What Type of Content to Put into the Feed for Better Organic Growth?

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Gaining and keeping subscribers on Instagram requires some effort. The content is a centerpiece of the entire network, and it needs more attention. The positive feeling of your account depends on the publications you upload. It is also important to know about the role of the Hashtag Generator tool in promotion on IG.

Posts that Work for Engagement on Social Media

In the feed section, people can view photos and clips from profiles they follow. In most cases, Insta users subscribe to many accounts: friends, creators, celebrities, brands, etc. That’s why it’s so critical to make eye-catching content, otherwise, it will easily get lost among other posts. A couple of missed publications, and your engagement level goes down. To avoid this, you should understand what suits you better for posting:

  • Professional shots. High-quality photos or video clips of your brand merchandise are ideal for showing on your feed. It’s even better if there is beautiful scenery in the background or your product can be seen in action.
  • Special events. Any unique content usually benefits your page. Just make sure that your event post will be of interest to users, and that it’s not something specific that only appeals to a certain group of people.
  • How-to content. Tutorials and tips always attract users, so it makes sense to place them in this section. Show the correct way to use your product and some real cases when it has been beneficial. You can also hold some seminars related to your industry.
  • Personal experience. As well as how-to’s, you should also plan an effective content strategy to grab your followers’ attention. If you have something to tell about your achievements, overcoming difficulties, or memorable moments, then feel free to do so.
  • Behind the scenes. Another unusual publication that allows your subscribers to get closer to your brand. This can also be used to hint at more upcoming stories.
  • Fun posts. It’s light and relaxing content, perfect for browsing, so you should consider it. This mostly works through memes. However, these posts need to be done well and be relevant to the theme of your account or be related to your business area.

Applying all these practices will allow you to provide varied and organic content to better connect with your followers.


Why is the Instagram Hashtag Generator Important?

When it comes to boosting your account through the posts you make, it is imperative to mention the automatic Hashtag Generator. This feature is a  key part of successfully reaching new audiences. Your creative clip or captivating photo won’t do much for your profile if you don’t show the way to it. Users search for the content they need through hashtags, so putting them is crucial.

You can’t just opt for random tags, so you need to visit Toolzu service and use the online Hashtag Generator. The instrument shows not only the relevant tags but also the frequency of their use. Based on this parameter, there is a strategy for including hashtags:

  • It doesn’t matter how many keywords you want to add – 10 or 30. In percentage terms, hashtags with medium and rare frequency should prevail.
  • Popular ones serve as necessary additions.

These suggestions are recommended for any situation you need the Hashtag Generator: business purposes, hosting an event, travel, or even a birthday party.

You will also get the following advantages from the tool:

  • Constantly updated database.
  • The AI Hashtag Generator allows you to enter multiple words, or use a URL or photo to generate tags.
  • Easy-to-use interface, compatible with any devices and platforms.

With this instrument, you make your work for gaining the attention of Insta users easier. So, you should consider it for yourself.


Right publications directly affect subscribers’ engagement and account development on Instagram.  However, to achieve maximum efficiency, the assistance of automatic tools such as the IG Hashtag Generator is required.

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