This tutorial shows you how to install Cosmic Saints Wizard in Kodi 17 (Krypton).  This is the UPDATED guide for 2022!

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Follow the written guide below to install Cosmic Saints Firestick version.

Install Kodi Cosmic Saints Builds / Wizard in Kodi 17 Krypton

Part 1:  Install Cosmic Saints Wizard

  1. From the Kodi homescreen, select System (which appears as the “gear” icon in the top-left part of the Kodi home screen)
  2. Then choose System Settings
  3. Now select “Add-Ons“.  Then select Apps From Unknown Sources, then select Yes to confirm the selection.
  4. Press “Back” on the fire TV remote to go back 1 level in the Kodi menu (which puts you back at the System menu)
  5. Now choose “File Manager
  6. Then select “Add Source
  7. Now select the box that says <None>
  8. Enter this address
  9. Then press OK
  10. Now select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source”
  11. Then enter the name “kfiretv wizard” or any other name you’ll remember
  12. Now press OK to finish naming the new source.  Then press OK once more to completely finish adding the Source.
  13. Return to the Kodi homescreen by pressing the Back button on the Fire TV remote several times
  14. Then select “Add-Ons” from Kodi’s main menu
  15. Now choose the Package Manager icon from the top left corner (this appears as an icon of an “opened box”)
  16. Then select “Install From Zip File
  17. Now choose the new source you added (“kfiretv wizard”)
  18. Then select the zip file which appears (named something similar to
  19. Wait a moment for the Cosmic Saints Wizard to install
  20. Now wait for Cosmic Saints Wizard to appear on your screen.  The Wizard should launch by itself.  If it doesn’t find it and launch the Wizard from the Kodi homescreen (under “Add-Ons”).

Part 2:  Install Leviathan Build with Cosmic Saints Wizard

  1. Select “Build Menu” in the on-screen pop-up window

    Select Build Menu in Cosmic Saints Wizard

    Select “Build Menu” in the Cosmic Saints wizard pop-up

  2. If you see a pop-up windows that says “Since this is your First Run of the Wizard..”, select “Continue“.

    Cosmic Saints Wizard Build Install

    Choose “Continue” if you see this popup in Cosmic Saints Wizard build install

  3. Now select [17.6] leviathan Krypton
    Kodi Cosmic Saints Build install

    Select [17.6] leviathan Krypton

  4. Then select “(Cosmic Saints) Fresh Install
  5. WAIT for Kodi to download and install Cosmic Saints Leviathan Build for 2017 / 2017.
  6. Now (after it’s completely done downloading & installing), select “Force Close” to close / restart Kodi.  (If Kodi doesn’t re-launch automatically, then re-launch Kodi yourself.)
  7. Enjoy Kodi Cosmic Saints builds!  Watch some great movies, TV shows, and other great streams.

Builds in Cosmic Saints Wizard 2022

Leviathan Build:  Download size is 95MB, containing 16103 Files needed to extract Kodi Leviathan Build.  This build’s theme is red in color and has a super simple layout.




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Civil War Build:  The Download size of Kodi Civil War Build is 120.8MB, with 17960 files to extract.  This Build has the Kodi “Captain America: Civil War” theme all around it.

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4k Build for Firestick & Fire TV:  DL size of this build is (unknown)MB, and has (unknown) # of files.

Note About Ares Wizard:

Ares Wizard is no longer available.  So if you want to install Cosmic Saints Leviathan build using Ares Wizard, you’re outta luck!  You simply must use the Cosmic Saints Wizard (above).