Compare Fire Stick and Fire TV: Pros and Cons

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In this guide, I compare Fire Stick and Fire TV side-by-side.  Basically, Amazon Firestick is a smaller, lighter, lower-powered version of the larger Fire TV.  But there are several differences, so keep reading to find out what those are.

Fire Stick vs Fire TV: An In-Depth Comparison

If you are looking for a great streaming device, then the Amazon’s range of products offers a great value for money. They are not overloaded with features that you probably will never use, and are quite affordable too.

In fact, the second generation Fire TV (pictured below) and Fire TV Stick devices are power-packed streaming devices that offer next generation capabilities.


Compare Fire Stick and Fire TV. This is a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick (Gen 2)

Although Fire Stick and Fire TV offer pretty similar features, there are some performance differences between them. In reality, the two devices are targeted at completely different sets of users.

So, let’s compare Fire Stick and Fire TV to find out which one is more suitable for your needs.

The Hardware

Here’s a rundown of the hardware that powers the Fire TV and Firestick:

Fire TV: Under the Hood

  • Fire TV box is powered by a quad core MediaTek processor that is clocked at 2GHz speed. Together with the 2GB Ram provided in the box, the Fire TV is a mean and powerful machine.
  • The storage capacity of 8GB should be enough to download a variety of apps, games, and content. However, if the users feel that they need more space, a MicroSD card slot is provided for expansion up to 200GB.
  • Apart from the Fire TV 5GHz Wi-Fi capabilities, the Fire TV box can be directly connected to the Ethernet via the inbuilt Ethernet port.
3rd Generation Fire TV box

This is the 3rd Gen Fire TV (aka “pendant Fire TV”)

Firestick: Under the Hood

The (2nd Generation) Fire TV Stick packs quite a lot of punch in a small size.

  • It runs on a quad core processor that clocks in at 1.3GHz.
  • It features 1GB of ram, which is perfect for most casual users.
  • On the storage front, it has a capacity of 8GB, which is not expandable.
  • There is no Ethernet port either, but can easily be connected to an Amazon Ethernet adapter to add an Ethernet port.

    Amazon Ethernet adapter

    You can connect an Ethernet adapter to Firestick to make it more like Fire TV!


The quick comparison above is fairly self-explanatory for someone who has to decide between the two devices. If you are a casual user, who will probably install just a handful of Firestick apps on the streaming device, then Fire TV Stick will work spectacularly for your needs.

Download Cinema HD for Firestick to stream GoT free on Amazon Firestick / Fire TV

Apps like Cinema HD run better on Fire TV since Fire TV is more powerful than Fire Stick

On the other hand, if you will be installing dozens, if not hundreds, of apps on the device and stream a wide variety of content on your TV, then the Fire TV box is better suited for your needs.

If you are a family of more than 2, then Fire TV box may be a suitable choice because all the members of your family will be able to install the apps they want, and enjoy the content they love.

Family watching Fire TV

Family? Get a Fire TV to handle more apps

4K Support

This is where the big guns of Amazon Fire TV box totally outmatch the Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Stick supports full HD content, which is 1080p resolution.

1080p vs 4K

1080P resolution vs 4K resolution

On the other hand, the Fire TV box is capable of streaming 4K UHD content. Of course, you will also need a 4K television to enjoy the content in UHD resolution. So, if you do not have a 4K TV or have no plans of purchasing one in the near future, then Fire TV box is a definite overkill.

Firestick Gaming

When it comes to gaming, there is a magnitude of difference between the Fire TV box and the Fire TV Stick.

  • The Fire TV box’s powerful processor and more RAM are designed for a smooth gaming performance.
  • You can play Android games on both the Firestick and Fire TV, but the Fire TV will play games much more smoothly since it has more power.

Fire TV is particularly suited for games like Max Payne, GTA, The Wolf Among Us, Minecraft, and many others that require higher hardware capabilities.

Max Payne for Amazon Firestick

Play games like Max Payne on Fire TV


For casual usage, the Fire TV Stick is a great deal at just $40. If you are a heavy duty user, then Fire TV box makes a better choice.



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