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From Netflix to Paramount Plus, there are dozens of paid streaming services out there, and sometimes that’s just too much to keep track of. No one wants to get themselves a month-long subscription for a streaming service for that one movie they were hoping to watch. One by one, these subscription costs can add up to a lot. Before you know it, you’ll be paying as much for 10 streaming services as your monthly electricity bill! 

In these circumstances, it’s amazing to know that there are free streaming services out there. These are websites that have all your favorite shows, from the newest season of Handmaid’s tale to the oldest Hollywood movies! Not only do they not cost you a dime, but they also gather all these amazing shows and movies in one place.

What’s this miracle cure that we’re talking about?

It’s Soap2Day and Soap2Day alternative websites where you can watch your favorite stuff! 

Is Soap2Day Safe? 

With all these free services, you might be rightfully wondering what the catch is. Besides the several click ads that you’ll have to endure, we must let you know that there is a safety concern. But don’t worry just yet! I’ve been using the Soap2Day alternative for quite a while now, and what makes me feel safe and secure is IPVanish.

ipvanish vpn

I know you were promised a free streaming experience, but trust me, this single, low-cost VPN service can go a long way in keeping your personal data safe. You can sign up for a basic IPVanish VPN package that will cost you $3.49 a month, but I personally suggest using the yearly package that comes with a great discount. I pay only $2.62 a month. The best part is, you can get your money fully refunded within the first 30-days if you’re not satisfied. Think about it this way: on the one hand, you’re paying $18 a month for a premium Netflix subscription that only gives you Netflix content. On the other hand, you’re paying $2.62 to avoid the catch of watching everything out there for free! 

Soap2day Alternatives 

Soap2day isn’t exactly on the good list of cyber law. So you might find the website down or switch to a different server. But there’s no need to worry because we bring you a list of Soap2day alternative websites. Moreover, here you can binge on your favorite latest movies and TV shows for free



Bmovies is one of the sites for free streaming and joins the likes of Fmovies and Putlocker. If you haven’t heard a lot about this, it’s probably because you aren’t a seasoned veteran in free movies and TV series streaming. 

Bmovies is a great option because of its user-friendly interface and fast streaming. You can select your free movies and TV series for the day from literally hundreds of titles. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, then just hover over any title to see a pop-up window that briefs you on things like the plot, characters, genre, and actors of the movie. 


Vudu Streaming

VUDU takes the powers of the free streaming industry to the next level. While most Soap2day alternative websites are a little slow on making the latest episode available (although the waiting time isn’t even that long), VUDU changes the game. You can find the newest titles here on VUDU and even see the upcoming titles for unreleased movies. 

All you need to do is sign up for a free account which you can easily link up to your Facebook. 


Sony Crackle app for movies and TV shows

All things considered, really, the only difference in viewer experience on free streaming services and paid ones is pop-up ads. Crackle largely overcomes this hurdle as well. The designers are generous enough to have little to no pop-up ads or click ads. This makes Crackle one of the most popular Soap2Day alternative websites. 

Besides, all the content you’ll find on crackle is in 1080p and streams at impressively rapid rates. 


ePix Logo

ePix is a great hybrid site for free streaming and paid perks. With a quick sign-up account, you can get access to amazing ePix Original streaming content. However, some content isn’t up for free, so ePix is not the most popular free streaming service. For those of you who don’t want to take any chances, ePix is a great option. Besides, the ePix interface is just like the paid streaming services and feels great to use. 


Flixster Movies

Flixter is a great website for those of you obsessed with upcoming content and how newly released movies are doing in the public eye. You can find everything, including the plot of the movie, the actors in the movie, the release dates, and even rotten tomato scores for movies. Flixter will also guide you towards where you can stream the movie. 

So if you’re indecisive about what movie to watch on family movie nights, Flixter is where you do your research. 



Snagfilms is a little harder to navigate than some of the other streaming sites we mentioned about, but it’s where you find the one movie you vaguely recall from your childhood. SnagFilms is an antique store for old but gold movie titles. 

