Best Movies About CBD Culture


CBD is certainly growing in popularity itself but as well as this, cannabis is too as it becomes more legalized in the states.

Whereas before we were seeing a lot of people shying away from showing this sort of content on TV and in films, we are now open to understanding it more as there are benefits to CBD and cannabis when used appropriately.

In this article, we want to take a look at the best movies out there that embrace the CBD and cannabis culture, without delivering a bad message to viewers. These films are great at providing more of an insight into what these compounds do and why they can actually be beneficial to our well-being.

Kings Of Kush

One of the newer additions to the CBD culture film family is “Kings of Kush”. This is an interesting TV series that has quite an inspiring message behind it. Anthony Sullivan, who had a long career in TV lasting over 3 decades, decided to leave his job in order to aid his daughter who was born with a very rare genetic disorder.

As well as seeking help from doctors, he also took it upon himself to grow his own hemp farm. The reason for doing this is because of the many benefits that hemp plants offer. Hemp plants contain a chemical compound that we call CBD and it is very effective. This is a great series with an excellent story to go along with it.

As we mentioned before, CBD is used to treat pain. One of the most effective products to do this is gummies. You can buy just CBD gummies for pain online.

CBD Nation

Another favorite of ours is CBD Nation. This is again a story that is based on real-life events and it is all about allowing people to get to understand CBD more and not have these misconceptions about whether or not it is safe.

A common misconception is when people think that CBD can get you high, but this is simply not the case. The chemical compound that can make you have psychoactive experiences is called THC.

The film is not there to promote cannabis, it is there to inform people about it and show the science about it, so we can move forward as a nation and use it in a way that can help people medically. It includes a lot of people that have used CBD and they speak about their own personal experiences.

It’s really good to see programs like this spreading a positive message on CBD and proving critics wrong using science. Even just establishing how far the industry has come. You only need to look at the types of products available now, for example, we have lotions, creams, gummies, vapes, and oils. You can even purchase CBD calming cleanser by Loxa Beauty from the official store.

Do We Recommend CBD?

We deem CBD to be safe for people to use. Having said this, please use it in moderation, especially if you are a beginner. When used correctly, the benefits are excellent. With that being said, why not Try CBD Wax at

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