Here’s a list of the best streaming sites where you can stream TV Shows and movies.  In this list, we include only legit free streaming sites.

The list below contains the best streaming sites for TV shows and movies.  Crackle, PopcornFlix, Vimeo, and YouTube are the freebies.  In contrast, you’ll need to pay for Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGo.

Here is our list of the best streaming sites:

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  1. – Despite the fact that most people know YouTube as a site that only hosts short video clips, YouTube actually boasts a vast ocean of great online-only TV series.
  2. – YouTube’s cousin-in-law, Vimeo, is intended for more business-driven content, such as videos that need to be free of YouTube’s branding for one reason or another.  Vimeo also focuses on providing the highest-definition content possible to their viewers.
  3. – Crackle has been a heavy-hitter in the free legit streaming TV services arena for years now.  They have apps available for just about every device type, so it’s great for people who just want simple, free, legit, high-quality content.  Oh yeah – movies on Crackle are actually good movies you’ve heard of.
  4. – PopcornFlix is Crackle’s younger sibling (if streaming TV services were a family).  PopcornFlix doesn’t have as good of movie selection as Crackle, but it’s still one of the best free streaming sites for legitimate TV streaming lovers.
  5. – There’s nobody who hasn’t heard of Netflix.
  6. – Hulu is good for TV shows, but not the best for movies.
  7. – The quality of content on HBO Go is staggering.  Shows like VICE (by Bill Maher) are simply unbeatable.
  8. – Tubi.TV is yet another amazing streaming TV app & service.  Install Tubi.TV on Android for free!
  9. – provides some awesome HD content.
  10. – This streaming TV service offers all horror movies!

The Low-Down:

These sites will get you up and streaming HD quality shows and movies in no time.

Honorable Mentions for Best Streaming Sites

YouTube (The King)

  • YouTube is still the king of online video streaming sites.  They’re arguably not one of the best streaming sites – but the best site from which you can stream live movies and TV shows.  Sure – Hollywood movies aren’t listed on YouTube, but some free (public domain) movies are on YouTube, too!