You can browse through an endless sea of genres and titles to find your favorite movie. Additionally, Snagfilms can stream up to 1080p, so you don’t have to compromise on the quality.



We all have that moment when we’re in a particular mood to watch horror movies. But not all streaming services specialize in that department and have all the titles available. FrightPix, like the name suggests, is a perfect place for you to quench your thirst for a good jump-scare thriller movie. 

You can find all the amazing horror titles here and stream them in HD quality for free. FrightPix is much more specific than most titles on our list today, but that allows it to be more specialized in showing horror content.  


Viewster Free Movie Streaming

Viewster, also known as contv.com, is a great global and free streaming site for comic lovers out there. It has all the hundreds of anime episodes for you to binge on. The fast and free HD streaming is what makes Viewster so amazing. With a quick sign-up, you can create your account and get access to amazing content. 




GoWatchIt is synonymous with JustWatch after the two merged into one streaming service. It’s not available in all countries, so you’ll need to visit the website and see from the list of countries if you’re on there. If not, you can just change your location with a VPN network.





BoxTV has some amazing Bollywood titles that are harder to find on many US or Western-centric streaming sites. This makes BoxTV a similar, highly specific pick like FrightPix. If you’re in the mood to watch some desi content, BoxTV is the way to go.




How could we forget the notorious Netflix from our list of streaming alternatives to Soap2Day? Netflix has been growing rapidly over the last few years and has now become a household name. While this is one of the paid streaming services on our list, it’s a favorite for more morally conscious viewers. Besides, the seamless streaming and amazing Netflix originals like Shadow and Bone and Army of the Dead are great views. 


Popcorn Time In Your Browser 

Popcorn Time is a leading name in the free streaming industry among the likes of Fmovies and Putlocker. While you may be familiar with Popcorn time from the beloved app service, you will be surprised to know that the amazing free HD streaming service can also be accessed on your browser. While I still like the app better than the browser because of the user interface and overall ease of navigation, the browser version is still among the best out there. 



Heading “down under,” Stan is a gigantic Australian streaming service. When we say gigantic, we really mean it’s the biggest deal in the streaming industry. With numerous titles at a surprisingly low rate, Stan is a great option for people skeptical of free online movie streaming who don’t want to go for Netflix and Amazon subscriptions. 


Fandor Streaming Service

Fandor, like Netflix and Amazon, is a paid streaming service that you can use as a Soap2Day alternative. But also like FrightPix and BoxTV, Fandor caters to a niche group of viewers. With a Fandor subscription, you can watch the best independent movies out there. There are over four thousand titles for you to choose from. 









iFlix Streaming

Does iFlix sound familiar? If this makes you think of Netflix, then you’ve got the right idea (the red and black theme is also similar). Iflix is a free, subscription-based on-demand streaming service. It doesn’t have all the titles that you might find on sites like Fmovies or Bmovies, but if you like the Netflix interface, then you’ll love using iFlix.  





Amazon Video

Amazon Prime Video Logo

Amazon Video, which also goes by the title of Amazone Prime video (or just prime video), is a big corporation streaming service much like Netflix. Although another paid subscription, Amazon prime video has some of the best original titles. Some of my favorite ones are The Expanse and Black Box. 



Hulu Streaming Service

A sister streaming service to Disney Plus and ESPN plus, Hulu is one of the three biggest streaming services by Disney. This paid subscription streaming service will cost you 5.99 dollars a month after the free month trial period. A free trial period is a great option for people confused about what subscription they should invest in. 

You might be familiar with Hulu as it hosts the beloved dystopian drama thriller The Handmaid’s Tale. 


If you want an app designed for streaming movies and TV shows on the go on your smartphone, you should definitely try Moviebox. The app lets you choose from many titles and has a pretty decent interface for smartphone users. The app is available on your Android, Windows, as well as iOS devices (including iPad).






