A Beginner’s Guide on How To Browse The Internet With Kodi

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If you’re a frequent Kodi user and think that you’ve figured out all there is to the application, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Most users believe Kodi can only be utilized for media file organizing or displaying the media in a presentable way.

The truth is that these features are only the tip of the iceberg where the functionality of this powerful software is concerned. 

For starters, Kodi’s commonly known features are nothing to scoff at in themselves. Some of these include watching ripped CDs on an eye-catching interface. And if you have a TV tuner card, you can easily watch live TV using NextPVR.

So Kodi is an impressive device as far as local media players are concerned.

Now that we’ve established the efficiency of Kodi as an independent entity, what are the things that it can do with the help of secondary software?

What more can we expect out of the streaming device beyond its out-of-the-box streaming function?

Is there a chance that Kodi could do more than streaming?

Indeed it can.

We present to you: the Kodi web browser. Let’s explore what this means for users in the following sections. 

Meanwhile, Binge Hacks showed in his Youtube Video the procedure of using Kodi As a Web Viewer. Check it out below:

Courtesy of Binge Hacks Youtube

What Exactly Is Kodi?

Kodi web browser is a free, open-source home entertainment software that has been available for two decades. Microsoft created the software for the first Xbox under the name Xbox Media Center (XBMC). After Microsoft dropped the initiative, it continued to flourish and expanded well beyond the Xbox platform.

And as time passed by, the non-Microsoft team behind what is now known as Kodi has created its network of fans and creators.

Unlike other streaming software firms like Android TV or Plex, the XBMC Foundation manages Kodi. The software is constantly improved and enhanced by tens of thousands of coders and developers worldwide.

That being said, good news for all the Kodi web browser enthusiasts! You can now personalize Kodi by installing free add-ons or builds.

What Is the Purpose of Kodi?

Of all the things Kodi can do, it’s perhaps simpler to define what Kodi can’t do, which is; to offer content. But, of course, this implies that you must provide all media (music, shows, movies, etc.).

Users frequently install Kodi on their devices to view the material they desire. For example, suppose you want to stream material from a website, but your Firestick doesn’t support it or isn’t compatible. Install Kodi on your Firestick, add the website, then stream using the Kodi app.

Not only websites but also other digital services can be supplemented (referred to as add-ons)! So, while Kodi does not provide its content, it does allow you to stream your media from a single location on practically any device.

Browse The Internet With Kodi 

Even though the app’s essential functions primarily include streaming services, it has a lot of potential for growth and multiple functions. All of this is made possible with the help of add-ons.

With the right add-ons, you can use your Kodi app for so much more than streaming. They can make it possible to browse the internet, play basic games, listen to music, and more- all without having to leave the Kodi user interface.

For now, we’ll just focus on the internet browsing feature and how to access it.

Chrome Launcher is the answer to all your Kodi web access-related queries. To use the Chrome Launcher, you must first set up SuperRepo, and this is where you’ll access the Chrome Launcher from.

Once you complete that, you can easily set up the Chrome Launcher add-on and enjoy surfing the internet.

Before you proceed

Now that we’ve told you how to get the Chrome Launcher on your Kodi, there’s one thing we must bring to your attention: browsing safety and secure connections.

Kodi itself is an entirely legal franchise for the streaming and entertainment services that it provides. There are no questions on its legalities and open-source status.

However, there are ways by which it can infringe copyright regulations. This is done when users use add-ons to stream copyrighted content, leading to less than savory repercussions, involving penalties and even legal prosecution.

So what should be the proper protocol for using add-ons on Kodi? Here, “better safe than sorry” are words to live by. For this purpose, using an appropriate VPN must be your top priority.

VPN (a virtual private network) is a tiny software that performs significant functions. It protects browsing data as well as any downloads the users are doing. It does this by encrypting any data the user sends through the internet.

Hence, browsing history and downloads can’t be tracked by your internet service providers or any other authorities trying to keep a check on your internet activity.

You will thank yourself later if you download a VPN such as IPVanish, which provides optimum security through features like advanced encryption and zero traffic logs, multiple connection protocols, proxy web servers, and servers in 75 plus regions. It has reasonable plans to suit all types of budgets.

ipvanish vpn

Part 1. Browse Web with Web Viewer 

The Web Viewer is Kodi’s text browser. It works by filtering out pages and providing the text in the same sequence found in the HTML file. Fundamental text interactions between websites can be aided by using this linear text browser.

To use it, you’ll have to install the add-on. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. First, you must Launch Kodi, then select Add-ons.
  2. Click on the icon present on the upper left side.
  3. Select Install from repository.
  4. Now find and select the Kodi Add-on repository.
  5. Click on the Program add-ons option.
  6. Navigate to and click on Web Viewer.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Click OK to install essential dependencies.
  9. Kodi will notify you once the Web Viewer is installed.

Now use the Web Viewer by going to Program add-ons and launching it.

Part 2. Browse Web with Chrome Launcher 

The Chrome Launcher is already installed on your Kodi if you followed the steps mentioned above. Chrome Launcher is a very convenient add-on and is user-friendly as well. Features like shortcuts to frequently visited websites make it a top-notch option for browsing on Kodi.

