This guide shows you how to buy Bitcoin.  More specifically, we identify the most reliable organizations from which you can buy Bitcoin.  First, we start out with why you should buy Bitcoin.  Then we finish with a link to a free Crypto Price Checker app so you can keep an eye on your new investment!

First of all, I started to realize that I can actually invest in Bitcoin.  Why?  I realized this because I’ve seen the Price reports for Bitcoin lately.  I must certainly say “wow”.  As a result of obtaining my first “chunk” of Bitcoin, I wrote this Bitcoin Beginners Guide.  So, use this guide to help you do the same as I did with as little trouble as possible!

Above all, I made this guide because I want individuals to be fully informed on how to buy Bitcoin online!

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Some people have made a killing off of small bitcoin investments

  • Use this Bitcoin tutorial to learn How to Buy Bitcoin, Why You Should Buy Bitcoin, How to Earn Bitcoin Playing Games, How to Make Your Bitcoins Anonymous, and Where to Keep Your Bitcoins.

Why Buy Bitcoin?

The value of Bitcoin has been skyrocketing in recent weeks.  This intrigues me from a financial perspective, since I’ve been looking to invest some of my money lately.  Furthermore, I want to invest in something that earns a lot of money (obviously).

Bitcoin growth

The value of Bitcoin has grown like crazy recently (organic growth)

The Problem:  I want Bitcoins – but I had no idea how to get my hands on ’em.  Then I did some Googling.  To my pleasant surprise, I found out it’s easy A.F. to buy Bitcoins.  Furthermore, you can play games online and even gamble for Bitcoins.  Most noteworthy, I’m someone who likes new ways of earning money.  Therefore, Bitcoin already had piqued my interest.

The Solution:  So, Bitcoin looks like it could be the easy, zero-effort, small-time investment opportunity I’ve been looking for!  If you find yourself in the “How should I start investing my money?”, then Bitcoin could be the investment strategy for you, too.  Keep reading to see how to earn Bitcoins in your sleep..

Purpose of this Bitcoin Tutorial

I made this tutorial to show you How to Get Your First Bitcoin and how to earn Bitcoin by playing games (see lists below).  Here’s what we will be covering in this guide:

  1. How to Buy Your First $100 of Bitcoin
  2. Why You Should Start Buying Bitcoin
  3. See How to Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games
  4. How to Anonymize Your Bitcoins
  5. Lastly, I show you Where to Keep Your Bitcoins

This should get your Bitcoin wallet started and earning money for you (passively!).  While that happens, your Bitcoin will continue to increase in value as long as the current Price of Bitcoin continues to rise!  Then when you’re ready to cash out your Bitcoin, simply Sell it to someone else.

Below, find the Best Sites to Buy Your First Bitcoin.  After that, check out the Bitcoin-earning Games & gambling sites geared toward Bitcoin.

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Best Sites to Buy Bitcoin:


Use CoinBase as your go-to Bitcoin marketplace and as your Bitcoin Wallet.  Coinbase is the biggest, most reputable Bitcoin marketplace on the web.

Buy Bitcoin from Coinbase!

Buy bitcoin using Coinbase: The world’s biggest Bitcoin provider

Pros of Coinbase:
  • CoinBase accepts several payment methods
  • Fastest and easiest to use during the entire process
  • Secure transfers and totally trustworthy


LocalBitcoins gives you a way to buy Bitcoins from people without going through a bank first!  This is particularly useful for people who want to deal with currency without having it tracked.

The LocalBitcoins website offers Bitcoin users across the world an easy, safe way to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoins.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself. lets you trade and buy Bitcoins locally

Buy Bitcoins online with LocalBitcoins (deal locally)

Pros of LocalBitcoins:
  • Transactions are made from person-to-person, without the need for a bank middle-man


The famous CoinMama website is one of the biggest heavy-hitters in the Bitcoin marketplace arena.

Use CoinMama to buy Bitcoin online

CoinMama: One of the world’s most reliable sites to buy Bitcoin

Pros of CoinMama:
  • Fast, simple, secure transactions to buy bitcoin the easy way.

CoinCorner (UK)

For residents of the United Kingdom, CoinCorner is your best local option to buy Bitcoins.

CoinCorner is great to buy Bitcoin in UK

CoinCorner has fast servers & reliable Bitcoin purchase and payment systems in place

Pros of CoinCorner:
  • UK residents will have the easiest time buying Bitcoins from CoinCorner, since it’s geared toward them.


Why Should I Buy Bitcoin?

