What is the Best Streaming Service for Firestick in 2023?

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Using the best streaming service means you can completely cut off the cord once and for all. You can then free yourself from the challenges that come with cable boxes and monthly contracts. But, even the streaming services are getting a bit complicated for ordinary folks. Lots of content comes and goes on a monthly basis. New streaming services enter the market. Older ones get rebranded or even go out of existence. With so much going on, you never know what the ideal streaming service to subscribe to is. Thankfully, we have gone through an extensive research process to find the best ones for you. During this research, we took into consideration the price, popularity, available content, and user experience to compile this list of the best streaming services for Firestick.

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The Best Streaming Service for Firestick in 2022

There’s already too much competition among the top streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, and the likes). The closure of theatres due to the pandemic has also helped boost these services. Sometimes it feels like there’s a never-ending supply of content to watch. However, a good thing is that most of these services work on monthly subscription packages. You can easily compare the prices to find a suitable service. And as they let you come and go, if you are not satisfied with their service, you can easily switch to any competitor without hassle. This way, you can even keep your monthly bills down to a more manageable level. Plus, when you know what services offer what type of content, there’s no need to subscribe to multiple streaming services offering the same content.

Streaming Services Available

With that out of the way, let’s look at the best streaming services. While compiling this list, we deliberately left out some good ones. Therefore, their names need an honorable mention. The first of these is AT&T TV. The newly renamed service has a much higher channel-to-cost ratio. Due to this, it gets beat to the pulp by Fubo and Sling TV on our list. Similarly, Peacock TV and Paramount Plus are decent services but not value-driven.

NVIDIA Shield TV vs Fire Stick 4K – What Are The Differences?

NVIDIA Shield TV is a similar device to Firestick 4K but offers some extra features. These include external storage in addition to internal 8GB ROM. Furthermore, it can be connected to Google Assistant which is not possible with the firestick. But most importantly, NVIDIA allows AI Upscaling which is not also available in Firestick 4K. However, these additional features come at a much higher cost which is more than twice that of Firestick. Hence, it is for the users to decide whether the features are worth the extra price.

What Are The Best Streaming Services?

If you want the best of the best streaming services, then the crown, undoubtedly, rests on Netflix. Netflix has an extensive library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original programming. And it continues to grow with each passing day. Netflix essentially controls user conversations around streaming services. It continues to provide one hit show after another, such as The Queen’s Gambit, Dead to Me, Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, and Tiger King, to name a few.

Netflix offers all the premium features that competitors took years to consider. For instance, user profiles are one feature that is considered standard with Netflix. However, its top competitor Amazon took an entire year to offer Prime Video users the same feature. That is why, even though Netflix is considering another price increase in the not-too-distant future, it continues to top of our list of the best streaming services.

When it’s not impressive with original programming, Netflix keeps the bar for streamers high with its acquisition of programs from other sources. With the acquisition of fan-favorite sitcoms like Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Community, Netflix has kept its competitors far behind in the sheer depth of available programs. That’s why the premier streaming service continues to lead the pack.

Best Streaming Service to Replace Your Cable TV

HBO MAX comes a close second with its extensive catalog of HBO programming. It’s now offering WB’s entire 2022 movie slate simultaneously as it releases in the theaters with no additional charges. It is also slowly building the library with original shows such as The Flight Attendant, Chernobyl, Raised by the Wolves, and others. Some users flock to HBO Max because of the DCEU films and shows such as Wonder Woman 1984, Doom Patrol, The Harley Quinn Show, and Teen Titans.

Disney Plus is a relative newcomer, but if you are a fan of Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s a must-have. It has nearly all of the movies and TV shows from these two universes. It’s also home to originals such as WandaVision, The Mandalorian, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, as well as the critically acclaimed Pixar universe. While its cost rose $1 this march, the upcoming slate of Marvel and Star War shows will definitely help retain the enthusiasts.

Other services on our list stand out for different reasons. For example, Sling TV is one of the most affordable services out there. Fubo TV, on the other hand, caters to sports fans.

