Top 10 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer

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3D Printers are rising in popularity for good reason:  You can make cool shit (the coolest 3d prints) with them.

In fact, there are so many different crazy things you can print, we felt it necessary to make this list of the coolest 3D prints.

While currently 3D printers cost at least a few hundred American dollars just to be able to print a small (apple-sized) object, there are some cool-ass objects we can make with our small consumer-grade 3D printers.  Then there are the commercial/industrial 3D printers, which can print things like houses.

But first, here are some things that have influenced the coolest 3D prints that are available to us..

Preface: Influences Behind the Coolest 3D Prints

Star Wars Influence

Many 3D Prints seem to be focused on Star Wars-type objects, such as blasters, character heads, and other nerdy shit.  Fortunately, even non-Star Wars type people can still enjoy some of this stuff, like Yoda’s head (see #6 below).

Real World Applications

Many 3D prints are just for fun (see #9: Prometheus Vases below).  But others are totally serious, such as 3D prints of guns, houses, cars, and even prosthetic limbs for humans.  So, yes, you can make silly stuff with 3D printers.  But you could also impact someone’s life in a HUGE (hopefully positive) way with them as well (see #3: 3D printed blood vessels below).

Sci Fi Movie Props

Let’s face it: 3D printers are for nerds.  It makes sense that a lot of the prints we can make are props from Sci Fi movies.  So if Sci Fi movies are your thing and you have a 3D printer, you’re in luck!

Top 10 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer

#1 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

3D Printed Guns

The Coolest 3d prints: 3D printed guns are crrrrrazy

3D Printed Gun. Snap snap.

When people first started making 3D printed guns, they were basic and couldn’t handle the power of normal ammunition.  Now, people started making better 3D guns and ammunitionthat it can handle.

This turns gun-making from something that previously only companies like Smith & Wesson could do to something that anyone with a 3D Printer can do.  Due to the amazing power and immediate real-world application of guns, we put it at #1 on our list of the Coolest 3D Prints.

3D printed guns are the most controversial topic surrounding 3d printing.  There’s no question that 3D printed guns are the coolest 3d prints you can make.

Questions are out there which put moral implications into light, such as:

  • Will 3D printed guns be too easy to make by the wrong people (terrorists, etc)?
  • Will 3D printed guns be too easy to sneak through airport security and other metal detectors?
  • When the f**k do I get one!?

What kind of guns can be made with a 3D printer?

So far, mostly handguns.  Although at least 1 person reportedly made a 3D printed rifleand posted the video on YouTube of him firing 10 rounds or so until the gun broke.

What kind of ammo do 3D printed guns use?

#2 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Houses & Other Buildings

3D Printed house. Far out, man.

3D Printed house. Far out, man.

You can build a house with a 3D printer!  This eliminates the need to have an entire crew of people to build a house.

A team of Chinese construction workers used 3D printers to build 10 houses in 1 day.

This is insane – to build an entire house in such a short period of time with such a small crew.

Keep your eye out for more 3D Printed houses and advancements in this particular niche: industrial and commercial-sized 3D printing projects.

The real question is:  Where are the 3D printed people that will live in this 3D printed house?

YouTube link:

#3 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Blood Vessels

3D Printed blood vessels have huge potential

3D Printed Blood Vessels

Scientists have make 3D printed blood vessels.  Here is the proof.

The applications for 3d printed blood vessels are obvious, but amazingly far-reaching.  Creating 3d printed blood vessels could mean easier integration of the human body with prosthetic limbs and other physical enhancements.

This 3d printed tech has the potential to change lots of things in big ways – medical companies have invested in this heavily.

Your dream of becoming a cyborg is approaching rapidly.

#4 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:


3D printed car

3D Printed Cars!  Nerds can now make Ferraris in their mom’s basement..  (Almost).

You can make a car with a 3D printer.  If you can make a car with a 3D printer, you can make a truck.  If you can make a truck with a 3D printer, you can make a tank.  Boom.  Vroom.

3D Printed cars means we can eliminate the large expenses faced by auto makers when building vehicles.  Since 3D Printers could print most or all of the car using one material (PLA, ABS, or other), this has the potential to revolutionize the auto industry forever.

Combine 3D Printed cars with some renewable power sources and you’ve got an entirely different beast: a car which requires no factory and no fossil fuels.

A company called Local Motors has created a 3D car.  Check it out here.

Keep an eye out for this and other large-scale 3D printing applications making their way into real-world situations.