When you visit YTS.ag, you might be directed to YTS.ms, which is an alternate site. YTS.ag functions similar to Popcorn time because it’s also related to torrent streaming. You can find great torrent links to download and watch TV shows in unbelievable video qualities up to 4k. You can find all the new titles like the Friends reunion or originals from other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for free.  

TV Portal 

TV Portal is another downloadable app that gives you access to an unbelievable amount of content for free. You can stream hundreds of episodes for some of your favorite shows from the app. Tv Portal is a great Soap2Day alternative.



FilMon TV

If you’re looking to stream your favorite team’s match live or want to watch the season finale live to avoid spoilers, FilmOn is your place to go. With a 20-dollar monthly subscription, FilmOn essentially substitutes the need for cable TV. At this price, you can get over 500 channels of high quality. WiFi TV is the future of Television live streaming, and FilmOn is my personal favorite. 




Crunchyroll Company

On the off chance that you couldn’t find your favorite anime on Viewester, or if Viewster was missing an episode, don’t worry; you have multiple options. Crunchyroll also specializes in streaming services for manga, dorama, and anime. The online site also has a games tab, and you can get additional streaming perks by subscribing to the premium version of Crunchyroll.

Play HD Stream 

Play HD Stream Live Streaming

Play HD stream, like the name suggests, is a great pick for someone who’s picky about watching their favorite show in the highest quality. We understand that you might want to get the most out of your favorite show, and Play HD Stream is the perfect answer. 

Play HD stream has most of your favorite titles in HD quality up to 4k, including other options like 720p and 1080p. The user interface might not be the most thought out compared to other user-friendly options like fmovies or bmovies, but you have a variety of genres and titles to choose from. You can find everything from thriller and action to musical, romance, and sci-fi tv shows and movies. You can use Play HD Stream to watch your favorite shows online without signing up. However, you can still make a free account without spending too much of your time. This lets Play HD Stream to keep track of your favorites and make recommendations likewise. Making an account will also let you share your thoughts about the movie in comments and talk to other people about how they felt about that title.  

Putlocker Mix

You might have heard of Putlocker even if you aren’t big on free online streaming. That’s because Putlocker is regarded by many critics as the godfather of free online streaming. Although given how long Putlocker has been running, it has been shut down several times. This makes it hard to track down the original Putlocker. However, you still have a lot of options in the variants. 

One such variant is the Putlocker Mix. The overall experience is the same as Putlocker. You can expect great streaming speeds and find almost any movie or TV show title out there. Putlocker Mix and other variants are arguably among the top three Soap2Day alternative websites.


Cyberflix app icon

CyberFlix is truly an all-in-one free streaming app. I have been using it for a while, and I heavily recommend this. Where some of the best free streaming services offer a large number of titles under one roof, Cyberflix goes another step in making content more accessible. 

 At Cyberflix, you can not only stream thousands of titles at blazing speeds but also Chromecast these to your TV or display device. It also offers subtitles in an unbelievable 255 plus languages. I personally love the incredibly fast server speeds. 



OpenloadFreeTv could be a mouthful, but the streaming services are pretty decent. You can explore a large collection of titles. New movies are regularly updated, and new episodes are added the same day in most cases. The website also offers several servers that you can choose from in case one of them is down or working slower than usual. 



Now TV

Moving over to the British channels, NOW TV is the British equivalent of Stan in Australia. This over-the-top internet television service often has great discounts available, which can save you a lot of money if you are smart about it. NOW TV also has some amazing British titles that you might not be able to find at other places.  


Nites tv has run into some legal issues in the past and, like Putlocker, has been banned occasionally. This streaming service has a lot of shows that you can watch without any buffer issues or too many ad disruptions. It doesn’t ask you to submit any details regarding your credit card information or your registration information, so you don’t have to be worried about safety either. Additionally, with the IPVanish VPN service, even your IP address information is in safe hands.



Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time is an all-time favorite for users looking to get an app that has everything. Popcorn time works as a hybrid torrent/online streaming service and is most highly recommended to be used on the app. 