The Best Streaming Services Now

Netflix – The Best Streaming Service Around

Netflix Streaming App
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As we already discussed, the father of all streaming services, Netflix remains the best streaming service even in 2022. It provides unlimited streams of Movies, TV shows, sitcoms, documentaries, and original programming for a monthly subscription plan. You can create up to five user profiles on a single account to ensure you get the right recommendations for each family member (there’s some raunchy stuff on Netflix!). Four of them can even stream simultaneously, provided your internet can keep up with the streaming requirements. Netflix constantly adds newly acquired movies and removes older ones, so you may have to be vigilant with content, especially when it comes to acquired programming.

Netflix releases complete seasons of TV shows and series which is not the case with other services like Hulu. Most OTT platforms release just a handful of episodes and most of them are recent. This makes it difficult for users that are too far behind the show. For example, all seasons of Friends and The Office were available on the website at once.

Furthermore, Netflix now has an excellent production house of its own. Many of the original productions have become pop cultural phenomena. It includes shows like Black Mirror, Ozark, Russian Doll, and Stranger Things among others. That said, this feature is not unique to Netflix as it once used to be like Amazon Prime and HBO also have launched its own house.

In terms of content selection, user experience, and service performance, no other streaming service has given Netflix a run for the money in the truest sense of the term. Its app is compatible with almost any platform and streaming device you can name. And while there’s no live video feature, the available content (both originals and acquired) makes up for it. As much as we love this service, the only major drawback is its higher than usual price. Not to mention, they increased their price yet again, making it $13.99 a month for its standard package. The 4K premium package got even more expensive after the recent price hike to $17.99 a month. 

HBO Max –  The Best Streaming Service For Prestige TV

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HBO Max offers everything that HBO offers, and even some more. While its sister entertainment services, HBO and HBO Max various popular shows, HBO Max adds a lot more for just $14.99 a month (with three simultaneous streams). It packs WB’s entire future movie slate along with original programming. Thus, HBO Max is in a much better position to compete with Netflix. Some HBO Max highlights include Game of Thrones, Westworld, Wonder Woman 1884, The Flight Attendant, and Doom Patrol.  And not to forget, HBO Max also has Friends, the Studio Ghibli library, and some original shows like the Not Too Late Show.

Furthermore, HBO has recently signed a broadcast deal with Turner Sports and NHL. The agreement has given broadcasting rights to 72 regular season games and some postseason shows as well. Best part? The deals extend to HBO Max as well. So, sports enthusiast would be able to get a regular dose of their favorite games.

The web interface has an elegant dark design with white and purple accents. The thumbnails of the shows and movies stand out but do not overcrowd the pages. Users can also filter content with a left-hand menu on the basis of movies, series, last added, and originals. The only annoying feature is that although it shows movies coming soon but does not display the date or time.

HBO Now is taking a page from Netflix’s book and now focusing on its original programming. This includes getting a new spinoff, The Peacemaker, from director James Gunn’s latest DC adventure, The Suicide Squad. However, as compared to Netflix, this service needs a little more time to really bring that premium user experience we have all come to expect from these services. Sure, it has a decent app that works on all major platforms, but several of its features feel unfinished. It needs a little more time to reach Netflix’s level of user experience and content library.

Disney Plus – The Best Streaming Service For Families

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Disney Plus has achieved more than anyone could predict, from an up-and-coming streaming service to one of the market’s dominant players. And why shouldn’t? Its parent company, Disney, controls a frightening number of intellectual properties (IP). From Marvel to Star Wars, The Simpsons to Disney’s Pixar, there’s a lot to enjoy for the family. At only $8 a month, Disney Plus is one of the cheapest options in the bunch. With one subscription, you can stream on up to 4 screens simultaneously. Plus, most of its content is available in the coveted 4K resolution with HDR colors.

The catalog of Disney Plus is not as extensive as Netflix as of now but it is decent enough. At the time of its launch, the platform included 7,500 TV shows and 500 movies which were way more than giants like Apple TV. Furthermore, the service is adding a plethora of new shows and movies regularly which has made the library good enough. Shows pertaining to all ages are available. Be it kids or adults everyone can get their dose of entertainment.