Soon you just might see your buddy driving around in his brand new 3D printed ’67 Impala.

#5 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Acoustic MF’in Guitar!

Make a 3D printed acoustic guitar!

3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

You can make some pretty awesome instruments with your 3D printer (well maybe not your 3D printer, but a 3D printer large enough to do so).  People have made electric guitars – and now even acoustic guitars with their 3D printers.

Play all the Zelda theme songs you want on this 3D printed acoustic guitar.

Bring it to your 3D printed campfire and eat some 3D printed smores.

Rock on.

#6 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Yoda Head 3D Printer Making of

YouTube Video: Yoda Head 3D Printing

Yoda’s Head

Yes, that’s right.  Yoda’s head on your 3D printer you can make.  And damn good it looks (see what we did there?).

Away put your need for a multi-thousand dollar 3D printer – Yoda’s head is supposed to be little anyway!  So get your little 3D Printer out and print Yoda’s head.

Yoda’s head is one of the most popular things people make on a 3D printer.

Check out chylld’s bust of Yoda, “cleaned and simplified” here.

Or if you want an edible Yoda, make a Yoda cake.

Satisfied you will be.  Yoda’s head you will possess.

#7 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

3D Printed Human Fetus

Crazy.  Apparently people will take an ultrasound of their baby and turn it into a 3D model, then print the 3D fetus model.

#8 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Personal Massagers

Vrrrrrrr. Personal Massager

Vrrrrrrr. Personal Massager

A personal massager is an odd object to create using anything, let alone using a 3D printer.

But if 3D printers can print biological components and complex objects, why can’t they print an Ultra PleasureVibe 2000?

With this particular personal massager, you can make use of the vibrator part of an electric toothbrush and this 3D print.

How or why?  That’s up to you. Maybe for actual pressure point therapy.

Make yourself, your girlfriend or your boyfriend a nice brand new personal massager with your 3D Printer!

#9 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Vases from the movie Prometheus

3D Printed Prometheus Vases

3D Printed Prometheus Vases

Any sci-fi lover likes the Aliens movies.  But only some like the Prometheus movie.  Those of us who do would appreciate these Prometheus Vases you can make with your 3D printer.

Pretend you’re Dr. Holloway and have a drink on the house with your brand new 3D Printed Prometheus vases.

These 3D prints are actually quite large, as you can see from the picture.  Print all 3 and have the full set!  Looks great on a hearth next to the photo of grandma.

“There is nothing in the desert – and no man needs nothing.” – David

#10 Coolest Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer:

Stones from the Fifth Element

3d print of fifth element stones

3D Printed Fifth Element Stones

Lelu Dallas Multipass?  If you’re a fan of 90s sci-fi, you know the Fifth Element was that awesome movie with Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich (hot).

The actual props used in the movie as the five elements were pretty cool-looking.  This is exactly why someone created 3D models for the stones from the fifth element movie.

Stun your nerd friends with these aweosme Fifth Element 3D printed stones.  Put them on the hearth next to your 3D printed Prometheus vases (or not..)!

People have made quite a few props from the Fifth Element movie, such as the police blaster and Lelu’s Multipass.  If SciFi is your thing, then these movie props are definitely closer to the top of your own personal list of the coolest 3D prints.

Honorable Mentions:

(aka More Shit You Can Make on a 3D Printer)

The following shit didn’t make it onto our list of the coolest 3d prints, but they are cool enough to mention:

T-Rex Skeleton

T-Rex 3D Print

T-Rex 3D Print.  Don’t be scared, now.

No words can explain the awesome T-Rex.  Dinosaur lovers and haters alike can appreciate the power of the mighty Rex.  Show off the intricacy of your 3D printer and the powerful bone structure of the T-Rex.

Even Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park would be proud to showcase this piece on his desk.

This 3D print is 79 individual pieces which you assemble to create the final, complete skeleton.

Is this a novelty?  Yes.  Although it would be pretty cool to have a small-scale skeleton of one of nature’s most formidable predators.

This isnt’ the only cool dinosaur 3D print.  Several other awesome dinosaur skeleton 3D prints exist which you can make yourself.

iPhone Case

Make a snazzy iPhone case with your 3D printer!

iPad Stand

Print a stand for your iPad.  This one is a mini statue of a dude holding up your iPad.

Coffee Cup

3D print a cool-ass coffee cup for some hot beverages!

Something We Missed?

Should we add something to our list of the coolest 3d prints?  Let us know in the comments!

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