This tutorial shows you how to install Google Chrome Offline Installer.

Difficult Level:  EASY

Installing Google Chrome is very simple. This free and intuitive browser is known as one of the best options in the industry, and it is easy to see why.  Because of its free and fast performance, Chrome beats all other web browsers.

Chrome is FREE

What Does Google Chrome Cost?  Nothing!  Download Google Chrome from Google’s website, at no charge (100% free!).

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Once you visit the Google Chrome download page, the website will automatically detect your version of Google Chrome.  This helps you get started with the installation right away.

Download Chrome Offline Installer HERE:

Below, find the instructions and download links to Chrome offline installer for these Operating Systems:

However, if you are not able to install Google Chrome browser online for whatever reason, then you can run the installation offline at a later date.

Chrome Offline Installer

The process to install Chrome offlineis very simple.  It’s slightly different depending on your chosen operative system (Mac, Pc, Linux…).  Here’s how:

Windows PCs & Laptops

  1. For Windows PCs, download the Chrome offline installer here (direct DL from Google).  This is also known as the Chrome alternate installer.
  2. Launch the downloaded file and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Mac OS

  1. Download the Google Chrome disk image (“.dmg” file) directly from Google here.
  2. Open the file named “Google Chrome.dmg.”
  3. After a window opens, locate the Google Chrome icon for the Chrome app. Drag this to your Applications folder. If you don’t have admin user rights, then you’ll be asked to log in / authenticate your account. If you can’t authenticate your account, then drag the Chrome icon to a place on your computer where you do have rights.  Your desktop is a good example.
  4. Now open Chrome.  Chrome will auto-import your Chrome settings, homepage, and even browsing history.
  5. Then open Finder.
  6. Using the Finder window’s side bar, click Eject (which is just to the right of Google Chrome)
  7. You’re done!  Now launch Google Chrome Browser for Mac using the Chrome icon in the Applications area


The following Linux Chrome offline installer directions work for Ubuntu Linux and its derivatives.

  1. First, download the Chrome offline installer file directly from Google here.
  2. Next, click OK to open the package installer file.
  3. Then click on “Install Package“.
  4. Now Google Chrome adds its program data to your Ubuntu Linux software manager.  This way it is kept current!


  1. Download the Android Chrome APK file here.
  2. Enable “Apps From Unknown Sources” on your Android device (from the System > Settings menu)
  3. Launch the downloaded Android Chrome APK file
  4. Press INSTALL
  5. Launch the new Google Chrome for Android app!

Amazon Fire Stick

We haven’t tried the Chrome Off Line Installer method on Amazon Fire Stick (aka FireStick) yet.  But we presume it works!

We know for sure that Firefox works on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick.  Give it a shot ;)

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