Blamo Repo down?  If you’re wondering why, then search no further.  In this article, I show you the Best Kodi Addon Alternative For Blamo Repo.  Blamo Repo shut down recently, so we give you these alternate solutions to help you and your Kodi out.

On February 14, 2018, The Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) sent cease and desist letters to developers who are a part of the Kodi-Addon community. ACE represents some Hollywood bigwigs like Netflix, HBO, Amazon, to name a few. ACE alleges that the Kodi development community is encouraging copyright infringement. Some of the software that has been created can bypass media protocol and stream content without permission or a paid subscription.

Because of the cease and desist letters or not, Blamo has taken down the Repository (Repo) and with it the Placenta Kodi Addon. The placenta was well developed, and Blamo was super about adding new features to the addon and keeping the scrapers up to date.

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With the departure of Blamo, thus Placenta, what is there in the Kodi community to replace it? Kodi Add-ons is open source software which means anyone can change the code to create an identical look alike. What is out there to take over where the Placenta left off?

Placenta replacement should come coded in Python with scrapers installed. Web scrapers crawl the web and extract data from different websites. Often called data mining, scrapers display data but do not store it. Paired with a URLResolver, that decodes web files, slips past captcha to retrieve the streaming data play on Kodi Media Center.

And The Winner to Fix “Blamo Repo Down” Status is…

1.  Yoda

The Yoda Kodi addon gets its name from the Jedi Master of Star Wars fame. Yoda is a variant of Exodus/Covenant Addons comes from the Supremacy Repository with a reputation for high-quality add-ons.

Yoda brings new features and changes that make this Kodi Addon a genuine contender to take Placenta’s place.

2.  Incursion

Enter Incursion, a fork of Exodus, they share the same code, making them almost identical. As a Kodi Addon, Incursion is multi-source software built from scratch. The developer has improved Incursion abilities and added new features are making it more than an adequate as a Kodi Addon to replace Placenta.

3.  FreeFlix HQ

To replace Kodi Add-on Placenta on an Android device, FreeFlix HQ is a good choice. This is an Android APK that does not run in Kodi, it installs on an Android device, runs with other apps. FreeFlix HQ supports its own scrapers, has many of the same features as Placenta, so take a look at it.

4.  Exodus

Like Placenta, Exodus was lost when its developer stopped working on it. Things are looking up for Kodi users as Exodus has been picked up by Kodi Bea and is now back in action. Exodus is being updated by Kodi Bea and can be considered as another Placenta alternative.

5.  Gaia

UPDATE:  The “Gaia” addon (listed below) actually contains malware, so don’t use it!

A fork of Kodi Addon ‘Bubbles’, Gaia came into being when its developer stopped working on it, then someone else took the project over.
When the Kodi user is searching for content to stream, Gaia links to different websites where movies or TV shows are stored. The web scrapers used with Placenta are alive and well, making Gaia the better replacement choice

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More Blamo Repo Down Alternatives

If you still want alternatives for Kodi Blamo Repo, then try these excellent solutions: