This easy tutorial shows you how to install Cyberflix Firestick APK in 3 minutes or less.  Cyberflix is a Terrarium TV clone that lets you stream movies & TV shows!

TIP:  I made a YouTube tutorial video on how to install Cyberflix Firestick app.  Click the play button on the video below to watch it.  Or continue reading this article to see the step-by-step written guide.

Pro TIP:  If you know how to use Downloader for Firestick, then just enter the address into Downloader.  If you do not know how to use Downloader, then follow the steps below to install Cyberflix on Firestick now.

What is Cyberflix TV for Firestick?

Cyberflix TV is a streaming Movies & TV app which replaces Terrarium TV.  Since Terrarium TV stopped receiving updates, several “clone” apps (known as “forks“) appeared.  Cyberflix Firestick APK is one of these forks!  So enjoy Cyberflix on Firestick and stream on.




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Summary of Cyberflix Firestick APK Install process:

  1. Install Downloader on Firestick
  2. Enter into Downloader
  3. Install Cyberflix and start streaming!

The three steps above are explained in full detail below.  So install Cyberflix Firestick now with the steps below!

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How to Install Cyberflix Firestick APK

  1. Go to the Search icon from the Firestick home screen.  Select the Search icon.
  2. Then enter “Downloader” into the text area
  3. Press “Go”
  4. In the search results, select “Downloader” (under Apps & Games)
  5. Choose “Get”
  6. Then press “Open”
  7. After Downloader launches, dismiss the popup.
  8. Then enter this address into Downloader:
  9. Press Go
  10. Wait for Downloader to download the Cyberflix Firestick APK
  11. When your Firestick launches the Cyberflix installer, select “Install”
  12. Then press “Open” after Firestick installs Cyberflix
  13. Dismiss any popups that appear and select “ExoPlayer” as the default video player

You’re done with the Cyberflix on Firestick install process!  Now just enjoy streaming movies & TV shows.

Cyberflix Not Working

If Cyberflix is not working for you, then try these alternatives:

Cyberflix TV Alternatives

Try these great alternatives to Cyberflix TV if you’re not happy with Cyberflix:

  1. OneBox HD for Firestick tutorial video on YouTube
  2. Mobdro on Firestick tutorial video on YouTube