How to Install Covenant Kodi Add-on Tutorial Guide – Exodus Replacement

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The Kodi Covenant add-on replaces the wildly popular Exodus add-on, as Exodus maintenance and updates have ceased. The development team behind Exodus developed the newer Covenant add-on until the events of this past week. You can rest assured of the same quality entertainment for now, thanks to the XvBMC REPOsitory. Follow along to learn how to install the Covenant Kodi TV addon from them.

Exodus Becomes the Covenant Kodi Add-on

Follow this step by step tutorial guide to install Covenant. This Kodi Firestick add-on also works on FireTV, PC, Raspberry Pi, or any other Kodi installation. The Covenant add-on works as an aggregate playlist Kodi plugin, which makes a ton of quality content available for your enjoyment. You’ll quickly realize why Exodus had such a huge, devout following while checking out this update, redubbed Covenant! Most of Covenant’s content is not properly licensed for streaming, which gives it a volatile existence of ups and downs. This also makes using this TV addon risky without the protection of a reliably secure VPN.

Keep Risk to a Minimum

Many third-party Kodi addons can be significantly risky to use, as the majority of the content provided by them may be from pirated streams. Exodus disappeared to avoid the litigation its home repository, TV Addons, is still going through. Most third party add-ons also have vulnerabilities to hacking that the official add-ons may not. Before using Kodi 3rd party addons, accessing a top tier VPN for anonymity and data protection is important. Our agreement with IPVanish brings you a 60% discount on this best-for-Kodi VPN. IPVanish even offers free specialized apps for the Amazon Firestick and FireTV as well!

Covenant Add-on Install Info for Advanced Kodi Users

If Kodi add-on installation onto your Firestick isn’t new to you, then you may only need the repo URL. You’ll find the XBMC / Kodi Covenant addon in the XvBMC Repository, which is considered a temporary resting place until a new developer picks the project up. The Covenant add-on had previously made its home in the late Colossus repository, which disappeared during the mid-November anti-piracy crackdown of 2017. Take care and keep playing it safe.

Allow Unknown Sources

If you haven’t yet allowed unknown sources to be used for Kodi add-on installation, head on over to the How To Enable Unknown Sources For Kodi TV Addons Install article. It will only take a moment and I promise to wait right here for you.

Set-up and Install the XvBMC Repository

With the take-down of both the Ares and Colossus repositories, Covenant lost its home. Some kind-hearted bloke decided to give this homeless TV addon a temporary place to stay, so people can still install and enjoy it. I’m certain a developer, probably several, will take the Covenant base code and further develop it in the near future. Unless they get too big for their britches and let their mugs hit the front page, they should remain safe from the MPAA and company.

If you’ve not already, get the XvBMC REPOsitory set up and installed right here at our XvBMC Install Guide. We’ll be right here when you get back. If you already have the XvBMC repo installed, great! Then, let’s get to it…

Install Covenant from XvBMC Repository

Once we have the XvBMC REPOsitory set up, then we install the main course. Finally, we have Covenant within reach!

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go into the Add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons in Kodi’s Main Menu

  2. Then, enter the Add-on browser, which looks like an open box

    Covenant Install - Add-on Browser

    Select the Add-on Browser (AKA the Package Manager)

  3. Elect to Install from repository

    Choose Install from Repository

    Choose Install from Repository

  4. Now, choose to install from the XvBMC REPOsitory

    Choose XvBMC REPOsitory

    Choose XvBMC REPOsitory

  5. Go into the Video add-ons directory

    Covenant Will Be Found In XvBMC Video add-ons

    Covenant Will Be Found In XvBMC Video add-ons

  6. Then, choose Covenant

    Select Covenant For Installation

    Select Covenant For Installation

  7. Finally, elect to Install Covenant

    Install Covenant from XvBMC

    Install Covenant from XvBMC

  8. A dialog tells you Covenant has been installed!

    Covenant Installed Thanks To XvBMC

    Covenant Installed Thanks To XvBMC

Keep the Faith and Remain Safe

While it gives access to a massive amount of great content, that doesn’t mean this add-on has no problems. Utilizing a safety net will allow you to enjoy this beauty without the otherwise inevitable cease and desist notice from your ISP. The wildly popular Exodus Kodi video add-on dropped from circulation following threats of litigation because of its home and popularity. As a result of its daily gains in popularity, Covenant dropped as well. Thanks to XvBMC, you may enjoy this wonderful TV addon once more. Enjoy it for now without worry–with a VPN!

Install Covenant on Kodi and use a VPN





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October 4, 2017

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