The Kodi Covenant add-on replaces the wildly popular Exodus add-on, as Exodus is no longer being maintained or updated. The development team behind Exodus develops the Covenant add-on. You can rest assured of the same quality entertainment.

Exodus Becomes the Covenant Kodi Add-on

Follow this step by step tutorial guide to installing Covenant. This is a Kodi Firestick add-on, which also works on FireTV, PC, Raspberry Pi, or any other Kodi installation. The Covenant add-on is an aggregate playlist Kodi plugin, which makes a ton of quality content available. You’ll quickly realize why Exodus had a huge, devout following while checking out its update, redubbed Covenant!

Most of Covenant’s content is not properly licensed, which makes viewing it a security risk without the protection of a VPN.

Kodi Security warning: Hide your location (Ashburn, VA) and IP address ( now.

Keep Risk to a Minimum

The Covenant Kodi addon can be significantly risky to use, as the majority of the content provided by Covenant is from pirated streams. Exodus disappeared to avoid the litigation its home repositoy, TV Addons, is still going through.. As a third party add-on, Covenant also has vulnerabilities to hacking that the official add-ons may not. Before using Kodi 3rd party addons, accessing a top tier VPN for anonymity and data protection is important. Our agreement with IPVanish bring you a 60% discount on this best-for-Kodi VPN. IPVanish even offers specialized free apps for the Amazon Firestick and FireTV as well!

Covenant Add-on Install Info for Advanced Kodi Users

If Kodi add-on installation onto your Firestick isn’t new to you, then you may only need the repo URL. You’ll find the XBMC / Kodi Covenant addon in the Colossus repo, which is located within the Ares Project’s repo at Find these both in the Smash repo at as well. The Ares Project, Collossus and Smash repos all live within the SuperRepo repository at also.

Allow Unknown Sources

If you haven’t yet, allow unknown sources to be used for Kodi add-on installation.

  1. Choose Kodi Settings (gear icon) – top of main menu
    Install Covenant - system settings

    Open System Menu

  2. Then, go into the System Settings
    Covenant Kodi Add-on Installation - System Settings

    Choose System Settings

  3. Then, toggle Unknown Sources in Add-ons
    Install Covenant Kodi Add-on - Toggle Unknown Sources

    Allow Unknown Sources

  4. At this point, say Yes to accept the warning
    Covenant Install for Kodi - Warning Dialog

    Warning Dialog? just say Yes

Set-up the Ares Repo

If you’ve never installed the Ares Repo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Follow this guiide and be sure to check out the many articles written lately here at KodiFireTVStick to install some of the greatest add-ons available from it.

  1. Enter the Settings (gear icon – above the main menu)
    Covenant Install for Kodi - system settings

    Enter the System Menu

  2. After this, choose the File Manager
    Covenant for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    Next, the File Manager

  3. Now, choose Add Source
    Covenant Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Select Add Source

  4. Thent, choose None (enables manually adding a media source)
    Covenant Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None

    Select None

  5. Enter this URL: (, then OK
    Install Covenant Video Add-on for Kodi

    Type URL and then hit OK

  6. Name it Ares Repo, and then hit OK once more
    Name it Ares Repo

    Name it Ares Repo

  7. Make certain the information you’ve input is right, then select OK one final time
  8. Return to the Main Menu in Kodi, then enter the Add-ons section
    Covenant - choose add-ons menu item

    Choose Add-ons back at the main menu

  9. Enter the Add-on browser (open box icon) located above the menu
    Covenant Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Select the Add-on Browser (AKA the Package Manager)

  10. Tap or click Install from zip file
    Covenant Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Choose to Install From zip File

  11. Select Ares Repo in the dialog that opens up
    choose the Ares Repo

    Choose the Ares Repo

  12. Next look for and open it
    Select Ares zip file

    Select Ares zip file

  13. Wait a moment. You will see a popup in the top right indicating Add-on Installed
    Ares Repo installed

    Ares Repo installed

Install the Covenant Home Repo: Colossus

Now, we will install the Colossus repository, within which resides Covenant. You should still be in the Add-on browser at this point if you followed the instructions above for installing the Ares Repo.

  1. Choose Install from repository once more
    Covenant - Choose Install from Repository

    Choose Install from Repository again

  2. Select the Ares Project
    Choose the Ares Repo

    Install from the Ares Repo

  3. Go into the Add-on repository directory and then
    Add-on repository directory

    Enter the Add-on repository directory

  4. Choose the Colossus Repository for installation
    choose Colossus

    choose Colossus

  5. Hit the Install button in the bottom right.
    install Colossus

    Install Colossus

  6. Getting the Select Version dialog, select the Ares Project version so your updates will be the most timely.
    select Colossus version

    select Colossus version

  7. A dialog will come up telling you the Colossus repo has been installed.
    Colossus installed

    Colossus successfully installed!

Install Covenant from Colossus Repository

Once we have our repos all set up, then we install the main course. Finally, Covenant is within reach.

  1. Go up a level by selecting the two periods on top
    go up one level

    go up one level

  2. Then, do it again
    go up one more

    go up one more

  3. This time, choose to install from the Colossus Repository
    choose to install Covenant from Colossus

    choose to install from Colossus

  4. Go into the Video add-ons directory
    enter Colossus' Video add-ons

    enter Colossus’ Video add-ons

  5. Then, choose Covenant
    choose Covenant

    choose Covenant

  6. Finally, elect to Install
    select Install

    select Covenant install

  7. If given an option, select the version within the Colossus Repo to ensure the latest updates
    select Covenant version

    select Covenant version from Colossus if necessary

  8. A dialog will tell you Covenant has been installed!
    Covenant installed

    Covenant has been installed!

Keep the Faith and Remain Safe

Covenant has a massive amount of great content, but it isn’t all unicorns farting rainbow laser beams for this add-on. Utilizing a safety net will allow you to enjoy this beauty without the otherwise inevitable cease and desist notice from your ISP. The wildly popular Exodus Kodi video add-on dropped from circulation following threats of litigation because of its home and popularity. As a result of its daily gains in popularity, it’s possible Covenant may drop at any time. Enjoy it for now without worry–with a VPN!

Install Covenant on Kodi and use a VPN

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