The Popcorn time app has it all; you can choose to stream content without too much buffering, you aren’t pestered with a lot of ads, and you can download your favorite shows and movies for offline viewing. The app offers high-quality, 1080p torrents to download movies, which you can keep track of at all times.  


Watch FMovies

FMovies is a free streaming classic. It has over ten different name variants. However, you should expect the same level of high quality while streaming and downloading. FMovies categorizes its titles into different genres and also has up-to-date IMDb ratings for its titles. With FMovies, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows from three different servers. This means that if one of the servers is down, has too much traffic, or isn’t giving you the high-quality streaming you want; you can try out the other two. 

FMovies have been a reliable companion for me. Whenever I wanted to watch movies and TV shows I couldn’t seem to find anywhere, I could stream them in high quality on FMovies. The rapidly uploaded episodes and movies are another plus point. 


TUBE+ is a decent streaming app if you’re running out of options. It checks out some of the basic boxes like easy navigation, a decent number of titles, and moderate quality of streaming. 












Butter Project

Butter Project Video Streaming

Butter Project is similar to Popcorn Time in that it streams content from BitTorrent, but it’s not nearly as popular. Also known simply as Butter, the Butter project functions as a suite of open-source, downloadable desktop and phone app. You don’t need to download the titles, but you can stream them directly. The streaming speed is dependent on the ratio of peers (aka seeders) to leechers. You want the number of peers (people who have downloaded the title and are now sharing it with you) to outweigh the leechers (others like you who the peers are sharing with). 


Cinema Box HD

CinemaBox is a high-quality streaming service that works best on your mobile apps. As the name suggests, it’s most known for having the best cinema hits available for streaming in HD quality and high speeds. 

The CinemaBox app is available on Android, iOS, and PC. 










stremio on firestick

If you’re looking for a legal solution to your streaming issues, Stremio could be a great option to look into. While still in its Beta mode, Stremio aims to serve as a one-stop-shop for all your favorite streaming services. Essentially, you pay to get add ons of external streaming services via stream and can manage all your subscriptions from there. Think of Stremio as a modern media center: It’s a morally conscious and reliable option. However, you might want to wait till the Beta version is cleared. 


MovieBoxd is another online streaming website that allows you to access a large collection of streamable titles. It stands out because of its ad-free service, which many users value over other services that have never-ending click-on ads and pop-ups. You can also download content in addition to streaming, and MovieBoxd won’t limit your download speed either. The developers are also always on the lookout for HD versions to become available and upload them as soon as they do. 

Couch Potato

Couch Potato is a very appropriately named site for quarantine binging. It’s a free, open-source service that is available on many different platforms.









MovieRill, also known as Tracxn, is an on-demand movie streaming service. From your desktop PC and Macbook to your Android smartphone or iOS iPhone, you can use MovieRill to stream content for free on all types of devices.





PopCornFlix Movies and TV

Popcornflix, a clever mix of the popular Popcorn Time and Netflix, has been a streaming site for 15 years now. With its experience and time, it has amassed a huge following of movie freaks, and rightfully so. Popcornflix, like Popcorn time, also has an application version. It also has almost any title you can think of, even the old Hollywood movies like Sunset Boulevard.


VidMasta acts as both an online movie and TV show streaming platform as well as a great movie download manager. 


Wuaki TV Streaming Service

Wuaki. tv, also known as Rakuten TV, is an easily accessible streaming service that lets you play your favorite titles on your desktop PC, mobile device, and gaming console for a small price of $4.99 a month. However, Wuaki.tv streaming service isn’t available in several countries, so check if it offers services in your region. 







What is Soap2Day?

Soap2Day is currently among the A-tier free online streaming services among common names like Fmovies and Popcornflix. From comedy to horror and everything in between, you name the genre, and Soap2Day has it. Whether it’s Mommy Dearest or the latest Scooby-Doo movie, Soap2Day has free HD streaming or movies and TV Shows for all ages. 