The dollar value of Bitcoin is rapidly increasing every week.  Bitcoin has grown in value over 500% over the last 12 months!

Bitcoin increase: 500%

Bitcoin grew by at least 500% in recent months

So anyone who knows about investment will know that Bitcoin has some extremely promising growth potential.

  • Bitcoin is considered to be a highly volatile, and highly lucrative investment (both short-term and long-term)
  • Use Bitcoin as a method of payment for thousands of online stores & services (like IPVanish)
  • Did I mention the value of Bitcoin jumped 500% in the last year?

Personally, I’m diving into Bitcoin and investing some cash right now – before it jumps in value another 500%.

After I buy my first Bitcoin, I will make it an anonymous BitCoin by using the service below:

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.


Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games

The sites below give you free Bitcoins for playing games.


Use BitcoinPenguin to earn Bitcoin for playing online games!  To play games, you must be using a browser that supports Adobe Flash Player.

Bitcoin Penguin rewards you with Bitcoin for playing games online!

Play Bitcoin Penguin online to earn free Bitcoin

  1. The Coins Slot
  2. CakeBet
  3. BetBit
  4. Crypto Games – online slot machines which let you play using BitCoin


Answer quiz questions to earn Bitcoins in Satoshi Quiz.  Earn 1000 Satoshis per answer.  Big prizes are offered regularly of 1 million Satoshis or more!

Satoshi Quiz for free Bitcoin

Satoshi Quiz gives you Bitcoin for answering quizzes online


Or answer Riddles and get free Bitcoin at

Farm Satoshi

Play a game where you relax and take care of your farm – all while earning Satoshi (small Bitcoins)!  It’s like Farmville for Bitcoins – and you get paid.

Free Bitcoin for playing a farm-style game

Farm Satoshi to win free Bitcoin

Oh Crop!

Play this game to rank in the Top 10 high scores and get a special Bitcoin prize.

Earn free Bitcoin with Oh Crop! Bitcoin game

Play OH CROP to win free Bitcoin

or Earn BitCoin for Doing Nothing..


Bitmaker app for Bitcoin mining with your Phone

Bitmaker app makes Bitcoin with practically 0 effort to you (supposedly!)

The BitMaker app simply pops up an ad every 30 minutes.  Then you close the ad.  As a result,  you earn Bitcoins!  Bitcoins are paid to you every Friday night (Pacific Time).

Bitcoin Apps

Crypto Price Checker

Crypto Price Checker app looks up Bitcoin price automatically with LIVE updates

Crypto Price Checker app to check the price of Bitcoin in real-time

Use the Crypto Price Checker app (in the screenshot above) to check the current Price of Bitcoin and all other forms of Crypto currency.

IPVanish VPN

Finally, make sure your connection is safe by using a VPN when buying / selling Bitcoins.  This way hackers have no chance of “sniffing” the data coming from your Internet connection!

IPVanish VPN Features: Public WiFi Security & Encryption

IPVanish works great on the GLi Travel Router to give you Ultimate Public WiFi Security


Where Do I Keep My Bitcoins?

Get a Bitcoin wallet!  It seems like most people ask the same question:  how do I store Bitcoins safely?  Furthermore, they wonder “how much does it cost to keep my Bitcoins?”.

To answer their questions, you use a Bitcoin wallet and It’s free.  So, get your Bitcoin wallet by simply signing up for Coinbase.  First of all, they give you a free Bitcoin wallet.  Then they also give you a public URL (“address”) of your Bitcoin wallet.  Why?  Because need your Bitcoin wallet address in order to receive Bitcoins, trade Bitcoins, or buy Bitcoins!  Another great thing about Coinbase is that your Bitcoin wallet is free when you create an account with CoinBase!


How to Anonymize Your Bitcoin After Buying

Possibly the best way to protect yourself (when it comes to Bitcoin) is to anonymize your Bitcoin collection.  As a result of when you buy your first Bitcoin, you’ll want to make your Bitcoin anonymous.  Why make Bitcoin anonymous?  Because our Bitcoin is still linked directly to you until you “anonymize” it.

So use one of the sites below to Anonymize your Bitcoin(s):

  1. CoinMixer


More info coming soon!

Buy Bitcoin:  How to Get Your First $100 Worth of Bitcoin
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Buy Bitcoin: How to Get Your First $100 Worth of Bitcoin
This guide shows you how to buy Bitcoin.  More specifically, we identify the most reliable organizations from which you can buy Bitcoin.  We start out with why you should buy Bitcoin.  Then we finish with a link to a free Crypto Price Checker app.
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