This quick & easy guide shows you how to change Alexa wake word (aka “trigger” word) on Amazon [easyazon_link identifier=”B01DFKC2SO” locale=”US” tag=”arizonacaorg-20″ cart=”n”]Echo Dot[/easyazon_link] or Echo, from “Alexa” to “Amazon” or “Echo”.

Change Alexa Wake Word

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone
  2. Press the Menu button in the top left corner of the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00P03D4D2″ locale=”US” tag=”arizonacaorg-20″ cart=”n”]Alexa app[/easyazon_link] to open the Alexa app menu
  3. Now press Settings
  4. Select your Alexa-enabled device from the list of “Alexa Devices” on screen.  For me, this was “John Doe’s Echo Dot” (with “John Doe” replaced by my name)
  5. Press “Wake Word“, which is currently located just below the “Device Location” and above the “Language” setting.
  6. Select the dropdown menu that says “Alexa” by default, then from the menu select “Amazon” or “Echo’ to change Alexa wake word to the corresponding selection.

What’s the Best Alexa Wake Word?

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We recommend “Echo” since it’s only 2 syllables (as opposed to three for “Alexa” or “Amazon”) – thus reducing the time it takes to wake Alexa.

Difference Between Alexa Trigger Word and Wake Word

Nothing.  Alexa’s trigger word and wake word are one and the same.  Most people might be inclined to call it a trigger word, but Amazon calls it a wake word.

What Can I Do With Alexa?

  • Play Pandora stations
  • Listen to TuneIn radio / podcast stations
  • Control Smart Lights such as Philips Hue Alexa compatible lightbulbs (dim the lights, set a schedule / program / scene, have a thunderstorm in your room with soundtrack and synchronzied light flashes)
  • Also control thermostats, security cameras, door locks, and smart outlets
  • Set timers and alarms
  • Listen to soothing sleep-soundtracks such as Thunderstorm Sounds (free Alexa skill) using Echo Dot.  This is super cool, by the way.

Wrap Up

Alexa is an amazing voice-control platform that’s been seamlessly integrated into Amazon’s unique variety of devices, so we’re showing you how to get the most out of Alexa and Echo Dot with several articles & video tutorials.  So stay tuned for more Alexa tricks and tips!

What Alexa skills do you like the most?  What Alexa apps would you like to see next?  Let us know on the KFire YouTube Channel.