The only area where the service lags behind is the original productions. Unlike Amazon and Netflix, the service does not own a production house. However, the platform does offer some other exclusive and unique services that are offered by other platforms.

Another great thing about Disney Plus is that they are slowly turning it into a PPV service. This makes sense in post COVID world, where movie theaters are expected to remain closed for a while. Disney tested it first with Mulan at a $30 cost, which was a huge success. This led to the release of Raya and the Last Dragon in March 2021. And now we are hearing that Disney will be releasing its another big release, Black Widow, simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming platforms. Marvel’s other original show WandaVision recently finished its big season. With The Mandalorian Season 3 already in the cards, Disney Plus seems like a go-to option for most families at this time.

Hulu -The Best Streaming Service For Cord-Cutters

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In case you want to follow all the currently on-air TV shows but don’t want to invest in a cable subscription or get an HD antenna, Hulu is your best bet. It offers access to all the major network shows along with some cable shows a day after they go on air. Hulu allows two simultaneous streams on every major streaming platform and a streaming device. This includes select models of Samsung TVs, VIZIO TVs, Xbox, and Playstation 3. The basic package starts at $6, and if you want Live Tv, you can get that too for $65.

Hulu’s documentary library is extensive and more fun than any other platform. It includes celebrity biographies like the Beatles to B.B. King and many others on the lives of musicians. Fashion documentaries like The First Money, Diana Vreeland, and Dior are also available. Adrenaline junkies can also get a dose in documentaries featuring outdoor sports like mountaineering and free climbing.  

What sets this service apart is the fact it pertains to audiences that look beyond entertainment. News Channels like ABC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, and Fox News are also available. Channels including Animal Planet, National Geographic, and Food Network are available for users that look beyond movies for entertainment. You would find these features on services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Moreover, the service has a handful of original shows (thanks to joint ventures with BBC, Marvel entertainment, and others), some offbeat movies, and an unexpectedly decent collection of classic anime. One major difference between Hulu and other streaming services is that you have to sit through some commercials even with a premium subscription. However, these are still fewer than regular commercials on a cable network. Its Live Tv streaming is also a solid option. Besides, it lets you watch even CBS programming.

Amazon Prime Video – The Best Streaming Service You’re Already Paying For

Amazon Prime Video Logo

Amazon’s Prime Video is a no-brainer for those who mostly shop from the online store. Prime Video comes with prime benefits. For just $119/year, you can get absolutely free 2 days of shipping on all of your purchases along with the streaming service. That’s not all. Also included in the package is a free Kindle book on a monthly basis and unlimited free access to Amazon Music. Like Netflix, Prime Video hosts an extensive range of movies, TV shows, and original programming. Some of its popular original shows are The Man in the High Castle, The Boys, Jack Ryan, and Bosch.

Prime Video will also broadcast Thursday Night Football games in 2022. The best part? It has these rights exclusively. Hence, Football enthusiasts have no choice but to subscribe to this service to get access to Thursday Night Football. Furthermore, Amazon has also announced that it will stream 16 regular seasons of WNBA games in addition to Commissioner’s Cup championship games. The point is, that users would have plenty of live sports to watch in addition to TV shows and movies.

Because of Viacom’s exclusive rights deal, Prime Video is the top streaming service for comedy and kids’ programs. The service also provides unrestricted access to HBO’s back catalog of classic programmings such as The Wire, Game of Thrones, and The Sopranos. With Prime Video, you can even want to buy or rent a particular movie or TV show. Overall, the price for the overall package is dead on. However, the user interface needs a little more polishing before it can pose serious competition to Netflix. 

Sling TV – The Best Live TV Streaming Service

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In theory, Sling TV seems like just another Cable connection. You pay a monthly fee ($35 for new subscribers) for about 30 real-time cable channels. But, the good thing is, there’s no contract involved, and you don’t need to pay Tvtop box rental fees (or get an antenna to watch HD content). The channel lineup is pretty decent. And you can watch up to four streams simultaneously for a single subscription fee. Sling TV is particularly handy for sports enthusiasts. You can get a variety of ESPN channels in different packages.

