open your Cyberflix TV and navigate to the settings menu. Scroll down and choose default player.

3. Select MX player

4. That’s it! Your Cyberflix TV is ready to use MX player to stream videos.

Signing up for Real-Debrid on Cyberflix TV

As earlier discussed, Cyberflix has the ability to integrate Real-Debrid for more streaming links.

Here is how to sign up for Real-Debrid.

It is important to know that your VPN service has to be turn off when you want to integrate your Real-Debrid account. Once the setup and activation are complete, you can turn your VPN service on.

1. Setup a Real-Debrid account through their website. Click Here

2. Navigate to your Cyberflix TV and click settings within the toggle at the far left.

3. Identify Real-Debrid and click login.

4. Write down the code and instructions that will be displayed on the screen.

5. Use any browser of your choice. Use the link provided and enter the code mentioned above.

6. You will receive an authorization message on your browser while granting your login permission for your Real-Debrid account on Cyberflix TV.

Hurray! You will now have access to more links on your Cyberflix TV streaming experience. This links can be identified in a purple font with an abbreviation DEB.

Install Cyberflix TV on Android

It’s super easy to install Cyberflix Android app.  Just press this link to download Cyberflix, or enter the address into your Android device’s browser (such as Google Chrome).

Here’s exactly how to do that (step-by-step with screenshots):

  1. Press here or enter the address into the web browser on your Android device

    Android browser (Chrome)

    Enter the address into your Android web browser

  2. Open the downloaded file

    Press "Open" to launch Filelinked

    Select Open to install Cyberflix

  3. Press Install

    Press "Install"

    Just press Install

  4. Then launch CyberflixCyberflix app icon

Finally, use the section below to see how to use Cyberflix.

How to use Cyberflix TV

This will be straightforward. Open your Cyberflix TV. Click on the toggle button at the left side of the screen. A lot of options will be displayed. Using Cyberflix is just like using Netflix.  Navigate around the app using the Firestick remote if you’re using an Amazon Fire TV / Stick.

Or if you use Cyberflix for Android, then use your finger to swipe up and down in Cyberflix and to press the Menu button.

NOTE:  When Cyberflix asks to Allow or Deny, press Allow.  Then when Cyberflix shows you a popup saying Decline or Accept, you must press Accept to use the app.

Watch Movies in Cyberflix

The main thing Cyberflix has to offer is streaming movies.

Cyberflix Movies

List of movies in Cyberflix APK

  • Search for movies in Cyberflix using the Search icon

    Search for Movies and TV shows in Cyberflix

    Press the Search button in the top right corner

  • Browse through movie categories in Cyberflix by using the main menu
    Cyberflix menu

    This is the Cyberflix main menu

    I’ve done the work of testing some popular content sources for movies on Cyberflix TV. Keep an eye out for these sources, as they seem to have reliable content most of the time!

    • “Vidlox”
    • “YesMovies (CDN)(HLS)”
    • “Movie25V2 [UpStream]”
    • Cmovies (CDN)(HLS)
    • SeriesNine (FacebookCDN Fastserver)

Watch TV Shows in Cyberflix

But I also use Cyberflix for streaming TV shows in addition to movies.

  • Quickly search for TV show series in Cyberflix using the Search feature
  • Scroll through TV series categories in Cyberflix using the main menu

    Cyberflix TV Shows

    List of most popular TV shows in Cyberflix TV

Cyberflix Not Working

If Cyberflix is not working for you, then try these alternatives:

Cyberflix Alternatives

Want a different app for watching movies & TV shows? Then use the alternatives to Cyberflix below:

  • Cinema HD is an app like Terrarium TV or Netflix which lets you watch streaming movies & TV shows

    Download Cinema HD for Firestick to stream GoT free on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV

    Cinema HD app

  • The APKTime app is an app store for Firestick & Android that acts as a “gateway” for you to quickly install ALL of the best streaming apps for Amazon Fire TV / Android devices

    APKTime Screenshot

    Trending apps in APKTime

Cyberflix Versions

At the time of writing this article, the latest version of Cyberflix TV app is version 3.2.3.

We will update this article with the latest Cyberflix app as new version come out, so stay tuned!

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this easy guide on how to install and use Cyberflix TV on your Firestick or Android device. Enjoy!