How To Easily Install Crowns Lite On Your Amazon Firestick

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Crowns Lite for Firestick is one of the best free apps for streaming Movies and TV shows on your device. It works on Android, Apple and Amazon Firestick. If you are on a Firestick, keep reading this article for an easy installation process of Crowns Lite app. It takes less than 10 minutes.

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Setting up the downloader:

Installing/ enabling the downloader on your firestick is essential as it helps you to download the actual apk of crowns lite app. You can later use the downloader to download any other app on your firestick. Just follow these simple steps.


  • On the “home screen” of your firestick, look for a small magnifying glass icon on the top left-hand side and press it. This will open the “search” bar.
  • In the search bar, type the word “downloader” and hit enter.
  • Choose the downloader widget in the search results and hit enter, and select “download” on the next screen.
  • That’s it; the downloader is all set. You can open it any time by going into the setting pf your firestick.

Now let’s jump into the next step.

Installing Crowns Lite:

Here is the easiest way to directly download the crowns lite apk on your firestick.

  • Open the downloader.
  • In the search bar, type and hit enter. This should download the apk on your firestick.
  • Once it’s downloaded, press the “install” option and that’s it!

Now you have Crowns lite app installed on your firestick. Let’s take a look at some useful features of this amazing app.

Key features, a quick look:

Open Crowns lite app you just installed. This a free movie and TV shows app that lets you watch the latest movies for free. It is, in fact, a feature-filled app just like Terrarium TV. Here are some of its key features.

The main screen of the app contains all the newly added movies. Choose any one of them and click to either watch or download them for later.

TV shows:

If you want to search for the TV shows, find the main menu button (looks like three horizontal parallel bars) on the top left-hand side. The slider contains Movies, TV shows, updates, collections, favorites, downloads, and settings.

The search function:

Crowns Lite differs from some of the other movie apps by having a search option for added convenience. You can just type the name of any movie and TV show in the search bar, and it will show up.

Additionally, you can use the filter option to search for a certain genre. Makes it even easy, isn’t it?


You can use the settings option to optimize your experience. Not that effective, but it is somewhat useful.

Logging in:

While it is not mandatory, but using a Google or Facebook account to log into the Crowns lite app gives you access to some additional features. You can:

  • Synchronize among various devices
  • Use the “favorite” option to mark a movie to watch later on.


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