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Use this guide to install the best Windows 10 Antivirus software.

The need for cyber and data security is always increasing with the rise in the use of the internet. Before the era of the web, the computing devices were relatively simple and had limited capabilities. However, the use of the Internet has expanded the horizons for the utilization of a computer, thereby including several factors into play.

You can use the Internet in multiple ways, and some of these ways are almost limitless. However, the extent of safety on the web is continuously decreasing. One of how your data faces grave danger from the unreliable sources s in the form of viruses. Hence, to make sure that your computer is not infected with a virus, you need the best antivirus. If you are using Windows 10 on your PC, then you have the best Windows 10 antivirus installed. If an antivirus is not yet installed on your computer, then read this article to know the consequences. You will also know about the best Windows Security solution.

The Consequences of not protecting your computer

Threat to Your Data

A virus is a computer program that has the potential to corrupt or steal the data stored on a computing device, such as a tablet, smartphone, or personal computer. The constant evolution of viruses and other such equally dangerous programs like malware, spyware, trojan, etc. send threats to the data on a regular basis. These threats call for the development of the programs that defend your computer and delete these harmful files before they cause any significant damage. These protective programs are commonly known as Antivirus. We will have a look at the best Windows 10 antivirus later in this article.

Financial loss

If a spyware has been installed on your computer that you also use to access your bank accounts, then you may experience financial losses as well. Spyware is a type of malicious program that steals information from your computer and sends it to the hacker. Furthermore, the hacker uses that information to make an entry into your valuable accounts and make you bankrupt. It happens because a spyware has the potential to capture screenshots of all your activities plus it records the key strokes. Additionally, when you type your username and password to login to your bank account, the information is sent to the hacker by the spyware installed on your computer.

These are two of the major consequences of not installing a good antivirus program to secure your computer.

Recent Threatening Events

The recent computer virus attack that shook the world took place a few months ago. A malicious program, known as, Wannacrypt Ransomware or wcry2.0 infected multiple computers across the world. This attack led to a loss of millions, and critical hospital services were shut down for several days. The virus also affected the courier giant of the world, FedEx and affected its computers.

The program exploited a small loophole in the Windows OS, thereby infecting the computers. After infecting the computers, the virus held the computer’s data ransom for payment nearly 300–400 dollars from the owner.

Attacks like these are imminent, and installation of the best Windows antivirus program is one of the most efficient ways to safeguard your data against such attacks.

Best Windows 10 Antivirus

One of the best Windows 10 antiviruses that help you secure the files on your computer is the Windows Defender. Let us go through the reasons why the Windows Defender antivirus is all you need to secure your computer of an imminent virus attack.

Windows 10 Antivirus Features (Windows Defender)

The most important features of the Windows Defender antivirus are listed below.

1. Inbuilt into the OS

The Windows Defender antivirus is inbuilt into the system when you buy a new computer with Windows 10. In case, you buy a separate Windows 10 installation CD for installing the OS on your DOS system; you still get the benefits of installing the Windows Defender free. Since it is integrated with the OS, it is optimized to run on your Windows 10 computer without hindering the performance of your device.

2. Free of cost

Most of the premium antivirus applications are available to you at a premium price. However, the Windows Defender antivirus is free with a genuine copy of the Windows 10 PC. You do not need access to any key to separately activate the Windows Defender software since it integrates with your OS.

3. Helps Save Storage Space

Since the antivirus comes preinstalled with your Windows 10 PC, you need not shell out any extra space for installation of a third-party antivirus software. This feature stands as the most useful for computers with limited storage space. Premium computers feature a faster, lighter, and smaller SSD with lesser storage space than the conventional hard disk drives.

4. Automatic Free Updates

Several Microsoft engineers work on the constant development of antivirus database to help you secure your data against the latest threats. With Windows Defender, you get access to these updates automatically. The Windows Defender virus definitions automatically get the necessary updates with every Windows 10 update.

5. No Bloatware

Since the Defender comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 OS, you need not bother uninstallation of any other bloatware. The third-party antivirus software often features a lot of bloatware that harms the performance of the computer.

6. Nifty Scanning Features

Windows Defender features several scanning options for the creation of an intuitive interface. These features allow you to scan your computer for threats on a regular basis. Some of the nifty scanning features include,

  • Automatic Scan for Removable Devices
  • Periodic Scan for the computer’s hard disk
  • Notification and Reminders for threat removal
  • Background scanning, etc.

7. Real-Time Protection

The real-time protection feature on the Windows Defender is perhaps one of the most important features on the antivirus. Real-time protection allows the Windows 10 antivirus software to regularly check for threats on your computer with a background process. This real-time protection feature automatically detects the malicious computer program and takes the necessary steps to delete or quarantine it.

8. Safe Internet Use

The defender keeps a check on your Internet usage and downloaded files to make sure that you do not visit a potentially dangerous site. With the inbuilt feature to monitor your Internet activity and protect the system from real-time threats, the Windows Defender antivirus serves as an addon to your browser to warn you about the safety levels of a particular website.

9. Cloud-based Protection

The world is quickly adopting the storage of data over a cloud. With faster data migration rates and easy accessibility of data over multiple devices, the cloud-based storage also helps you save a considerable amount of data on your computer’s limited storage space. Storage space is essential for your PC to run smoothly.  Furthermore, the Windows defender helps you secure the data downloaded or uploaded from/to your cloud to make sure that your files are safe over the internet.

10. Hassle Free Notifications

The Windows Defender closely integrates with the Windows 10 OS. It allows the Windows 10 antivirus software to send you notifications in a hassle free manner using the notification bar located on the side of your desktop screen.

These are some of the amazing features of Windows defender that make it the best Windows 10 antivirus and the one-stop solution to secure your computer.

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