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UPDATE:  There is a new version of BMC available!  Here are the updated BMC APK download links:

There are a ton of ways to unlock your Firestick. One of the easiest to open up all the possibilities of the internet is to install a build someone else has already set up, for example BMC on Firestick.

  • BMC is a Kodi fork with a wizard pre-installed.  The wizard installs the best, current Kodi addons for you.  Enjoy!

This saves you the time of researching and installing all your own addons for Kodi. It’s also foolproof because someone else is doing all the work and making sure the addons are still available. (Sometimes they just stop working.)

What is BMC for Firestick?

BMC is short for Badazz Media Center. It’s a fork of Kodi, but the developers took the open source Kodi base and built the addons into the install file, so everything is right at your fingertips.

Think of it like Legos. Instead of getting individual Lego blocks, you get a kit to build a castle. All the blocks you need are right there in the package. All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions.

BMC comes with addons for movies, TV shows, Android apps, emulators, music, and the ability to add even more options. If you weren’t already overwhelmed with the possibilities that come in the Amazon app store for your Firestick or Fire TV, this will turn it into the ultimate media machine.

Follow the step by step instructions below or check out the video!

Important:  The video below is now outdated.  Instead of using the video below, use the BMC 2019 APK download links at the top of this article.

Step 1: Installing the DroidAdmin (aka FileLinked) App

BMC on Firestick doesn’t come in the Google Play app store. That means you have to install a program first that lets you install apps from the internet. (Make sure you already have “apps from unknown sources” enabled in your Firestick settings.)

  1. On the Firestick home screen, go to the search icon
  2. On the keyboard that pops up, enter “droidadmin”
  3. Go down to Droidadmin so that you highlight it in yellow, click to search
  4. Go down to the Apps & Games section, select DroidAdmin (it doesn’t have a fancy icon, it’s just a boring grey box)
  5. On the DroidAdmin screen, go to “Download” and click it.
  6. Give it a minute to download and install, then click the center button to launch it
  7. The app opens an on-screen keyboard, enter the code “40101026” and click “Next”
  8. Confirm that you entered “40101026” then press “Continue”
  9. DroidAdmin will use that code to gather a list of apps, select “BMC 17.6”
  10. Take a short break (BMC is a large file and takes around 5 minutes to download)
  11. Press the play button when the download is finished to launch the install screen

Step 2: Installing BMC on Firestick

This part takes a little while because of the enormous scope of media BMC covers. It’s still faster than researching finding all the addons yourself, but you’ll have an opportunity during this part to take a break and make food or take the dog for a short walk.

  • When BMC in finished downloading through DroidAdmin, click down to the bottom of the screen and select “Install”
  • When the install finishes, select “Open”
  • You’ll get a splash screen with the initial open of BMC, then it’ll launch into the main menu with a popup
  • Dismiss the notification welcoming you to BMC (if you read it, you’ll get a general overview)
  • Next, you’ll get another popup asking what you want to enable. Leave it with the default options by pressing continue
  • Popup #3 will say there is no Midian Build detected, select “Midian Builds”
  • Press okay on the First run help popup
  • You will go to a large menu of builds, select “Install Kryptic 17”
  • The next menu will have options for Fresh Install and Standard Install, select Fresh Install
  • There will be another popup asking if you want to restore your Kodi configuration before installing, select “Continue”
  • This takes a while to download, feel free to make dinner, take a walk, clean something, or whatever suits you
  • BMC installs itself once it finishes downloading, press the back button to wake up the Firestick if necessary to check progress
  • When it’s finished installing, select “Force Close”
  • You are now back in DroidAdmin which you can also close to return to the home screen

From here, BMC on Firestick is good to go. When you launch BMC, it will auto-update the addons for you. Their team is excellent about keeping all the addons up to date and making sure they work. The nice thing about Kodi builds is that you don’t have to constantly deal with addons that suddenly die on you.

To launch BMC, use the following instructions:

  • From the home screen, press the right button to select “Settings”
  • Select to “Applications”
  • Select “Manage Installed Applications”
  • Scroll down until you find BMC, Launch it
  • You’ll get a splash screen for the Kryptic 17 build.
  • When you launch BMC, it will start auto-updating its addons

You now have a bazillion hours of media at your fingertips. The next section will cover how to get the most out of BMC on Firestick. There are a few more instructions for tweaking the settings or installing additional addons, but the base model of BMC is good to go.

Side note: As the addons update and you start exploring the options, you may get a popup for a Trakt Account Authorization. Just click “No Thanks” to ignore it.

Intro to Using BMC Like a Pro

As your scroll through the options on the main menu bar, you’ll see things like movies, weather, TV shows, and kids corner. If you are unfamiliar with software like BMC or Kodi, the movies section is the best place to get started.

On some builds, when you have the movies section selected, they’ll show movies at the top of the screen. If you don’t see anything, then you can select from one of the options like Exodus, Covenant, or Oculus. For a trial run, select Oculus.

You will see a loading screen where it says working in the corner as it BMC takes a moment to connect. In the main screen, you can choose from different categories. Do you have an actor for whom you want to watch their entire catalog? Scroll down to “Actors.” In the mood for something terrifying? Go to “Genre.”

For our example, let’s go to top rated. That will pull up a popup saying “Searching for the metadata.” Give it a few seconds to load then it’ll have another menu with top rated movies and their run times for you to choose from. Select a movie that sounds fun and enjoy!

Getting Extra Stuff

One of the perks of having a build, is you have options. If you can’t find anything you feel like watching, you can always try something new.

In this case, if you go over to the BMC menu, there are options for things like Android apps or retro gaming. You can also change things about BMC. For example, if you aren’t thrilled with the Krypton build, you can go to BMC menu, then Midian Builds to change your build.

Extra Stuff Tutorial

To explore the extra things that BMC can do for you, these are instructions for installing additional Android apps that you can run within BMC. For our example, we are using Terrarium TV.

  • In BMC, select BMC from the main menu
  • Above the BMC menu, “Android Apps”
  • You will have a menu of categories, select “Movie/TV Show Apps”
  • There is a huge submenu of options, select “Terrarium TV 1.9.2,” click download
  • Select “Install” once the download finishes

Want to play some games? Go to “Retro Games” and select the emulator you want, download and install it. Then select the ROMs you want for that emulator. (ROMs are the game files the emulator uses.)

If you are planning on enjoying BMC on Firestick to the fullest, we strongly recommend looking into a VPN. It allows you to protect yourself from nosy authoritarian figures if you happen to do something by accident.

Keep in mind that we do not advocate copyright infringement in any way. The instructions above are for educational purposes only.

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