10 Best Showtime Series and How to Watch them on Firestick

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Finding quality entertainment can be a tricky situation if you do not know where to look. That is why more and more people are turning to Showtime as a means of finding new shows to watch.

10 Best Showtime Series and How to Watch them on Firestick

If you’re interested in trying something new and exciting in terms of your personal entertainment, then it might be time for you to grab a firestick and get new outcomes!

What is Showtime, and what are its features?

First, we have to talk about Showtime and what makes it such an attractive choice for people looking for entertainment.

Among the things you get when you sign up for Showtime are original series, limited series, access to films, and many more forms of entertainment. This exclusive service allows you to watch content that is highly entertaining and easy to sort through according to your tastes.

Unlike some of the other premium channels and experiences that are out there today, using Showtime is rather straightforward and somewhat devoid of special features that are not readily available on other parts of the television service.

Still, you can expect to fast-forward, rewind, and pause shows as you desire. The service hosts a searching feature, too. That way, you may look for specific movies or films to enjoy.

Now that you know about what you will want to watch on Showtime, it is important to learn how you can access this service.

How to watch Showtime on Firestick?

Although most people think of the Firestick as a third-party means of obtaining access to certain shows and movies, it does contain a provision to give the user access to Showtime through an application.

We’re going to show you the best ways to install Showtime on your Firestick so that you can start to enjoy your Showtime anywhere you want!

  1. First, you must go to the search icon on the Fire TV home screen. It will look like a magnifying glass
  2. Once there, you should use the search feature to seek out the “Showtime Anytime” application
  3. The search bar will populate with items, including the “Showtime Anytime” app that you desire
  4. The Fire TV will take you to another screen where you will confirm your selection of downloading the Showtime app
  5. After you have been taken to the final selection phase, click “Get,” and the Firestick will begin to download the app for you

These are the basic steps to finding the Showtime app on the Firestick, but you will also want to know how to start using it. Here is what you have to know:

  1. Go to the Showtime app and launch it on your device
  2. Click on the “Start Your Free Trial” or “Sign In”
  3. Enter your information for either of the aforementioned selections
  4. Fill in any required information for new subscribers (if applicable)
  5. Continue into the app’s home page and start choosing shows and movies to watch

Using a Firestick to get access to the Showtime app is a fun and exciting method to spend time watching high-quality shows and films.

Now that you understand this fast and simple method of obtaining access to the app, you can begin to think about which series you would like to watch the most.

10 Best Showtime series

What are the best shows on Showtime that you can watch? We’re going to show you some of the best series that are on the Showtime app. That way, you know several good options for you and your family to enjoy!

1. Twin Peaks: The Return

The original Twin Peaks show was one of the best-received programs of all time. Now, Twin Peaks: The Return is going to take you back to the familiar town and put you in all new situations!

This limited series has less than two dozen episodes, but it is a direct continuation of the original series! You’ll see many of the same stars from the original, and you’ll never know what to expect in terms of content!

2. Homeland

Homeland is another famous series that asks, “what happens when you suspect that a senior member of the military is working for the other side?” It’s a cat and mouse game that keeps you engaged and thrilled the entire time!

3. Couples Therapy

We should not forget about reality shows, which are popular not only among couples but also among single people. A recent survey intended for loveaholics users showed that 60% of the “Couples Therapy” audience were single people still looking for a soulmate.

4. Shameless

A poor family in Chicago led by the hilarious Frank and his daughter, Fiona, tries to scrape by. The large family, old and young, do their best to deal with local criminals and the constant need to make house payments. You’ll fall in love with this American family over and over.

5. Billions

A District Attorney in New York finds that a hedge fund manager is using his position to steal a lot of money. The attorney carefully builds his case and hopes that he doesn’t lose his lifetime record of convictions.

6. Dexter

Can you imagine rooting for the serial killer in a TV show? Then you’d love Dexter. The titular character hunts down other killers and generally bad people. You’ll have to examine your conscience as you watch him go head-to-head with his fellow police officers!

7. Penny Dreadful

Have you ever wondered about the origin of Frankenstein and other familiar monsters from literature? This is the show for you, then! Learn about the dark origins of your favorite stories!

8. Outlander

What happens if you were living in World War II and then suddenly found yourself in 18th century Scotland? Well, Claire Randall finds out in this interesting take on the time travel genre!

9. Hart of Dixie

Zoe Hart decides to take a break from the fast-paced life of New York City and agrees to move to Alabama to work at a private medical practice. Suddenly, she is the half owner of the practice after the person who invited her to Alabama dies!

10. Chesapeake Shores

A busy New York City woman returns to her hometown, Chesapeake Shores, to help out with the family business. The trip was supposed to be a short journey, but it turned into so much more when old feuds and love stories reignite over time. The show is based on a book, and it’s a pretty faithful representation of what you would expect from reading it.

All in all, these are the 10 best series that you can watch from Showtime. You’ll certainly enjoy the ones that are most suited to your personality, but you can also be surprised about the content of others.

Getting Showtime on the Firestick is very simple. The download process and login are meant to help you get started as easily as possible.

Now that you know how to get started with this wonderful entertainment experience, you can decide which shows you would like the opportunity to watch.

New films and series are making their way to the service all the time, so you will always have something to look forward to when you log in!

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