Other popular cable networks on Sling Tv are CNN, BBC, CN, Food Network, TBS, and NBC. As it’s a live TV streaming service, there is no original programming. You are limited to what the affiliate networks show on their channels. On the plus side, you get a cloud DVR facility with your package absolutely free. So, you can record almost any streaming channel and watch at your convenience. If the cable is too expensive for you and you don’t want all the content that comes with it, Sling TV is the happy middle-ground.

Fubo TV – The Best Streaming Service For Sports Aficionados

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If you want to access cable channels without all the hassle that comes with a cable subscription, Fubo TV is another decent option. Sure, it’s somewhat expensive, but the sheer number of niche sports networks available is worth a shot. Fubo TV’s standard plan takes $64.99 off of your bank account. In return, you get 120+ cable channels, including channels from every major cable network (including Fox, ESPN, and ABC). Yes, Fubo got access to the ESPN network after a deal with Disney last August. Now you can watch all of ESPN’s content on this service.

What makes Fubo TV stand out from the competition is that it offers 4K streaming for some of the content on demand. But, there’s limited DVR storage when compared with other competitors such as Sling and Youtube TV. While Fubo’s lineup of channels leans heavily towards sports, there are some entertainment, news, and lifestyle options as well. These include AMC, MTV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime, BBC America, and more. What’s more, with one subscription, you can stream on up to 4 streaming devices simultaneously. Perfect for watching multiple games at the same time.

Crackle – One of the Best Free Streaming Services

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Crackle takes you back to the golden days of cheesy action flicks, hilarious sitcoms, and classic anime without costing a dime. This Sony-owned streaming platform shows films, Tv series, and some original programming on a regular basis. The service is absolutely free of cost, but you do have to sit through intermittent commercials. As far as programming is concerned, it’s not blockbuster material but stuff you have probably heard of from a nerd. Some of the original programmings are also pretty decent.

Besides their web application, you can access this service on Roku, Apple TV, Gaming consoles, Android TV, and Amazon’s Fire lineup of devices. Our only major complaint with this service is that the picture quality taps out at a meager 480p – even Youtube videos stream in full HD, folks! However, the streaming itself is very smooth. Streams load quickly. If you don’t want to spend anything on a streaming service, Crackle’s decent content library and SD picture quality should do the trick.

How To Choose The Best Streaming Services For You

Picking a suitable streaming service for you can be a little confusing. That’s because there are so many services and so much entertainment content out there. In the end, it all comes down to what’s your budget and what kind of content you want to watch. Netflix has the most diverse array of content you can find anywhere – both original and acquired. It doesn’t target a specific age group, which means you can get it for the entire household. It will have something for everyone.

But you cannot sleep on services like Prime Video and HBO Now. Prime Video offers some fantastic TV shows such as The Boys, while some equally excellent ones are in active development (and Lord of the Rings fans out there?). Similarly, HBO Now is keeping up with its simultaneous releases and DC entertainment content such as Doom Patrol and Titans. It’s also offering some of the most fan-favorite shows, such as The outsider and Watchmen.

So, we’d suggest picking multiple streaming services instead of one if you can afford them. This way, you can watch most of the content. Just make sure there is no content overlap.

How We Test Streaming Services

Testing streaming services is a lot of fun. With us, we first test the streaming quality of each service on multiple streaming devices, shifting between gaming consoles, web browsers, TVtop devices, and mobile gadgets. And we were often left surprised by how different some services look between these streaming devices.

After that, we test simultaneous streams of every service and 4K streaming and any other extra goodies they offer. We also kept a keen eye on the new content coming to a service or leaving it after a while.

Price, of course, remains a top consideration. Every streaming service keeps on changing the price considering inflation and other factors. Due to this, we have to constantly rethink how each service fares against its competitors. Some, like Netflix, have remained expensive from the get-go. While others like Sling TV have remained on the lower end of the cost spectrum.  

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