Installation of Chrome Launcher requires the following steps:

  1.  Launch Kodi. Select the icon from the upper part of the left panel to enter System.
  2.  Select the File manager option from the System page.
  3.  Double click the option that says Add Source from the left side of the column.
  4.  Double click the None from the box located in the center.
  5.  Click on the copy & paste option in the pop-up that will appear, or type in the address, http://ghost-repo.de/ in the media location box. Now click on the OK button present on the lower-right side.
  6.  Provide a name for the media source you just entered as Ghost.
  7.  Now, return to the main menu. Select the Add-ons from the left panel.
  8.  Click the box icon located in the upper part of the left panel.
  9.  Select the Install option from the zip file.
  10.  Click on the option stating the media source Ghost that was added to Kodi.
  11.  Click on repository.Ghost.zip file within.
  12.  Wait until a message appears on the top right side saying: Ghost Repo Add-on installed. Click on the icon; Install from the repository from the interface you’re on.
  13.  Click on Ghost Repo.
  14.  Select Program add-ons.
  15.  Search for and click on Chrome Launcher.
  16.  Click Install from the lower-right side of the settings panel.
  17.  Click OK to install essential dependencies.
  18.  Wait until a message saying Chrome Launcher add-on installed is visible on the screen.

Now that the launcher has been installed, you’ll have to follow the following instructions to make it functional on your Kodi.

To browse with Chrome Launcher, you’ll have to launch it first. Once you launch the add-on, the next step is to add the desired website.

You can do this by adding the heading or title for it and its associated URL. This will generate an option for a new website. The Chrome launcher will do its job by taking you directly to the corresponding webpage on the chrome browser. 

While this is happening, Kodi will still be running in the background as usual.

Set Up a Custom Launcher

This concludes all the steps to use Kodi to its full potential. But since an add-on is not an original app but a hack to enjoy a similar experience, the Chrome Launcher lacks compared to the actual Chrome browser.

Some launchers such as YouTube are already present on the Chrome browser, but you can manually add them to your add-on if you visit them frequently.

The steps to set up your Chrome Launcher for websites you enjoy visiting often are as follows:

  1. In the Chrome Launcher window, you’ll choose the option Add Website.
  2. Type in the desired URL and choose OK.
  3. Do not change the settings given on the next page and only click on OK.
  4. Next, you just have to select the new launcher.
  5. This step will swiftly launch the home page of the website you were trying to launch.

It is worth mentioning that even though this is a suitable alternative for the original browser, it is not comparable to it. The Chrome Launcher you’re using on Kodi can not replace the extensive features of the patented software.

There are limits attached to it. But what it is suitable for are the small-scale searches you can quickly and conveniently conduct on your Kodi. You can perform searches for IMDB ratings of your favorite movies, swift internet surfing for information on streaming content, or other menial tasks with optimum efficiency.

FAQs on Kodi Web Browser

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding browsing with Kodi. Let’s take a look at each of them and solve your queries once and for all.

Is Kodi Secure?

This is one of the most common inquiries. Those of us who remember Napster and Limewire realize that there are hazards to downloading content onto your devices. While Kodi is not inherently harmful, it can be what you do with it. To keep safe when watching, we recommend utilizing a VPN such as ExpressVPN.

In Kodi security, downloading add-ons from reputable developers is a brilliant place to start. As with anything internet-related, your machine is only safe against malware if you take the necessary precautions to avoid downloading malware.

Of course, Kodi has a thorough list of safe add-ons, as do the unofficial repositories listed above. Go to the Kodi Wiki to get an up-to-date list of all add-ons that the developers consider safe, but keep in mind that the XBMC Foundation does not create these add-ons.

What Is Kodi Compatible?

Kodi is compatible with practically every gadget. The media center software is simple to install and works with OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, and even the Raspberry Pi microcomputer series.

The method is somewhat more challenging for iOS users because the Kodi app isn’t available in the App Store. Therefore, iPhone users have two options: unless they utilize Cydia Impactor, they must guarantee their phone is jailbroken before installing Kodi. This free macOS software enables iOS users to install non-App Store apps. However, keep in mind the legal implications of utilizing such apps on an Apple iPhone.

More technically adept users may install Kodi on their phones and iPads using Apple’s XCode.

What Is Available on Kodi?

Kodi web browser empowers you by allowing you to install pre-installed and third-party applications that provide a wide range of streaming sources and content. Various third-party applications provide movies, TV shows, sports broadcasts, YouTube material, social networking content, and other services.

For the most part, you can watch whatever you want. However, keep in mind the legality of watching such a video and how you got it; if you have paid subscriptions to some providers, an app that allows you to see their content may be lawful.

It all depends on the subscription source’s terms and conditions, such as YouTube, Netflix, and CBS All Access, to name a few.

Can I Use Kodi to Replace My TV Service?

As previously stated, Kodi does not deliver any content.

Technically, no. Kodi web browser will not be able to replace your cable service on its own. However, Kodi can store all of your favorite streaming services in one easy interface that can be used on practically any device.

It may be a terrific solution for discovering your favorite shows and movies more simply than combing through many programming alternatives.

Use Kodi Responsibly 

As stated before, Kodi itself is entirely legitimate software, and its usage is within the law if used properly.

However, the fact of the matter is that internet surveillance is a well-established phenomenon and is a significant source of making hefty cash for internet service providers everywhere. There is no limit to the amount of browsing data that these service providers can access.

Adding to it, the risks of hackers and intelligence agencies tracking movements on the internet creates an even more significant threat when unprotected surfing.

Hence the most responsible and safe option regarding your privacy and security is none other than a good VPN.

There are various VPN options to choose from with optimum efficacy and safety for you to choose from. Make the responsible choice and install a VPN whether you’re only streaming or using the Kodi web browser.

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