The best thing about Soap2Day is that it doesn’t ask your for an email ID, credit card, or even registration to start watching free movies. There are occasional ads that the streaming site will have you watch, but that’s the only catch to it and is what allows the creators to keep giving you amazing content. 

I personally like Soap2Day’s interface more than that of other streaming sites out there that offer free services. Soap2Day has a much clearer view, and that makes it easy to navigate. You can directly search for your favorite title or browse through whatever genre you’re in the mood for watching. 

Overall, Soap2Day is the go-to option for streaming free and HD content online. 

Is Soap2Day Legal? 

How Soap2Day and other similar websites function is more complicated than you might think. If you think about it intuitively, there’s no way that these streaming services are providing all this amazing content for free in a completely legal manner. You might be concerned that this distribution is infringing upon copyright laws. 

The issue has more to it than simply that. It all comes down to two things: what content are you streaming, and does the streaming site have rights to it. For the titles that land under the public domain, Soap2Day’s services are completely legal in providing a platform for you to watch. For everything else, it’s a matter of whether the streaming services have proper licensing to distribute the works. 

Overall, it’s hard to determine the exact status of how legal this streaming is, but one thing is certain: streaming content in the public domain has no issues.  

Does Soap2Day Source Viruses Onto Your Device?

There are malicious elements all over the internet. They’re on social media platforms and also on the dark web. Consequently, you will also encounter them on free movie streaming sites. Therefore, let’s just accept that there are no signs of viruses going away anytime soon.

However, while we can’t stop hackers from inventing malicious programs, we can keep them from inflicting significant damage.

Understanding the Soap2Day Virus

The website now uses four top-level domains (TLDs) based on users’ geolocation: .to, .is, .im, and.se. Moreover, the site’s creators started it in 2018 and are still unknown. However, many individuals are still interested in such services. Thus, the platform already has millions of users.

Additionally, the website displays various adverts and pop-ups that may entice users to download viruses and other potentially unwanted applications (PUPs). 

According to several users, it also creates bothersome redirection to numerous online fraud offers and phishing domains.

What It Does

Recent Soap2Day Reddit threads have detailed how this potentially unwanted application transmits another undesirable item. These are known as browser hijackers. 

As a result, people began to post evaluations about this unlawful website on numerous other sites.

 In these, they claimed that it assisted in infiltrating Searchmarquis.com, SearchLee, or Search Baron, on their Macbooks. This PUP is notorious for changing browser settings and redirecting users to a bogus web browser any time they visit their browsers.

Furthermore, browser hijackers tend to acquire personal information about users’ surfing habits. Thus, it may, for example, save anything you put into the search field (including your credentials). Moreover, it keeps your location, Source IP, and browsing history. 

Similarly, many people unknowingly provide personal information. Regrettably, the information acquired is either utilized to serve personalized adverts or shared with other parties.

What This Means for Iphone Users

In addition, Soap2Day delivers another harmful malware for iPhone users. For example, those who enjoy watching TV shows on their cell phones may see an advertisement encouraging them to download a calendar program.

 If the user unintentionally presses the subscribe icon, the advertisement infiltrates a possibly unwelcome program. This interferes with the iPhone’s genuine calendar software.

The malware, in particular, generates a large number of phony events that show on alerts every day. “Tuesday is Your Big Day,” and related phrases manage to pique people’s curiosity.

Regretfully, the event comprises a malicious link that sends viewers to other questionable websites. Thus, it allows other potentially unwanted apps to infect their PCs. Remember that there is no simple solution to remove the iPhone Calendar malware. As a result, many individuals have been compelled to factory reset their iPhones.

Despite the reasons above, we highly advise you to delete the Soap2Day malware from your pc or tablet before it infects additional cyber dangers.

What to Do About It?

If your device caught contamination while watching films on this website, you should get a trustworthy antivirus to aid in the removal process.

You should ensure that your system is free of any alterations done by browser hijackers after removing the malware. It is also necessary to restore its settings to their original configuration. Moreover, try a more trustworthy soap2day alternative to reduce the chances of malware entry into your device.

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